Animal problems June 2014

Cat Wars.

 One of our residents in Copthorne Road (No.85, down towards Doves Barn) has a cat called “Harry”. He has been involved in what could only be described as “really nasty fights”, whereby he sustained quite serious injuries. This is not the first occasion “Harry” has arrived home battle weary. The only difference is the obvious increasingly vicious level of engagement with his opponent. The Vet who has been patching “Harry” up expressed concern and felt that something should be done to find “Harry’s” sparring partner! The Vet thought it could be a particularly violent territorial dispute or an attack from a locally based feral cat.

 “Harry” is a black and white cat with a distinctive white ring around the tail.” Harry’s” owners do have the occasional cat visit the garden and whilst “Harry” has shouting matches with one, a light tabby cat with white legs, there have never been any signs of an actual punch up.

 I am appealing for witnesses!

 Have you got a cat that has come home obviously worse for wear resulting from a fight? If so, could you let me know on the usual number (01342 300958) or by email. Or, have you seen any cats lurking about who seem to be of the feral type? Please let me know and maybe we can do something before poor old “Harry” gets really beaten up!


Animal Voluntary Groups


Forest Ranger

 The other evening a resident found an injured fallow deer collapsed in the hedgerow of her garden. One assumes it was a road strike.

 The house owner tried several phone numbers she had to summons help but without success. Eventually, Surrey Police were contacted and they immediately arranged for a Forest Ranger to come up from Forest Row. His first concern was the welfare of the deer, but it was so badly damaged it had to be put down. The Ranger did this. He then explained that he is part of a voluntary group that go out to injured deer from road strikes. There is no direct contact with them .The only way to get hold of them is by dialling 101 for police who will contact the nearest available Ranger who is fully insured in case an animal has to be dispatched.


Wildlife A&E

 Whilst on the subject of animal assistance: An injured vixen was found by a resident and contact was made to The Wildlife Centre who gave the caller two mobile numbers to call for help. These relate to a mother and daughter who are connected with a vet in Forest Row. They call themselves Wildlife A&E. If you have the need to summons help for an injured vixen et al, the following numbers may be of use:-

 (07709374665 & 07746336966).