Tree of Light Service for St Catherines Hospice(Posted 29/11/2018)

Tree of light image

The tree of Light service takes place again this year please. This is our 12th year of holding the Service at St. Johns church and this year it will be on Sunday 2nd December at 6pm. All are welcome.

Crawley Down Road Potholes to be repaired!(Posted 12/06/2018)

Funny Pothole photo

Surrey County Council recently announced additional funding for B roads in Surrey which were in most need of repair. The Parish Council could only select one road so chose Crawley Down Road and submitted a detailed bid for funding which was successful. Crawley Down Road will now be included in the first batch of roads to be resurfaced (within the next 3 months hopefully). The bid was supported by County Councillor Lesley Steeds.

You did it! Food waste recycling makes huge saving (Posted 12/06/2018)

Food waste recycle poster

Last year Surrey residents saved an extra £200,000 just by putting more food waste in caddies! This year residents are being urged to boost those savings by recycling even more of their food waste.....(


Felbridge border - application for 63 new houses (and other developments)- update. (Posted 12/06/2018)

Felbridge traffic cartoon

We have recently been informed that the planning committee at TDC have turned down the applications relating to the development at the St Johns Ambulance site (63 houses). Whilst MSDC have granted permission for the building of the houses, they need access onto our roads and that has been refused based upon the traffic congestion. Another proposed development at 17 Copthorne Road (28 houses) has also been refused while the application to build a further 31 houses along the Crawley Down Road has also apparently been stopped?
An appeal for the development at 17 Copthorne Road is awaited, but to date, the St Johns site remains as "refused".

TV Provider Discount Fraud!(Posted 02/05/2018)

Scam image

Attached is a publication which sets out how fraudsters are targeting people over TV Provider discount (


Local Planning Application refused!(Posted 02/05/2018)

Planning Application sign

At last Thursday’s Planning Committee meeting at Tandridge, two applications involving the building of some 94 houses along the boundary of the village and Mid Sussex (behind Crawley Down Road and Copthorne Road), with the entrances coming out into Surrey roads, were refused.

Phishing!(Posted 02/05/2018)

Phishing Image

Here is another reminder explaining what "Phishing" is an how to avoid becoming a victim of this crime. It is well worth reading (


Fly tipping again!(Posted 02/05/2018)

Fly tipping image

They’re at it again..... we have a report of another two incidents of fly tipping in Stub Pond Lane.
These people have a complete disregard for the affect they are having on the local community while the Police and the Council lack the resources to take robust action to deter this type of crime. If you see or are suspicious of any type of vehicle laden with rubbish in the area then report it here along with any useful information such as the vehicle registration plate (link).

Property marking(Posted 30/03/2018)

Property marking Image

Surrey Police We have recovered quite a few tools over the last year or so and are struggling to a) get them back to their owner and b) charge the person who stole them because they can't prove they are stolen!
The message is clear...Please mark/engrave your tools with your name and postcode....(more)

Spring Newsletter from UK Power Network(Posted 30/03/2018)

UK Paower Networks Logo

Attached is UK Power Network’s Spring Newsletter which includes information on how we can help vulnerable customers and how customers can track power cuts via their website.
Also included the link to our new ‘street map’ website (link). This displays all street lights, traffic lights, illuminated bollards and other street furniture where we have been contacted by the local highways authority to either install a new light, or make a repair to the power supplying the structure.

Easter recycling and rubbish collections(Posted 30/03/2018)

All Easter egg packaging can be recycled in your blue lidded wheeled bin or clear recycling sacks. The Easter egg boxes, plastic tray packaging, foil wrap and card can be recycled into new products...(more)

Minkey Business in Felbridge (Posted 22,/03/2018)

Picture of Mink Wild Mink have been spotted at Hedgecourt Lake in recent days. Though they look cuddly they are not ,so be aware if you go down to the lake with dogs and children.
We believe these could be descendent's  of  Mink that were released into the wild from a mink farm by animal rights protesters a number of years ago.

Felbridge Bowling Club Open day (Posted 07/03/2018)

Bowls cartoon

Felbridge Bowling Club have an open day on Sunday 29th April from 2pm onwards...more info here...(link).

Secure your email account (Posted 01/03/2018)

Computer hacker

Your emails can contain lot of useful information that Fraudsters would love to obtain! Attached is advice from "Action Fraud" on how to protect yourself for this type of fraud....(link)

BT Scam calls (Posted 01/03/2018)

Scam text image

Beware of calls from a company claiming to be BT advising people that their computer has been hacked into and asking if the computer was running slow etc. This is a SCAM! do not let them talk you into allowing them to access your computer remotely Just put the phone down!

Severe weather (Posted 01/03/2018)

Service disruption image

Recycling and rubbish teams are out collecting the work scheduled for Wednesday 28 February and Thursday 1 March where it is safe to do so. An update on the collections missed on Tuesday 27 February will be available shortly.....(more)

Emoji thief

More reports are coming in of burglaries in the area, so be vigilant and make sure you are as secure as you can be. Also make sure if you have CCTV, the main pieces of kit are in a secure place within the house (thieves steal this equipment too if it is in a garage!)

New "Basic Art for Adults" class (Updated 01/03/2018)

Emoji artist

A new art class "Basic Art for Adults" will begin on Wednesday afternoons 1.30 -3.30, at the Felbridge Village Hall starting March 7th. The class will proceed from learning to draw an Apple through charcoal, pastels, coloured inks and quills to producing the colour wheel in acrylics. The class then progresses to learning about the use of water colours and oils. Student may then choose a medium to work with over the following few weeks. The classes are affordable, and most items are supplied.
If you are interested in this class then please contact Pauline Mccomb on 01342 327205, or email via this link..

Suspicious Vehicles Again! (Posted 24/02/2018)

Man with a
          Scam image

Over this past week, we have had several incidents where suspect vehicles have been seen in the area and the occupants acting suspiciously. In one case, one of three occupants in a white van seen in Mill Lane called at two houses. In one incident the caller virtually demanded to clean the driveway, using the fact that he had done the next door neighbour's driveway to gain authenticity. Another white van(ex British Gas vehicle) was picked up by residents in The limes with the occupants acting suspiciously. As in the other incidents, the callers got short shrift. However, in another incident in London Road involving the same vehicle, there were only young people in the house at the time the call was made, and the caller banged on the door and windows in an intimidating manner. Thankfully the young people did not open the door. If you are intending to leave your young folk in the house whilst popping out, please instil in them the need to be vigilant when anybody approaches the property. The key message is ,"Don't answer the door!". In each case, the index numbers were passed to police for Intelligence purposes.

Tandridge NHW bulletin (Posted 24/02/2018)

Neighbourhood watch image

Attached is the latest bulletin from Dan Gutierrez - Tandridge Safer Neighbourhood Inspector for your information....(Link).

School Fraud Warning! (Posted 24/02/2018)

          Fraudster cartoon

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) has seen an increase in recent weeks in the volume of CEO Fraud reports whereby schools are the targeted victim. This has resulted in substantial financial losses for several schools that have fallen victim to this type of fraud....(more)

Furnistore (Posted 24/02/2018)

Furniture removal Cartoon

There is a charitable organisation based in the Redhill area who collect and receive donated furniture and household goods. It is open to the general public but primarily is there to help those families who may be struggling financially and in need of essential furniture or household goods. Attached are two items. A letter of introduction from Furnistore (link) and their flyer (link) setting out what they can do.

Vehicle Crime In Tandridge (Posted 24/02/2018)

Car thief

Tandridge area is experiencing an increase in thefts from and of motor vehicles since the start of the year. Most are happening overnight. Some vehicle keys have been stolen in burglaries, some are forced entry.....(more)

Phantom Debt Fraud (Posted 08/02/2018)

Fake debt collection agency cartoon

Action Fraud has recently experienced an increase in the number of calls to members of the public by fraudsters requesting payments for a "phantom" debt. The fraud involves being cold-called by someone....(more)

Tandridge Local Committee newsletter (Posted 08/02/2018)

          meeting cartoon

We have what is referred too as a "Local Committee" which sits at TDC Oxted, made up of both District and Surrey County Councillors. Their remit is quite vast. Attached is a newsletter from that group. ...(link)

Train disruptions - Brighton main line (Posted 08/02/2018)

Train delay

Attached is a press release from Gatwick Airport outlining how rail services are going to be disrupted on the main London to Brighton line....(link)

Alleged child abduction in Crawley Down (Updated 30/03/2018)

A man arrested in connection with an alleged attempted child abduction in Crawley Down has been released without charge....(more)

Local Plan (Posted 25/01/2018)

Tandridge local plan image

The Local Plan continues to be developed. At a Planning Policy meeting held at TDC on 17th January an update was given. Attached is a press release providing details of those updates....(link)

A22 - Fatal Road Traffic Accident (Posted 25/01/2018)

There was double fatal car accident on the A22 Woodcock Hill on Monday 22nd January at about 6.30pm. Attached is a note from our Police Inspector setting out the circumstances. There is an appeal for witnesses....(link) If you can help in any way, that would be of great benefit to those dealing with the case.

M23 Road Works suspended this weekend (Posted 21/01/2018)

          Gatwick turn off photo

Update 19 January
The work scheduled to take place this weekend has been cancelled. This is because heavy rain is forecast.
Please be aware that these works have been carefully programmed, but are subject to change due to weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances.
For up to date information about these closures please check the Highways England website - Traffic England which shows all planned works on their roads.

Felbridge Village hall for hire (Posted 21/01/2018)

Felbridge Village hall for hire

Are you looking for somewhere to hold a meeting or an activity?
There are 2 good size rooms available to hire at Felbridge Village Hall, Weekdays from 9 am until 2.30pm.
For more information please contact the booking secretary:- Lynda Railton on 01342 322205

Footpath clearance (Posted 21/01/2018)

Overgrown footpath photo

A lot of work has recently been carried out along many of our local pavements and is due to the hard work of our Parish Council and County Councillor, who have found additional funding despite severe cut backs by SCC for these services. Local residents should now find it much easier to make their way around the village, particularly those in wheelchairs and pushing buggies.

