During the very early hours (about 1.30am) of Wednesday 2nd September 2009, a person tried to gain entry to a house in Mill Lane, by placing a ladder up against the front of the house where a hopper window was open. Due to the noise caused by the ladder on the brickwork, the resident was disturbed. As she looked out the bedroom window she saw a male, believed white of medium build running out of the driveway and seen to head down Mill Lane towards the lake.

Left behind at the scene was one section of a pair of aluminium Duraflex ladders. From the state of the ladder, it looks as though it has been stored out in the open near to wood chippings. The ladder is currently being stored at Cotehele Cottage (300958). Entry was not gained and nothing was stolen or damaged. However, the impact on the family is immense!


If you think you have lost a ladder, please give me a call and you can have a look at the one we are storing. As an aside,  if you have  ladders stored outside in your garden or alongside your house, please make sure they are unable to be stolen, i.e. secure them with a chain and padlock or move them to a place out of sight.

I wait for your phone call.                                               Ken Harwood