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This website is run by volunteers & funded by advertisers, occasional village quiz nights, and small fund raising events. Should you be interested and mad enough to want to join the team please contact us at
(Team members in alphabetical order):  Bert, Christina, John & Les

About Felbridge

Felbridge is located 2 Miles North of East Grinstead on the county boundary between Surrey and Sussex, England and has a population of approximately 2039 (2001 Census) and covers an area of approx. 849 hectares (map... courtesy of Felbridge history group).

The parish church of St. John the Divine was built in 1865 by the architect William White. It was constructed in 'rubble Wealden stone in the Decorated style', the stone used being quarried a bare half-mile away in Cooper's Wood. The building itself is generally regarded by twentieth century experts as a very successful example of the Victorian Gothic style.

There are numerous clubs in the village many of whom meet regularly at the local village hall. Some Clubs also have their own grounds such as the Bowls Tennis and football Clubs all of which are in very close proximity to Village Hall. Details of these clubs can be found by clicking (here) or on the Clubs link on the Navigation bar.

Felbridgealso has two large lakes, Hedgecourt and the Wiremill. The former is popular for sailing, fishing and is also a wildlife sanctuary while the Wiremill is a well known water ski venue with a very nice Pub that overlooks the lake.

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