Watch out there about again! (Posted 21/01/2018)

Burglar and white van

Reports have been received of unwanted visits being made to a property in Copthorne Road by what the residents describe as "dodgy individuals". A large white van pulled up outside the property containing three men. One got out and was seen "scouting" the property .Unknown to him, he was being recorded on CCTV! The index number of the van has been obtained as well as a good photographic record of "the scout".
Police have been alerted and confirm that the vehicle is known to them....Be alert at all times and keep access gates and sheds locked!

House Intruder Alarms (Posted 11/01/2018)

Noisy house alarm cartoon

If your alarm is not set up correctly and keeps going off intermittently or stays on longer than the legal time span, it will become a nuisance to neighbours. More importantly, the alarm loses its value, in that people simply wont respond if it goes off....Please check and get it adjusted if necessary.
All alarm holders are invited to give Tandridge Council their key holder contact details on the following Audible Intruder Alarm - key-holder record form....(Click here) and select the 'Burglar alarms' tab.

Filter arrow - The Star Traffic Lights (Posted 11/01/2018)

Puzzled traffic light

Complaints have been received that the filter arrow for vehicles turning right from the A22 towards the A264 isn't working correctly. It should operate when there are three or more vehicles waiting to turn right. Any less than that and it wont operate. The authorities assume that vehicles wanting to turn right will do so immediately the way is clear, irrespective of whether the filter arrow is showing. Our Parish Clerk has alerted Surrey Highways because we want it working correctly before we get the deluge of vehicles that will be directed from the M23 through that junction in the coming weeks.

Water Resources (Posted 11/01/2018)

Water image

You may have seen the recent media coverage about low water levels in the south east, particularly in relation to Southern Water applying for a drought permit for Bewl Reservoir. Attached is a press release from SES which explains in some detail, the current situation regarding water supplies...(link)

Computer virus (Meltdown and Spectre) (Posted 11/01/2018)

          virus cartoon

Meltdown is a hardware vulnerability affecting Intel x86 microprocessors and some ARM-based microprocessors. ... The Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities are considered "catastrophic" by security analysts. A newsletter has been sent out by the company that Ken Harwood uses to all its clients ( with agreement that it can be distributed) containing useful information ((attached).

National Fraud Survey (Posted 11/01/2018)

          Fraudster cartoon

Attached is a press release from NHW inviting people to engage in a National Fraud Survey.....((link)

M23 - weekend closures early 2018 (Posted 21/12/2017)

Overnight weekend resurfacing work on the northbound section of the M23 between Junction 10 (Copthorne) and junction 9 (Gatwick) is scheduled for 4 weekends starting on Fri Jan 12th (10pm) and finishing on Mon Feb 5th (4am) 2018.
Highways England are going to divert all northbound traffic along the A264 to the A22 and then north to the M25.
Our local councillors asked why traffic cannot be diverted along the West Park Road, thus avoiding Felbridge. The answer? Traffic cannot be diverted from an A road to a B road!
Here is the link to Surrey CC Road and Transport website for more information...(Click here).

A22/A264 Traffic Lights (Posted 21/12/2017)

Well, the week came and went and we now have a new set of "integrated traffic lights". The company who carried out the work "did a good job in terms of hours the work and schedule. There were of course periods of complete traffic chaos (reports of 50 minutes from East Grinstead to Felbridge etc), thankfully, for much of the time, is was business as usual i.e. our usual traffic grid lock which Surrey Highways simply chooses to ignore!).

Refuse collections (Posted 21/12/2017)

Wheelie bin cartoon

Attached is a schedule of revised recycling collection dates around the District over the Christmas period. Another one for the kitchen notice board....(Click here).
Sticking to the theme of recycling. Attached is a press release which highlights the fact that TDC are placed 5th out of the 11 Councils in the County for the level of recycling. Well done everyone....(Click here for press release).

Pharmacy opening times (Posted 21/12/2017)

Emoji with a temperature

Attached is a comprehensive list of pharmacies across the District over the Christmas period. Worth making a copy for the kitchen notice board!...(Click here)

Path clearing and road signs (Posted 21/12/2017)

Surrey CC are financially responsible for maintenance of pathways and road signs. That simply has not been happening, which has brought about numerous complaints. Over recent weeks, Ken Harwood, the Parish Council and our County Councillor have ensured that additional funds have been made available for pathway clearance around the village. In addition all road signs in and around the village have now been cleaned.

Paid Citizen Ambassador (Posted 30/11/2017)

Unwell Emoji

Local people with an interest in health services needed for paid Citizen Ambassador roles.
A unique opportunity has been created by Surrey’s health care and watchdog, Healthwatch Surrey, which is looking for seven local people to get actively involved in redesigning the way in which health and care professionals and other interested groups provide their services to patients’ and carers’ needs, through newly created Citizen Ambassador roles....(more)

Crime update (Posted 30/11/2017)

Policeman Emoji

Thankfully, the crime blitz seems to have abated.There have been no recorded crimes over the past few days.Why? I have no idea! There has been a welcomed increase in the number of police patrols in the area and it is very comforting to see their presence in and around the village. That doesn't mean we can relax. Any sightings of suspicious vehicles, people etc should still be reported on 999 (let us know at the same time please).

Tree of Light Service (Posted 30/11/2017)

Tree of Light image

Attached is a notice advertising the Tree of Lights Service to be held at St Johns Church on Sunday 3rd December starting at 6.0pm. All are welcomed...(link)

Hedgecourt Lake - Murmurations (Posted 30/11/2017)

Starling murmations over Hedgecourt lake

(click on Photo to enlarge)...Having been going on about all the bad bits associated with Hedgecourt Lake for the past few months, it is a pleasure to draw attention to something going on at the lake which is truly stunning. If you can find the time to have a wander down to the lake just before sunset, you will witness a truly stunning example of nature at its best!On a good day, you will be able to witness literally thousands of starlings gradually forming up in the air over the lake and see them perform aerial manoeuvres which create magnificent designs up in the sky. after "playing around" for some twenty minutes or so they suddenly all dive into the reed beds around the lake. Then follows a period of what can best be described as "chatter" as they settle down for the night....Ken Harwood

Felbridge border - application for 63 new houses - update (Posted 12/11/2017)

Dissatisfied emoji

Despite many local residents submitting objections to this development (because of the severe traffic issues that would be caused) we have unconfirmed reports that MSDC voted 6-4 in favour of the development....although the MSDC planning website still shows the status as "Awaiting decision" !
We will report more on this once we have further news

Dog Fouling...again! (Posted 12/11/2017)

Dog fauling cartoon

The perennial problem of dog owners not cleaning up after their dogs when out and about in the village has once again been raised by local residents. Reports of dog fouling along the pavement of Crawley Down Road near to the school have been received!
Children use this route to and from school and now that the leaves are falling from the trees, it makes it more and more difficult to see those offending dog poos. The message is clear to offending dog owners...Bag it and Bin it!..or risk being reported and fined.

Local Burglaries update (Posted 12/11/2017)

Masked Emoji

Ken Harwood has stated that there has been a big local response to the recent crime wave in Felbridge (see below) and with such a good community sprit within the village a huge amount of information and eye witness accounts have been received, which has been passed on to the investigating officer in the Sussex Force.
However residents have raised the question of lack of visibility of police in our neighbourhoods.
It is felt that the criminal fraternity may very well pay us another visit, so there is a need for maintained vigilance. There have been sightings of what were obviously "spotters" out in Crawley Down Road. Please be aware of what and who is around you at all times. If in doubt, call it in to on the word (link) for more details

Crawley Down Road targeted by thieves (Posted 04/11/2017)

burglar and house symbol

Over the past few days and in particular yesterday, Friday 3rd November there has been a number of burglaries along the Crawley Down Road area (in the Sussex area).
A gang of thieves, who are obviously highly organised, have been hitting various addresses along Crawley Down Road and stealing valuable equipment and goods. They have also attacked the premises within Birches Woods and valuable equipment has been stolen there as well.
They are organised to the extent that they have lookouts positioned in Crawley Down Road keeping watch for any police presence.
Sussex Police have responded immediately and in Friday night's incidents, they had the whole area surrounded. However the thieves made good their escape. There is no end of CCTV footage, but it can be seen that the people involved are in balaclavas.
Vehicles have been used to transport stolen property away, but they have been strategically placed outside what you may consider to be the "area of operation".
They have broken into outbuildings and dwellings on multiple occasions both during the day (afternoon) and night.
Security advice

Felbridge border - application for 63 new houses Re submitted (Posted 04/11/2017)

Felbridge traffic cartoon

It seems that if a WSCC planning application gets rejected (as this one did on Oct 12th) then the "vested interest" parties just ask for the judgment to be reconsidered with the application being recommended for this the unacceptable face of "Capitalism"?
The originally refused application (ref DM/17/2570) is rescheduled for "consideration" on Nov 9th at 2pm in the Council Chamber, Mid Sussex District Council, Oaklands Road, Haywards Heath. Here is the Agenda (link) - Page 45 onwards.
Those wishing to attend the meeting and speak on this matter (up to 3 minutes) must register with staff on duty between 1pm and 1:30pm on the day.
Comment The issue here is not the building of the houses but rather the traffic chaos that would surely result from it if traffic control is not considered! Why then is it that the "Agenda - P61) states that SCC Highways dept. "...have no objections..."
If you want to complain to SCC Highways about this (before Nov 9th) then here is a helpful link.

Community Safety Review (Posted 22/10/2017)

Community Safety Image

Attached is a press release from TDC advertising the meeting to be held at TDC on 7th November, to which The Police Commissioner will be attending. This is your opportunity to hear first hand, what Surrey Police are doing...(link)

Neighbourhood Watch (Posted 22/10/2017)

Cartoons eyes

Be on the lookout for a A Dark Red Suzuki vehicle. Earlier in the week police circulated details of a red Suzuki van which had been sighted in the District under suspicious circumstances. That is attached....(link) A further report has come in today from one of our residents confirming another sighting. If you see this vehicle please call it in to police.

