1906 Local History Book Updated 01/03/2016


In 1906 Wallace Hills, editor of The East Grinstead Observer, published the first detailed History of East Grinstead. His book covered the town as well as some of the surrounding areas such as Forest Row, Ashurst Wood and Felbridge along with the local people and organisations of the time. He wanted to produce a second edition and commissioned local photographs from Arthur Harding but unfortunately the illustrated second edition was never published.

 With the original book now over a century old, a faithful reprint of the text is being published including all 133 illustrations that Wallace selected to produce the Hills Illustrated History of East Grinstead that he never managed to publish. This hardback book has over 450 pages and a comprehensive index providing the combination of the valuable original text as well as the photographs and illustrations from over a century ago in print for the very first time.

 The book will be on sale at the end of March at 30, but pre-orders received before mid-March are at the special price of 26 (pay only when you receive the book). Please call Jeremy Clarke on 01342 715830 or email jerry@felbridge.org.uk to pre-order a copy.