Felbridge Parish Council (Posted 22/10/2017)

Funny Parish Council Meeting Cartoon

Attached is a current list of useful numbers of those organisations that interact with the Parish Council. In addition, it provides an overview of what the Parish Council is responsible for and who are its current members. One for the kitchen notice board!....(link)

Local Pharmacy (Posted 22/10/2017)

Funny Pharmacy cartoon

Day Lewis our local Pharmacy at North End, East Grinstead (next to the BP Garage on the A22), has issued information about services they can provide to local residents. This includes an "MOT" for people between the ages of 40 and 70 as well as flu injections and home deliveries of medication in blister packs.
A "flyer" from the Pharmacy is attached....(link)

Crime Statistics (Posted 22/10/2017)

Crime rate poster

There has been quite a lot of comments made about crime statistics on both a National and Surrey basis, which have raised concerns amongst residents. In Ken Harwood's capacity as Chairman of the Police and Crime Commissioner panel, he asked the PCC for an up to-date status on this subject. A press release from his office has now been released, which is attached....(link)

St John's Church : Dementia Matters course (Posted 22/10/2017)

St Johns Church Photo

St John’s Felbridge has a tradition of holding courses during the Autumn Term. This year we are hosting a Dementia Matters course to raise awareness of this disease and how best we can support folk who have dementia and their careers. The course will be held on Thursday evenings in November and covers subjects such as what is dementia and how best to communicate with folk who have dementia. Our courses are open to all in our community as well as local churches and all are most welcome.

Felbridge border - application for 63 new houses Update (Posted 15/10/2017)

Rejected letter

Permission to build 63 new homes in East Grinstead has been refused due to serious concerns over traffic.
Outline planning permission for the homes in Crawley Down Road, Felbridge, was sought at a Mid Sussex District Planning Committee meeting on Friday (October 13).
The application, which was recommended for approval, was to demolish numbers 15 and 39 in Crawley Down Road, to make way for the new homes, along with a new access.
It was refused by councilors five votes to four. Read more (link).

Recent Burglaries (Posted 15/10/2017)

Burgular cartoon

Last week we had some burglaries in the village along the Copthorne Road (in the centre of the village). Entry was gained to one house and the thieves tried to silence the alarm system but failed.
Seen leaving the scene was a scooter type vehicle with two individuals on it. At this moment the description of the bike is a bit patchy but police are waiting to view CCTV from an adjoining property which might give a clearer picture.
Officers have viewed Google and attached is a picture of a scooter similar to that seen (link). It was grey and black in colour.Other similar burglaries have occurred in the Copthorne Area.

Police in the village (Posted 15/10/2017)

Speed camera emoji

You may have noticed an increase in the presence of police around the village.
Thanks to our local police Inspector, we can expect more police presence in and around the village to try and deal with speeding vehicles in particular.
Watch out you don't get caught in the cross wires of their speed guns, particularly in the Crawley Down Road area!

Pot holes (again!!!) (Posted 15/10/2017)

Pothole with manfishing

Thanks to the continued efforts of our County Councillor Lesley Steeds, SCC have agreed to repair a series of potholes in Crawley Down Road.

Felbridge border - application for 63 new houses Update (Posted 07/10/2017)

Felbridge traffic cartoon

Following on from our previous article on this subject link the application is to be considered by Mid Sussex District Council at the Council Chamber, Oaklands Road, Haywards Heath On Oct 12th at 2pm
Furthermore our information is that "The application is recommended for Permission"
Those wishing to attend this meeting and speak on this matter (up to 3 minutes) must register with staff on duty between 1pm and 1:30pm on the day.
Comment: Such a large housing development having only one access onto the Crawley down Road (Close to the School) will inevitably result in dramatically increased traffic on the surrounding local roads (particularly at rush hours) yet WSCC Highways have stated "Notwithstanding the accessibility of the site by sustainable modes, WSCC are satisfied that the proposed development would not result in any severe safety or capacity impacts."
Is this the comment of a Council that doesn't have to deal with the traffic issues since any problems will be the responsibility of Surrey Highways to deal with and not WSCC!

Birches Wood (Posted 07/10/2017)

Birches wood

Many of you may have noticed the activity in and around Birches Wood since a Scottish Pension Trust purchased the woodland 2 years ago.
The entrance is opposite Felbridge Village Green adjacent to the school and the 60 acres of woodland wraps around the industrial estate to Imberhorne School.
The Trust signed off a 10 year plan with the Forestry Commission earlier this year, to restore the woodland and encourage more plant and wildlife. However, one of the challenges they face is building the infrastructure for future logging and logistics to take place, as much of the area has a network of streams and low lying areas subject to flooding....(read on)

Hornets (Posted 07/10/2017)

Angry Hornet cartoon

A little known fact! Hornets are not the most friendliest of insects and this week a professional team had to remove a huge nest in Mill Lane. What came out of that exercise was an interesting email (attached) from one of our residents who gave an insight in to what happens if you kill a hornet. Read on!

MacMillan Cancer Support coffee morning (Posted 07/10/2017)

Clapping Emoji

A very big THANK YOU for those kind people who donated to the “World’s Biggest Coffee Morning” fund raising event for Macmillan Cancer Support held at Warren Close, Felbridge on Friday 29th September.
We are pleased to write that the event was very well supported and we managed to raise £477.30
From: Mary Sisley, Jan Mitchell and Penny Cox

Fly Tipping (again)! (Posted 07/10/2017)

Fly Tipping cartoon

A case of fly tipping has occurred in the Wiremill area, where a large quantity of car tyres were dumped(could this be because of the fees now being levied at our Council Tips for tyres?).
To report flytipping in progress call Surrey Police on 101.
If you know who might be doing this then Call Tandridge Council, in confidence, on 01883 722000

Haskins Garden Centre to be redeveloped (Posted 22/09/2017)

Emoji and Hedgeman

At the most recent Planning Committee meeting held on 7th September, the long awaited Planning Application to the re-development of Haskins Garden Centre was given the green light.The application has to be submitted to The Secretary of State for final ratification.
Application summary: "Demolition of existing buildings. Erection of garden centre buildings, formation of enlarged car park and new access".

How to become a Councillor (Posted 22/09/2017)

Baby Councillor Photo

As part of Local Democracy Week, which runs from 9-13 October, the Council is inviting anyone living in the district who is interested in becoming a local councillor to an event being held at the Council Offices, Oxted, on Tuesday 10 October, from 7.30pm to 9pm. The evening will begin with....(more) and here are the open evening details (link)

Government consultation on housing needs (Posted 22/09/2017)

House building photo

A government consultation has just started which sets out how local councils, such as Tandridge, should plan to develop the right number of homes in the right places. The proposal outlines a simpler and clearer system so local communities can more easily understand the scale of the housing challenge in their area....(more)
Following on from the Governments publication, Cllr Martin Fisher, Leader of the Council has released a very detailed press release, (attached) setting out how this latest Government action will impinge upon the District Plan that is currently being developed.

National Get Online Week (Posted 22/09/2017)

Lady looking at PC

In support of National Get Online Week, which runs from 2 to 8 October, the Council is running a number of free drop-in sessions for local residents to help support their journey to do more online.
The sessions are aimed at people with no or limited experience of using the internet and will challenge them to do at least one thing online they would normally do by telephone or in person....(more).

Country Watch Newsletter 21St September 2017 (Posted 22/09/2017)

Sheep and Lamb photo

The onset of the pheasant shooting season is approaching from the 1st October.
It has in the past, lead to a seasonal increase in poaching and associated thefts and criminal damage.
Poaching (hunting or fishing) is illegal if ....(more)

Hedgecourt Lake ASB update (Posted 22/09/2017)

Anti Social behaviour image

Following police action on antisocial behaviour at the lake, positive results have been achieved. A drugs search resulted in one individual being given a warning for possession of cannabis. Another person has been given advice in respect of speeding.
Let's hope that police continue to visit the site and sort out any other "problems" down there.

Open House (Charity) Coffee Morning 29th Sep (Posted 22/09/2017)

Macmillan coffee morning image

We are organising an Open House Coffee Morning on behalf of Macmillan Cancer Support. It is on Friday 29th September from 10.00am until noon at 3 Warren Close, Felbridge. Refreshments will be available. If anyone who is unable to come would like to donate the details are as follows:
By texting: CUPCAKE to 70550 (one text = £5)
Or via Website:
Or by Telephone: 0330 102 7890
From Mary Sisley and Jan Mitchell

A22 Road Closure still Causing Problems (Posted 12/08/2017)

Confused Diversion Sign

The A22 is still causing problems for motorists due in part, to the many different diversion signs that seem to be popping up all over the place. It's bad enough for local people to follow them, but for those motorists passing through the District, it must be a nightmare. Our County Councillors are working hard trying to resolve all the issues that keep getting thrown up.

Open Garden, Coldharbour House, 2-3 September 2017 (Posted 12/08/2017)

Gardeners funny sign

The garden will be opened for the fourth time this year in aid of the National Garden Scheme and enclosed is a small poster setting out relevant details. Visitors who have come before will know what a lovely afternoon this is, all for a very good cause....(details)

Felbridge Late Summer Flower Show (Posted 12/08/2017)

Funny Flower Image

The Felbridge Horticultural Society Late Summer Flower Show is in the Felbridge village hall on Saturday 19th August from 2-30 to 5-30 pm entries in classes for flowers, fruit,and vegetables, also Floral Art, Domestic classes including jams, Jellys, sponges cakes and cookies, More classes for Handicrafts Art,and Photography Various classes for children under 12. For more details and entry forms go to "Clubs" page and select email link for the Felbridge Horticultural society.

Local Plan - Garden Village Consultation (Posted 04/08/2017)

Garden Village development picture

The next stage of the Local Plan is about to get underway with a Consultation about potential locations being considered to create a modern and sustainable garden village development. The Consultation will run for eight weeks from Monday 14th August to 5.0pm on Monday 9th October.
The location of the sites are as follows.....more

Telephone fraud (Posted 04/08/2017)

Telephone fraud cartoon

You are advised to be vigilant following a recent fraud which has seen offenders pose as police officers over the phone before sending couriers to collect money from their homes. Attached is a reminder from police about this scam....(link).

Traveller Incursions (Posted 04/08/2017)

There have been traveller incursions around the District over the past week or so. Our Officers at Tandridge have been working tirelessly , taking action to reduce the impact of such action within our communities.
If you are out and about and you see signs of any such incursions, please contact Police immediately.

Damaged road signage (Posted 04/08/2017)

Pazzled traffic sign cartoon

You may have noticed that the road signage at the junction of the A22 and Copthorne Road(outside The Star Pub) is still where it ended up, having been hit by a lorry. That happened weeks ago. Surrey County Council have been chased up about having the whole lot repaired. Apart from being a potential danger, it looks unsightly and not a good advert for the village.

Bus Shelter vandalism update (Posted 04/08/2017)

Pair of Eyes Cartoon

Crawley Down Road - somebody has returned to the bus shelter and done more damage. Temporary repairs has meant the shelter can still be used. It now falls to the Parish Council to effect proper repairs as its owned by them. If you see any suspicious behaviour or know who was responsible, Sussex Police would welcome a call...(link)

Girl Guide News update in Felbridge (Posted 04/08/2017)

Girlguide logo Thank you to everyone who donated their Sainsbury's active kids vouchers to 1st Felbridge ( St John's) Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Senior section units, We have collected 4905 vouchers which is over 1354 more than last year.
Places at Rainbows (5-year olds) and Guides (10-14 years) available for September contact us for more details email

A22 road closure affecting A264 in Felbridge (Posted 28/07/2017)

Trafic Jam cartoon

You may have noticed that the A264 has suddenly become very busy (even outside the rush hours). This is due to the fact that Surrey County Council will be carrying out drainage improvement work on the A22 Eastbourne Road, North of South Godstone. Work has already started and is due to continue until approximate completion date: 18 September 2017. Details of the diversion route can be found here....(link)

More Antisocial behaviour incidents (Posted 28/07/2017)

Anti Social Behaviour Cartoon

Near Hedgecourt lake - For whatever reason, someone dumped a load of documents(mainly bank statements) in the field and then with the help of a car tyre, tried to burn the lot.
Bus Shelter in Crawley Down Road - Two youths aged about 13 (one tall, wearing a cap and the other more stocky build) were seen kicking the front of the bus shelter. When confronted, ran off towards Rowplatt Lane.
If you see it report it as soon as possible...(link)

Road Works in Tandridge area (Posted 28/07/2017)

attached is the list of roadworks scheduled for the Tandridge area in the coming days/weeks...(link)

Felbridge border - application for 63 new houses (Posted 20/07/2017)

crammed houses cartoon

Where... Outline application for the erection of 63 dwellings and new vehicular access onto Crawley Down Road required the demolition of existing buildings and structures at No's 15 and 39 Crawley Down Road.
Residents who feel that they would be affected by this proposed development are being invited by Tandridge and Mid Sussex to comment . The deadline for Mid Sussex is 28 July (
link to application) and type in DM/17/2570. The deadline for For Tandridge is Aug 1st(link to application) and type in 2017/1290

Hedges (Posted 20/07/2017)

Overgrown hedge image

The Parish Council would like to remind all residents who have hedges/trees/bushes that are adjacent to footpaths/pavements that it is their responsibility to make sure the foliage does not impede pedestrians using the pavements/footpaths. If you have a hedge adjacent to a footpath would you please take a look, to see if any "cutting back" is needed and take appropriate action.

Dog fouling (Posted 20/07/2017)

Dog fouling cartoon

Dog fouling is a health hazard so for those dog walkers who have their dogs off the lead, or have more than one or two dogs with them, please make sure you have all of them in view all the time, so that if there is a need to clear up, it is not missed because the dog/dogs were behind you or so far in front of you, you can't see what they're doing. There are lots of young children enjoying the lake area and footpaths around the area so the last thing we want is for them to be treading in dogs mess. Here is the legal bit....(Link)

Beware...Yet another Scam (Posted 20/07/2017)

Phishing Scam Cartoon

A Comnet user in Lingfield reports having received a communication purporting to be from TSB thanking him for opening an account followed by a credit card and PIN. This is an obvious attempted scam intended to lure him into funding the account because he had not requested an account or had any relationship with TSB...Never reply to such communications It's a SCAM!

Council Service Questionnaire (Posted 13/07/2017)

Cauncil meeting cartoon

Attached is a press release from TDC concerning a 'Council Service' questionnaire. If you are one of the 2,500 residents who received one of these questionnaires, please take a few minutes to complete it....(link)

Cash Point Scam (Posted 13/07/2017)

Cash Machine scam picture

(Click on image to enlarge)...Surrey police are warning the public about a cash point scam operating in that Tandridge area....(link). It can happen anywhere there is a cash point. Please Be alert for any kind of distraction at a Cash machine.

Aircraft Noise from Gatwick (Posted 13/07/2017)

Noisy Plane cartoon

The CAA is looking at how it can influence the aviation industry’s noise performance, and is seeking feedback from people impacted by aviation noise to get a better understanding of what they would like the CAA to do about noise....(more)

Bonfires (Posted 13/07/2017)

Smoking Bonfire image

Some residents start up bonfires with no thought given to their neighbours. During the barmy summer days we've experienced of late , somebody started to burn what was obviously a muck heap of sorts which went on for days. The acrid smell that comes from this type of burn, permeated a large number of houses in the area, at a time when windows were being left open and people were enjoying their gardens.
If you are affected by such behaviour, please make a note of time and date and report the matter to TDC Environmental Heath officers. If it persists, keep a log of events and there is a chance that action could be taken against those responsible. If you need to it here...(link)

Fly Tipping...again (Posted 13/07/2017)

Angry cartoon image

The fly tipping brigade have been busy again this week in the Felbridge area. Some kind soul has decided to leave all their rubbish on the side of the A264 Copthorne Road just before the Shell Garage. How much extra effort would it have taken to drive a mile further and place it in the Imberhorne Tip? It beggars belief.....If you see it here...(link)

Felbridge School PTA event (Posted 06/07/2017)

PTA cartoon

The PTA at Felbridge Village Primary School are hosting an open air disco at the school this coming Friday evening (7th July). The event has been granted a licence by Tandridge. The event will finish at 10.0pm and the PTA Committee are alerting residents in the vicinity in case noise from the event permeates the village green area.

Male Intruder (Posted 06/07/2017)

Burgular cartoon

A report has been received from one of our Comnet neighbours reporting an incident, where a resident found a male person in their house, purporting to be "looking for his dog". Police were alerted immediately and attended and a search was carried out. This bring into question security of our homes. If out the back working in the garden for instance, its sensible to have the front door and /or side gates locked.

Nominate a local Volunteer Hero (Posted 06/07/2017)

Local hero cartoon

Attached is a press release from Tandridge Voluntary Council (TVC) which asks residents to nominate people within their community who they consider to be "local volunteer heroes" (someone who goes that extra mile to help for example). Closing date is 28th July....(link)

Nomination for Councillor Achievement Award (Posted 06/07/2017)

Local Council hero

Staying on the theme of awards, attached is a press release which sets out the process to select Councillors who have gone that extra mile for their community during the past year. Closing date for nominations is 1st September...(link)

Fraud Awareness (Posted 06/07/2017)

Fraud cartoon

Attached is a police circulation drawing attention to"Fraud Awareness"...(link)

Fly Tipping (Posted 06/07/2017)

Fly Tippingt cartoon

We have had two more incidents of fly tipping in Stub Pond Lane this past week. A freezer cabinet was dumped and more recently a large number of black sacks containing asbestos based material. As always, our excellent Tandridge refuse team have responded and arrangements are in hand to have a specialist team remove the asbestos. Another cost we could have done without!

London Terrorist attack (Posted 08/06/2017)

Anti Terrorist hotline image

Although Surrey is a low risk county for terrorist activity, we still need to be alert to tensions and extremist groups in our communities. Whilst things have moved on a pace since that terrible attack on London Bridge, attached is a statement from Surrey Police...(link)

Stolen property found (Posted 08/06/2017)

Thief cartoon image

A report is attached which explains how stolen property has been reunited with its owner who used the well known system called "Immobilise". Why not join up and protect your vulnerable property....(link)

Broadband Scam (Posted 08/06/2017)

Scam cartoon image

Scammers purporting to be from BT Openreach - who incidentally never call residential customers - called a local resident saying that his router had a hidden alert system which informs them of slow broadband which they can fix. They then asked to connect to his laptop whilst on the call. When refused the caller got agitated and inferred that the resident was not technically apt and needed to follow their directions to fix his router/connection! The resident reported the call to his broadband service provider (ISP) who confirmed the broadband speed was normal and this was an international call scam.
There has also been reports of scam phone caller 0208 4452216 - purporting to be from TalkTalk, trying to draw the recipient's attention to the alleged insecurity of their internet connection. Please be aware of such phone call scams and never let any phone caller connect to your PC.

Wedding Services Fraud (Posted 08/06/2017)

Wedding cartoon image

With the upcoming "Wedding Season", and for those individuals who are considering making plans for next year and beyond, you should be aware of the potential risks of fraud involved. Attached is another report from police drawing attention to what is described as "Wedding Services Fraud"...(link)

Another family on the lake (Posted 01/06/2017)

Canada Geese family

(Click photo to enlarge). We don't know where they've been hiding, but we've got some more new visitors on Hedgecourt Lake. Much to our surprise, last week we were confronted with two pairs of Canada geese who, between them were marshalling some 14 youngsters . It was very apparent that local residents Mr & Mrs Swan with their new arrivals weren't best pleased. There was a lot of grand standing going on. Could be "trouble at mill"!

Surrey Police (Posted 01/06/2017)

Surrey Police logo

Attached is this months review received from the Chief Constable...((link). Ken Harwood also had a meeting with our Divisional Police Inspector to discuss ongoing issues within the village, such as the ASB at Hedgecourt Lake. There has been a police presence down there and it seems to have become a little quieter of late (no nitrous oxide cylinders in the car park for a start). The traffic management issue on Crawley Down Road was also discussed. We wait to see what emanates from that conversation.

Laser lights (Posted 01/06/2017)

Laser Light

At a Gatwick meeting yesterday Ken Harwood was informed of a potential problem surrounding the use of laser pens being shone into the flight decks of aircraft flying in the airspace above Gatwick. Ken volunteered to liaise with our Police Inspector to ensure that there was a level of awareness amongst officers. In the meantime, if you happen to see any such activity, please call the police immediately.

East Surrey Conservative MP meets Felbridge residents (Posted 01/06/2017)

Picture of Sam Gyimah

District Councillor Ken Harwood hosted a house meeting last evening, to which our prospective Conservative candidate (Sam Gyimah) attended. There were a number of residents from around the village present, and a lively debate occurred.
Sam set three main personal local issues of his campaign, they being:-
1. Strive to achieve a better financial settlement from Government for Surrey
2. Continue to protect the Green Belt
3. Regeneration of both Oxted and Caterham town centres.
Postal votes can now be sent in and proxy votes can be arranged if you happen not to be here in Felbridge on the 8th June to vote.

Smishing Fraud (Posted 01/06/2017)

Smishing image

Smishing - the term used for SMS phishing - is an activity which enables criminals to steal victims' money or identity, or both, as a result of a response to a text message. Attached is information from police about a smishing fraud....(link)

New residents on the lake (Posted 29/05/2017)

Swans and Cygnets

Our two resident swans on Hedgecourt Lake have produced a new family of 8 cygnets.The parents are now happy to bring them to the waters edge to meet us.(Click Photo to enlarge)

Garden Fire - Copthorne road (Posted 29/05/2017)

A fire occurred in the back garden of a house in Copthorne Road last week.It started as a bonfire but rapidly got out of control.The end result was the attendance of four fire engines and police.A large workshop went up in flames together with the contents and a major tree in the garden is now looking very sad and burnt extensively. Ken Harwood visited the residents to confirm that they are okay and steps are in hand with fire investigators and insurers.

Country Watch (Posted 29/05/2017)

Attached is the latest Country Watch newsletter.Normally this goes out to just farmers and stables in the area, but thought the content would be of interest....(link)

Scam alert (Posted 29/05/2017)

Fakr/Genuine poster pic

Attached is an alert message from Surrey Police about 'Tech support scammers'....(link)

Tree and soft landscaping Consultation (Posted 29/05/2017)

Tandridge Council have commenced a consultation in respect of trees and soft landscaping guidelines for Developers. If you want to have your say then read this (link)

Crawley Down Road parking update (Posted 17/05/2017)

Parking image

Ken Harwood reported that there have been even more complaints from residents about the inconsiderate parking that is occurring near the junction of Crawley Down Road and Copthorne Road.
The situation has deteriorated. The workers from the development at 36-38 Copthorne Road are simply ignoring the problem. Ken has updated the police with the complaints he has received. There was a related incident in which two children were almost run down whilst walking on the pavement. Ken is still waiting for police to intervene.

Hedgecourt Lake area - Antisocial behaviour (Posted 17/05/2017)

The police have been asked to look into reports of ASB.

Cyber Attack - Police advice (Posted 17/05/2017)

Cyber attack image

Attached is a police response to the Cyber attack that hit many people/businesses last week...(link)

Mill Lane gritting (Posted 17/05/2017)

No. It hasn't happened! Despite putting up all the signage and sweeping the road over the weekend, the rains came but not the gritters! There is no update as to when this will now occur. What is ironic is the fact that neither the Mill Lane residents nor the Parish Council wanted it to happen in the first place! Perhaps the money it costs might be better spent on filling in potholes?

Tandridge Lottery (Posted 17/05/2017)

lottery cartoon

At a recent Resources Committee meeting at Tandridge, it was agreed that a lottery will be launched in Tandridge. Details are attached in the press release...(link)

General Election - Register to vote (Posted 17/05/2017)

General Election reminder image 2017

Attached is a press release reminding everyone of the need to register to vote. The last day for doing so is 22nd May 2017...(link)

Imberhorne Public Tip

Recycle sign

With immediate effect, charges for depositing hardcore etc( there had been a charge) have been suspended. The only item that now attracts a charge is car tyres.It costs £4 per tyre. All monies must be paid by credit card. No cash is accepted. Plasterboard will not be accepted at the tip. It must be taken to the Crawley tip. The site remains closed on Tuesday and Wednesday each week. However it will remain open on all other days, including Bank Holidays.
Opening times are as follows:-
Winter time (1.10 -31.3) 10.0am -5.0pm
Summer time (1.4 - 30.9) 10.0am -7.0pm

Crawley Down Road traffic problems (Posted 04/05/2017)

Crawley Down rd parking issue

(Click photo to enlarge)- Following on from our earlier report (see below) about the problems being created by the developers working at 36-38 Copthorne Road. Workmen are still parking their vehicles in Crawley Down Road near to the junction of Copthorne Road causing many problems for vehicles entering and leaving Crawley Down Road!
Police have now become involved as this week there was yet again a blatant disregard for the law in terms of (parking) obstruction. Ken Harwood has been keeping our local police Inspector up to date with the problems, and has been promised police patrols.

Traffic lights A22/Copthorne Road (Posted 04/05/2017)

Traffic Light cartoon

Last weekend, the traffic lights at the junction were demolished by a vehicle. They were repaired very quickly. However a problem remains in terms of traffic management. The lights have become out of sync, so much so that almost all day and every day, traffic has been backed up along Copthorne Road, sometimes back as far as Furness Wood. The Parish Council clerk was alerted and immediately contacted the relevant authorities, who confirmed the lights would be re adjusted as a matter urgency. We wait to see the improvement!

Surrey Police Stakeholder report (Posted 04/05/2017)

Attached is (a little late!) the April stakeholder report from the Chief Constable, Surrey Police (link)

Felbridge Bowls Club (Posted 04/05/2017)

Bowls cartoon

Felbridge Bowls Club is a thriving concern but is always looking for new members.
An open day is to be held on 14th May, starting at 2.0pm....Website and there is an invitation for everyone (not restricted to just Felbridge residents) to come along to the club and try their hand at bowls.

Road Works in Mill Lane,Felbridge - May 13th (Posted 28/04/2017)


Surface dressing work on Mill Lane, Felbridge.- letters to be delivered to residents early next week. Work is scheduled to start on 13th May 2017 but sometimes plans change, due to bad weather etc. Any changes will be notified to residents. Details of work here (link) or contact Surrey Highways on 0300 200 1003 or email

Ken Harwood's weekly news roundup (Posted 27/04/2017)

Polling 4th May
Voting box Attached is a press release from Tandridge outlining the election process for 4th May (link)

Cat fatality on the A22 near the Mormon Temple
If you think this might be your cat or know who's cat it might have been then please contact Portland Vets on 01342 327799

Antisocial Behaviour at Hedgecourt Lake
Antisocial behaviour imageThe car park area at Hedgecourt Lake has become the venue for what police describe as anti social behaviour. Ken has given police a full report and promises have been made to provide patrols. A request was also made by police, for anyone witnessing such activity to ring it in on 101.

Fly tipping
Fly tippingWe have had another case of fly tipping in Stub Pond Lane. Thankfully, our excellent street cleaning team attended within a couple of hours of me making the phone call and removed the rubbish. If you see anything suspicious please report it here (link).

Suspicious activities
Suspicious Activity ImageBe aware that several individuals have been knocking on doors trying to sell kitchen ware. There have been cases in Felbridge recently of where these individuals have become aggressive and intimidating towards residents who refuse to buy from them. Police have asked that if local residents see any such individuals or suspicious activity in the Felbridge then they should ring 101.

Local Roadworks information
Road worksHere is the latest news from Surrey Highways of works in the Tandridge area (link).

More development behind Crawley Down Road
Housing developmentAs you may know, West Sussex are allowing developments to occur on land behind Crawley Down Road, totally some 59 houses. Their exits will come out onto Surrey roads. I have just received a letter (link) from a company who are advising of yet another potential development of 70 houses , again behind Crawley Down Road with an exit coming out where the St Johns Ambulance Brigade building currently sits(this was only built some 7/8 years ago).

Neighbour Watch newsletter
Neighbourhood watchAttached is the latest news letter (link)

Ken Harwood's weekly news roundup (Posted 05/04/2017)

Crawley Down Road - sewer works
Glass on RoadJust a reminder that sewer works are in progress off the Crawley Down road in Wheelers Way. The work will then migrate into Crawley Down Road which may then be closed between 10th to 14th April.

Unwanted callers
Funny dog pic (Click on picture to enlarge). One of our mature residents in the village received an unwelcome caller who then tried to sell his household wares. The resident told the man to leave but as he did so, he removed the gate from its hinges and left it in the path. I would ask that everyone keeps an eye open for our more vulnerable neighbours, in case this starts to re-occur.

Recycled waste collection-Glass on road
glass on road I reported recently about a recycling lorry dropping glass onto the road whilst out there collecting our rubbish. Biffa dealt with the complaint very quickly and had the road swept.
There have been other similar sightings of glass on the road so animal owners please keep an eye open if your dogs are running about and report any findings to Tandridge Council

Easter recycling collection dates
Remaining on the the subject of recycling collections. Attached is the press release from Tandridge showing alternative dates for collection over the Easter period...(link)

Surrey County Council elections.
Funny Polling Station picAttached is a reminder to all residents that if you wish to participate in the forthcoming Surrey County Council elections, you have until 13th April to register....(link)

Advice as to how to combat on line fraud
Fraud pictureAttached is a press release from the Law Abiding Citizen group (Neighbour Watch). It provides some excellent advice as to how to combat on line fraud.Well worth a read....(link).

Rural Engagement Officers wanted (Posted 29/03/2017)

Surrey and Sussex Police are looking for volunteers to become involved as "Rural engagement officers". Their request is attached....(more)

Parking problems in Crawley Down Road (Posted 29/03/2017)

Crawley Down rd parking issue(Click photo to enlarge)

At the request of Felbridge Parish Council, Surrey Police are closely monitoring the issues relating to vehicles parking illegally on the Crawley Down Road near to the junction with Copthorne Road.....(more)

Crawley Down Road - Traffic lights and road closure! (Posted 29/03/2017)

Funny road closed signThe details are as follows:
27th March-14th April - permission for two-way lights (works will take place within this period but not necessarily for the full duration).
10th April-14th April - permission to close the road to all traffic
Full details here (link).

Development along Crawley Down Road (Posted 22/03/2017)

Crawley Down rdYou may not be aware of the fact that our neighbours, Mid Sussex have been allowing development at the back of houses in Crawley Down Road.That has led to these potential developments having to seek permission from Tandridge to allow vehicular access onto Crawley Down Road.....More

Gatwick newsletter (Posted 22/03/2017)

aircraftHere is the latest newsletter from Gatwick, highlighting issues involving/affecting Gatwick (link).

Defibrillator training (Posted 22/03/2017)

defib cartoonFelbridge Parish Council have been instrumental in securing a defibrillator, which is now installed at the village hall.Arrangements have now been made to provide training for anyone who wants to know how to use it. None of us know when we may be called upon to use such a piece of kit either here within the village or elsewhere.
Attached is a leaflet setting out the time and place for the training. ((link)

Reminder!!!! - report a Pothole online (Posted 14/03/2017)

potohole photoIf you report it online (link) you will get a reply within a few days stating the action to be taken by the council. If it is considered to be a safety issue then it is normally repaired within 7 days.

U3A East Grinstead (Posted on 14/03/2017)

Are you retired (or nearing retirement) and wondering what to do with your time? Then how about joining your local "U3A" organisation?
You may be wondering what on earth the "U3A" is? Well, it is "The University of the Third Age" movement....a unique and exciting organisation which provides, through its (local) U3As, life-enhancing and life-changing opportunities. Retired and semi-retired people come together and learn together, not for qualifications but for its own reward: the sheer joy of discovery! Find out more here U3A Link.

Girl Guide News in Felbridge (Posted 17/01/2017)

Girlguide logo Help wanted:
To collect Sainsbury's active kids vouchers. The vouchers scheme will start on 25th January and runs till 2nd May 2017 and we want to beat last years total of 3551 can you help?
We also have spaces for girls aged 10 – 14 at Guides and a new Senior section unit for girls aged 14 – 18 will be opening after half term.
Women helpers also wanted, aged 18+..... more

New Computer Club in Felbridge(Posted 16/01/2017)

PC cartoonAre you a computing enthusiast and enjoy learning new skills and keeping up with technology? If so, then you may be interested to know about a new computer club for residents of Felbridge and the surrounding area..... more

Gritting information for Felbridge(Posted 12/01/2017)

Gritspreader With the forecast of rain, snow and ice coming our way over the next 24+ hours you can get up to date gritting information here link

Report a Pothole online (Posted 12/01/2017)

Pothole Concerned about potholes in Felbridge? Then go online here and report it Link

Photos of Felbridge wanted. (Posted 06/01/2017)

Do you have any photos of Felbridge that you think could be used for the Website header picture? If so, then we would be very pleased if you would send us copies of your photos (in "jpeg" format) as we want to try to change the header picture regularly.

What does 2017 hold in store for Felbridge? (Posted 06/01/2017)

If you have any comments about what might (or will) be happening in Felbridge during 2017 that you would like us to put on the website then we would be delighted to hear from you.

Recycling and waste collection dates 2017 (Posted 31/12/2016)

To find out your local collection dates for 2017 click this Link type in your postcode

Wheel of Well Being (Posted 10/11/2016)

Surrey County Council have a new public health initiative called the Wheel of Well-being.
The Wheel of Well-being is a brand new tool to help people think about some of the things they can do to improve their mood, reduce their risk of depression, strengthen relationships, and even add up to seven years to their lives. Being active, learning, giving to others, connecting with people, taking notice and mindfulness as well as caring for the planet can all improve a person's mental health.
For more information visit their website here Click

Santas vs Elves Fun Runs for St Catherine's Hospice. (Posted 05/11/2016)

Our nearest event will be at Chartham Park and it's a bit different this year.with Elves as well as Santas. Full details are on our website Link

Website update (Posted 22/09/2016)

Please bear with us as we drag the website into the 21st Century! Normal service will be resumed ASAP  but please do email us as per usual if you have any queries or comments

Lost watch (Posted 19/07/2016)

If you found a watch in either Rowplatt or Mill Lane on  the 14th July please email us and we will put you in touch with the owner 

Upcoming Road works on Copthorne Road (Posted 10/06/2016)

29/06/2016 Works postponed until further notice  We have received notification from Surrey Highways about upcoming roadworks  on Copthorne Road. The location of the first set of lights on will be outside the entrance to Longwall (near The Star Inn) and the second set will be outside the entrance to number 35 Copthorne Road (near the junction with Crawley Down Road). The contractor confirms that the works are currently expected to take the full month to complete. The working hours will be between 07:30 – 17:00 and the lights will be manually controlled during peak times 07:00 – 09:30 and 15:30 – 18:30 (ensuring that traffic approaching from the London Road junction is given priority)

Felbridge Country Show and Skittles Event (Posted 01/06/2106)

The Felbridge Country Show And Skittles Event will be taking place at the Felbridge Village Hall on 16th July 2016 . For stall /pitch registration form and a Skittles team entry form visit the show's  website or click here for new details on  stalls and  photographic competition organised by E G Camera Club 

Skydive for St Catherine's Hospice (Posted 01/06/2016)

Calling all adrenaline enthusiasts! Go up, up and away and reach new heights for your local hospice. 20th August. Details

Arundel to Brighton Walk - Dame Vera Lynn Children's charity (Posted 01/06/2016)

Saturday 17th September. Click here for full details for a way you can have fun and support a wonderful charity in aid of babies and children with Cerebral Palsy.

Dame Vera Lynn Charity Spring Ball (Posted 14/03/2016)

19th March 2016.Felbridge Hotel in aid of Enjoy a drinks reception followed by a delicious three course meal and musical entertainment by top band, Fever and singing sensations, the Swingtime Sweethearts. Click here for booking details. Dame Vera Lynn Children’s Charity supports babies and children with Cerebral Palsy and receives no statutory funding

East Grinstead Neighbourhood Plan (Posted 07/03/2016)

East Grinstead Town Council Neighbourhood Plan may/could have  an impact on Felbridge village specifically to the infrastructure issues (roads, doctors, schools etc). The closing date for  responses to the Consultation will be the  16th March so there is not much time left.Details

1906 Local History Book Updated (Posted 01/03/2016)

In 1906 Wallace Hills, editor of The East Grinstead Observer, published the first detailed History of East Grinstead (and surrounds including Felbridge ) With the original book now over a century old, a faithful reprint of the text is being published including all 133 illustrations that Wallace selected to produce the Hills Illustrated History of East Grinstead that he never managed to publish. The book will be on sale at the end of March at £30, but pre-orders received before mid-March are at the special price of £26  Details

St Catherine's Hospice Midnight Walk Horsham (Posted 18/02/2016)

St Catherine’s Hospice ladies only Midnight Walk Horsham 2nd July 2016.Choose between a seven, 13 or 20 mile route and have a great evening whilst supporting our work at the same time. £20 to register. Full details

Proposed changes to local bus services – Have your say (Posted 18/02/2016)

A number of changes to local bus services in Surrey came into effect from late August. However further savings are required over the next two years to ensure that as many of the services as possible that people in Surrey rely upon can be maintained. Over the next few weeks, a team of officers from Surrey County Council and representatives from service operators will be taking a roving bus to locations in Surrey to meet residents and give them an opportunity to find out about the proposed changes to local bus services. The team will be handing out consultation brochures and encouraging residents to submit their views on how the changes might affect them   Consultation and Bus Locations

Next Generation of Local Plans (Posted 12/02/2016)

The Regulation 18 consultation on the Local Plan: Issues and Approaches document is underway. This is an extremely important piece of work being carried out by The Council in preparation for developing a new set of policies for the next generation of Local Plans (these are policy documents that govern the way in which the Council approach and deal with planning in the District). Guidance notes are available for people who wish to participate in the Consultation procedure

Affordable CCTV & Security (Posted 29/01/2016)

JCTechnical is a new local business that has been set up by Jeremy Clarke MEng. Jeremy brings  a wealth of engineering knowledge to his business  to provide you with the best technical solutions Website

Odd job Man (Posted 29/01/2016)

We are very pleased to add this new business to our website. If you need anything done then Jeremy is your man . He comes highly recommended . Contact Jeremy on 01342 715830 or 07960 958979

Want to trace your ancestors? (Posted 26/01/2016)

If you want to trace your ancestors or are just interested in finding out information about local history then Jeremy Clarke Research Company  is the site for you .Jeremy has been researching local history and genealogy for over 25 years and has an incredible wealth of knowledge and research tools at his fingertips

Planning application consultation - DM/15/5048 (Posted 22/01/2016)

This application  relates to a planning application that has been submitted to Mid Sussex  concerning  a huge  potential development on  Gibbs Haven Farm off Crawley Down Road . This could  have a huge impact on Felbridge Village . Click here  for details and as with all planning applications, there is a limited time within which to  make  your comments/views known , so if you have concerns please act without delay


Ist Felbridge Pack  need your vouchers! (Posted 21/01/2016)

1st Felbridge (St John’s) Rainbows, Brownies and Guides are collecting the Sainsbury's Active kids vouchers that started on 27th January and runs till 3rd May 2016.Last year you helped them collect 3,527 vouchers which was put to fantastic use for their units. For details please click here

Gatwick - new year same problems (Posted 11/10/2016)

Councillor Ken Harwood attended a meeting at Gatwick on Thursday 07/01/16as your representative, during which the whole question of arrivals was discussed. Much of what is contained in this letter came up for discussion. Ken shares the views expressed in the letter regarding the way in which the CAA simply ignore us, the residents. Whilst much has been said that the changes in flight paths are all to do with safety, he could get no defined answer to his question, which was, "If the new flight paths are for safety reasons, does that mean beforehand we were unsafe?" In truth, this whole exercise is about getting more aircraft in and out of Gatwick. Whilst this letter refers specifically to "arrivals", the same issues  are present for departures. Residents had previously been told that there would be a review of departures on similar lines to the review carried out by Bo Redeborn on arrivals. On Thursday, Gatwick stepped back from that commitment. Like the High Weald group, Ken and others are still waiting for a response from the CAA. to their letters. They simply don't care. He continues to fight Felbridge’s corner

Alabama Rot (Posted 11/01/2016)

A vet in Reigate has had 2 suspected cases of Alabama Rot in her Reigate surgery this weekend. She is urging all dog walkers to be vigilant and to check their dog daily for any lesions. It is advisable to rinse any mud off dogs after walks as this also helps to identify lesions early. The dogs concerned had been walked around Box Hill, Colley Hill and Epsom Downs in the last week so please be aware. The aetiology of the disease is still not understood but there is more information on the Anderson Moores website who are leading the research.

Crawley Down Garage (CDG) update (Posted 11/01/2016)

As many of you may have noticed, the showrooms have been filled with new cars since the old owners ceased trading at the back end of 2015.The new company are well established and have sites elsewhere in the area. They have taken over the franchise for both Skoda and Seat . However the new garage owners have not been given access to details of past clients of CDG. Therefore if require servicing of your Skoda or Seat car, its simply a case of contacting the garage on 01342 859200 or to get yourselves back on the books

Happy Christmas and thanks (Posted 23/12/2105)

  Happy Christmas to one and all and many thanks for all your support and a special BIG thanks to Felbridge Parish Council for all that they do for the village of Felbridge during the year . Unsung heroes all and one !

Gatwick: official response from Felbridge Parish Council (Posted 23/12/2105 )

Click here and now we wait to see whether the CAA takes any notice!

Beauty Treatments in your own home (Posted 21/12/2015)

 Stuck for last minute Christmas presents then look no further! Pure Beauty Within  is mobile massage / beauty service which provides clients with  luxurious pampering in the  comforts of their own  homes with a holistic approach to treatments, using quality products and personalising treatments to their needs. Website  Discounts may apply to website users!


Help shape the future of Tandridge (Posted 20/12/2015)

As part of their Local Plan Consultation Tandridge District Council is asking anyone with an interest in the area to give their views on various approaches to how the  area is improved, developed and protected. This is an important consultation concerning the production of their  Local Plan, which when accepted, will put in place all sorts of policies affecting future development within the District. Go onto the website, have a read and respond where you think there is a need. This is your chance to influence planning policy for the future within Tandridge. Details

TDC faces a large reduction in government grant (Posted 20/12/2015

The reduction in funding is greater than the government had indicated, with a 61% cut and no grant at all after 2017, despite the announcement in the autumn statement indicating it would be 2020 before the grant is removed altogether. Not good news for residents .Report

TDC Winter preparations and advice (Posted 30/11/2015)

Over the last year Tandridge District Council has been working to minimise the impact of bad weather, such as flooding and snow, on services and improve residents’ access to information. Click here ;for full details .

Local Incident (Posted 19/11/2015)

Click here for a report from Ken Harwood about an incident in Copthorne Road on Sunday 15th . Be vigilant and share the information with your neighbours

A22 update (Posted 19/11/2015)

Tandridge District Council have issued an update concerning the road works being carried out on the A.22 just before you reach the M.25. Click here

Regional Cybercrime Survey (Posted 19/11/2015)

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey have launched a Cybercrime Survey across the South East Region - to help them understand how Cybercrime is affecting local people on a day-to-day basis. For full details and how to take part Click here

Comnet Newsletter (Posted 15/11/2015)

Although the newsletter does not refer specifically to Felbridge,  it is a useful read , as it can be seen that here within Felbridge we are  not experiencing the crime problems that people elsewhere in the District are suffering. In addition, there is important information about scams and last but not least, the information about what to do if you are  approached whilst driving your car by someone purporting to be police. Newsletter

Gatwick Update (Posted 12/11/2015)

Tandridge District Council, along with some parish councils in the south of the district, have provided comments to Ro Redeborn, who has been commissioned to undertake an Independent Review of Arrivals and Departures related to Gatwick  Click here for comments

East Grinstead Camera Club (Posted 25/10/2015)

NB: As from 5th Nov meeting venue  is now Felbridge Village Hall, Felbridge! Click here  for details on upcoming events including FREE workshop open to all

St Catherine's Hospice Santa Runs  (Posted 01/10/2015)

Their sponsored 2km-5km Santa Runs are back and this year, there are four festive fun-runs around Sussex and Surrey in November. So, no matter where you live, you can slip on a Santa suit and raise money for a great Claus!Click here for details.

We are back on stream : Please let us have your news! (Posted 24/09/2015)  

Though we are still  being slightly distracted by the Rugby World Cup.... 

Website August Go Slow (Posted 09/08/2015)

Unlike the unions  our August go-slow will be due to summer holidays not industrial action! Bear with us and normal service will be resumed in September.

Felbridge Parish Council Newsletter (Posted 26/07/2015)

FPC hope to produce a newsletter three or four times a year depending on when there are issues to report. Click here for the first issue

Felbridge Country Show Group 18th July  2015(Posted 22/07/2015)

The show and skittles event was a great success and over £3000 was raised for local charities.  Visit the show's  website for further details.

Changes to local bus services (Posted 22/07/2015)

Following two widespread public consultations in which thousands of residents and stakeholders had their say,  Surrey County Council have approved proposals to change some local bus services in Surrey. The changes will come into effect from 29 and 30 August 2015 and over the next month SCC will be running a campaign to let residents know about these changes. For full details Click here

SCC Community Recycling Centres (Posted 22/07/2015)

Surrey County Council will be consulting with residents and businesses on possible changes to community recycling centres (CRCs). The aim is to reduce the costs of running the CRCs and ensure the council’s budget is spent on the services which residents need the most. Click here  for details and how to have your say .

Felbridge Parish Council fights back! (Posted 11/07/2015)

Over the past 3 weeks the road works around Felbridge and East Grinstead have been onerous and getting into and out of Felbridge has been a nightmare. But FPC has been fighting back on behalf of all residents and has been taking steps to get consensus and understanding amongst those responsible for ensuring that our community does not grind to a halt again in the coming weeks when more road works start .Click here  for  the full press release from Pat Slatter  to clerk to the Parish Council.

Felbridge Parish Council website (Posted 10/07/2015)

Under the new Transparency Code for Local Councils,   Parish Councils are now required to publish information on finance, procedures, roles etc . Please click here for the link to the new FPC temporary  website where you will be able to access their minutes, information etc .

A22 Gas mains work and temporary traffic lights : UPDATE (Posted 03/07/2015)

 The current road works are due to finish on Monday 6th July .Click here for details .

Misery and chaos has arrived in Felbridge and the surrounding areas due to the start of road works at the Imberhorne traffic lights . Phase 1 is due to last 3 weeks .Visit Southern Gas Networks website for more information.

St Catherine’s Big Road Ride Sunday 19th July 2015 (Posted 16/06/2105)

Challenge yourself at one of Sussex and Surrey’s leading cycle events and go that extra mile for hospice care. Whether you choose an energetic, chip-timed 40 mile, 60 mile or our 10 mile family-friendly nature trail route you are guaranteed a stimulating yet fun day out with friends, family or work colleagues. Details

Plastics recycling campaign (Posted 09/06/2015)

There is a new Surrey wide campaign, through the Surrey Waste Partnership, on recycling plastics. This runs until 31 July 2015.Plastics from every room in the house can be recycled .Full details

Roshe School of Dancing needs your vote! (Posted 05/06/2015)

Roshe Performing Arts has been selected as a Wild Card for Dance Proms, the biggest celebration of Dance in the UK... BUT THEY NEED YOUR VOTE! Click here for full details

St Catherine's Hospice Bark in the Park (Posted 28/04/2015)

May 30/31st 2015 in your local area. Help raise money whilst enjoying a beautiful walk in the park with you four legged friends. There are 4 locations people can walk ...East Grinstead, Crawley, Horsham and Reigate. This is a great event and the walkers and dogs have a fantastic time while supporting a wonderful cause St Catherine's Hospice. Click here for all details


Crime in the Village (Posted 25/04/2015)

There have been several thefts in the past few days mainly centred around Copthorne Road/Crawley Down Road and Rowplatt Lane. Please be very vigilant, alert neighbours and please report any suspicious behaviour to the police or contact Ken Harwood. Full details click here Update 28/04/2015:There has been a good response to the emails that have been circulated via the village hub regarding sightings of suspicious men. . This hub is organised by Ken Harwood . If you wish to be added to the email list please email Ken .

Vacancy for the Felbridge Community News Reporter (Posted 09/04/2015)

Lis Wooley will be standing down at the end of May as the writer of the Felbridge Community News section in The Courier, a post she has held for over 20 years. Anyone interested in taking on the task, which is voluntary, should contact the News Editor, David Farbrother, on 01737 783863 or 07946397159. Many thanks Lis for doing such a great job!

Annual Parish Meeting (Posted 09/04//2015)

Felbridge Parish Council are holding their Annual Parish Meeting in Felbridge Village Hall on Thursday, 9th April, commencing at 7.00pm. All Felbridge residents are invited to attend.... More

Surrey Spring Show 2015 (Posted 08/04/2015)

The 2015show programme and entry forms are now available . Click here  for all details

Parish Council Election (Posted 12/03/2015)

If you would like to make a difference and be involved in shaping the future of your local community, why not stand for election on Thursday, 7th May. For further information on the role of a parish councillor, please contact the Parish Clerk

Gatwick Airspace Debate: (Posted 12/03/2015)

For all recent documentation concerning Gatwick Click here: Updated regularly!!

Infrastructure First Team (Posted 12/03/2015)

Infrastructure First Team is a group of dedicated residents from around the village who have been working tirelessly for the past 18 months challenging the authorities in respect of Planning/Development issues. They have been successful in winning four separate planning appeals that would have had an impact on the village and surrounding areas....more

1st Felbridge (St John’s) Guiding Group (Posted 03/01/2015)

Click here for latest information from the guiding group -- including what to do with your Sainsbury's Active kids vouchers and an upcoming Taster night to come and find out what guiding is all about

Felbridge Fusion Evening is back! (Posted 30/01/2015)

The Fusion evening (which was such a hit a couple of years ago ) will be held at the village hall on Sat 7th Feb  Details Hurry and book -- only a few tables left !!

Felbridge Traffic Chaos (Posted 30/01/2015)

Temporary traffic lights that suddenly appeared at the Star Inn junction this week  have been causing chaos for local residents . We believe the works are set to continue until the 11th Feb. Councillor Ken Harwood has  taken up the cause and we will keep readers informed as to a response from Surrey Highways and /or TDC

Gatwick Airspace Debate:  (Posted 30/01/2015)

For all recent documentation concerning Gatwick Click here: Updated regularly!!

URGENT REMINDER : If you have not done so already, please email the Airports Commission at  and tell them, in your own words, why you don’t want a second runway at Gatwick.  One sentence will suffice, it is the number of responses that count.

If you are concerned about a second runway at Gatwick and the increase in air traffic over Felbridge and the surrounding area then please do make your views known to both Gatwick Airport and the CAA .The CAA has confirmed that if any information that GATCOM/the public has relevant to the impact of this airspace change is submitted to the CAA o will form part of the data that is considered as a whole under the PIR. The CAA has set up a specific e-mail address as follows: Emails sent to that address will receive an automated response confirming that the included information will be considered as part of the whole data set as referred to here. That e-mail address will not be able to receive e-mails after 5 January 2015. Easy  Template  for email or letter to use to voice your protest to both Gatwick and the CAA

UK Power Networks Priority Register (Posted 26/01/2015)

UK Power Networks is promoting its Priority Customer Register which is for vulnerable customers. Information available to download on its website

Abseil for Charity! (Posted 26/01/2015)

St Catherine's Hospice is thrilled to be holding a 100ft abseil at Superhero Headquarters, the Sandman Hotel, Tinsley Lane South, Crawley on Saturday 18 April 2015 to raise vital funds for St Catherine's Hospice. Details

UK Power Networks Information on Unsettled Weather Events (Posted 23/01/2015)

The networks priority is always to restore supplies to customers as quickly and safely as possible. Click here for their safety message and information

External Gym Equipment (Posted 6/01/2015)

In 2014 Felbridge Parish Council looked into the possibility of getting some outdoor gym equipment to be located in the grounds of the village hall. Fortuitously, this initiative dovetailed into a major scheme being developed by Tandridge District Council, to pay for and install such equipment in several village/towns around the District. We were fortunate to be one of those villages chosen. Six separate pieces of gym equipment have now been installed in the grounds of the village hall, next to the children's play area. During the Spring of 2015, TDC will be arranging some tuition for those who want to know how to use the equipment. However, meanwhile the equipment is there for all to use right now!

St Catherine's Tree of Light Services (Posted 04/12//2015)

Remember the life of someone special and dedicate a star in his or her memory .Click here for dates and details

Birches Wood, Felbridge (Posted 04/12/2015)

As a result of the lobbying and work by Tony Leppard and a small group of local East Grinstead residents regarding planning matters affected by Ashdown Forest and the EU Habitat the future of Birches Wood has been secured . The scheme that Tony is pioneering, will mean Birches Wood will remain exactly as the name suggests - a wood! Well done to all concerned . Details

Flight paths update (Posted 30/11/2015)

As the representative for TDC at Gatcom (Gatwick Consultative Committee), Ken Harwood has penned a very good summary on  the  vexed subject concerning change of flight paths relating solely to departures at Gatwick (concentration v dispersal), as it does not appear to him  that anyone else is going to clarify the position in words that are understood by everyone.  On behalf of all residents a  very big thanks must go to Ken for his stalwart and continuing fight on this subject. Update

Voters Roll-- are you on it ? (Posted 30/11/2015)

It has been brought to our attention that a large number of residents have not responded to numerous enquiries from Tandridge Council re the voters roll. Click here for update from TDC

Button Battery Dangers (Posted 18/12/2104)

Click here for an urgent safety message which deals with the dangers of button batteries that are swallowed by children or adults

Council Tax Phone Scan Alert (Posted 12/12/2104)

TDC have warned residents to be aware a phone scam operating in the area. Elderly residents in particular are being targeted and asked for bank details. Details

Gatwick Airspace Debate (Posted 12/12//2014)

The Airports Commission will be holding a public drop in session from 18:00 to 20:00 on 16 December 2014 at the Longley Suite, Arora Hotel, Crawley. The purpose of this  event is to provide an opportunity  for the public to speak to a member of the Airports Commission’s team to help understand the process, the consultation and how to respond. Click here for details

Xmas pamper , new hairdo or Jan detox? (Posted 7/12/2104)

Whatever your needs visit The Natural Alternative Ltd in Crawley Down Road . It is a small family based company that offers a professional service in a personal way.

Canine Partners (Posted 07/12/2014)

Canine Partners is a charity who train assistance dogs to help people with disabilities become more independent. They are looking for puppy parents in the Surrey area and have puppies aged around eight weeks ready to be loved and socialised. All puppy parents will receive training and all expenses will be covered including puppy food, toys, equipment and vets costs. If you are interested please Click herefor more details

St Catherine's Tree of light Service (Posted 25/11/2014)

St Catherine’s Hospice Tree of Light Service will be held at St John’s Church, Felbridge on Sunday 7th December at 6pm. The service is a sensitive and meaningful way for friends and family to gather together and celebrate the life of a loved one. The candles are provided and in a silent procession you can pick one up and place it with the others at the front of the church. At the end of the service the Tree of Light will be illuminated in the churchyard and a prayer will be said as everyone gathers round.

Parkinson's UK Crawley & East Grinstead Branch (Posted 12/11/2014)

Bingo and Mash night Friday 14th November. Click here for details 

TDC Expanded Recycling Scheme on its way (Posted 12/11/2014)

From 1 December 2014 Tandridge residents will be able to recycle an even wider range of materials from the convenience of their home, when Tandridge District Council extends the existing recycling service. Details.

Surrey Highways winter service (Posted 05/11/2014)

Surrey Highways are now just over a month into their winter service for 2014-2015. For a copy of their cold weather information pack Click here

Surrey Spring Show 2014 : Update (Posted 29/102014)

The 2014 show raised a staggering £20,000 again for their two charities The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity and St Catherine's Hospice, Crawley. More

Gatwick Airspace Debate: Imp Info ! (Posted 07/11/2014)

 A document Gatcom sent to Gal two years ago made the point that if P-RNAV caused problems, then NPR’s should be brought back. Attendees at the recent Gatcom meeting were told that there was no need for Gatwick to have gone P-RNAV at this time, however they wanted to be in the vanguard (to our detriment) Both documents make specific reference as to what should happen if the implementation of P-RNAV causes problems which it has). The main document advises that Gatwick should be informed of problems, so that a case can be raised to revert back to NPR’s. Please write to Gatwick, citing these documents . If we don’t respond, then we will have to live with what we have, which is not acceptable .Document 1 Document 2 .    Easy  Template  for email or letter to use to voice your protest

It is also imperative to write to the CAA to voice your concerns, as contained with the consultation document  from last year concerning The Airspace Consultation was a “one liner” which said that the CAA were obliged to reassess the results of the changes a year on from implementation. That is any time now. If you don't complain you won't be counted ! CAA state that so far they have only received 5 letters of protest from residents !! Contact details

Gatwick Airspace Debate: Imp Info ! (Posted 28/10/2014)

A document Gatcom sent to Gal two years ago made the point that if P-RNAV caused problems, then NPR’s should be brought back. Attendees at the recent Gatcom meeting were told that there was no need for Gatwick to have gone P-RNAV at this time, however they wanted to be in the vanguard (to our detriment) Both documents make specific reference as to what should happen if the implementation of P-RNAV causes problems which it has). The main document advises that Gatwick should be informed of problems, so that a case can be raised to revert back to NPR’s. Please write to Gatwick, citing these documents . If we don’t respond, then we will have to live with what we have, which is not acceptable .Document 1 Document 2

It is also imperative to write to the CAA to voice your concerns, as contained with the consultation document  from last year concerning The Airspace Consultation was a “one liner” which said that the CAA were obliged to reassess the results of the changes a year on from implementation. That is any time now. If you don't complain you won't be counted ! Contact details

For all recent documentation concerning Gatwick Click here

Remembrance Service (Posted 28/10/2014)

The annual Remembrance Service will be held at 10am at St John’s Church Felbridge on Sunday 8th November.

Black Tie Charity Ball (Posted 28/10/2014)

A Black Tie Charity Ball in aid of Cancer Research and the Emile Faurie Foundation will be held at the Felbridge Hotel on 8th November . Details

St Catherine's Hospice fund raising events (Posted 28/10/2014)

St Catherine's Hospice is your local hospice, which provides free, specialised end of life care and support to local people, their families, friends and carers at a time when they need it most. St Catherine's Hospice has been caring for the local community for 30 years and has to raise £15,000 each and every day to continue doing so. You can help by signing up to one of their local events .Details

Felbridge Arts, Crafts and Food Show (Posted 13/10/2014)

To win this beautiful cushion made by Shirley Yule come and visit your local show in the Felbridge Village Hall on Saturday 25th October 10-4.Entry is £1, which includes a raffle ticket. Stalls will include cakes and chutneys, crafts, Christmas gifts ,another opportunity to buy the History Group's book on the Felbridge chestnuts plus a patchwork demonstration. Refreshments will be available all day. UPDATE 20/10/14: The show was a great success . Click here for more details

Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign (Posted 29/09/2014)

If you are concerned at the increase of plane noise over Felbridge and /or oppose a 2nd runway at Gatwick then please attend a protest meeting organized by  GACC  on the 22/11/2014. For latest newsletter and details Click here . Interesting fact: when Gatwick did the local presentations -only a few hundred people voted for the 3 proposed options for the new runway and over 6000 said 'none of the above' BUT that was never made public!

Burglary Alert : Follow up ! (Posted 29/09/2014)

A burglary took place in Copthorne Road near Mill Lane .The robbers were disturbed due to the actions of quick witted neighbours .But although the alarm did go off , some items were stolen. This story was  originally posted  in May 2013. We can now confirm that the person was caught and is  serving 5 years in prison. The residents concerned have emailed the following : "The Police have been very diligent in this case, with excellent communication throughout, and we have written to them expressing our gratitude and congratulations on a very satisfying result. Plus - we have our neighbours to thank for giving chase at the time and finding our property which was dumped in a hedgerow as a result of the chase.

Burglary advice (Posted 24/09/2014)

Please be aware that a gang of children may be operating in our area scouting houses whose owners are either away or not in during the day More detail

Felbridge Arts Craft and Food Market (Posted 24/09/2014)

If you would like a stall at the Felbridge Arts, Crafts and Food Market on Sat. 25th October 2014 , stall registration forms for the are now available to download from website

St Catherine's Hospice Charity Concert (Posted 3/09/ 2014)

Hosted by BBC newsreader Nicholas Owen the concert takes place at Woldingham School, Surrey on Friday 10 October at 8pm (more details)

More Shed Thefts...Alert! (Posted 3/09 2014)

Yet again there have been a number of Shed thefts in the Felbridge Area! Please read Ken Harwood's report on the matter and his advice (link)

Shed thefts alert (Posted 12/08/2014)

Attacks have been made on sheds and summerhouses in Domewood and various items have been stolen.....more

Mid Sussex Planning Policy Update (Posted 12/08/2014)

Mid Sussex District Council is currently consulting on its Traveller Sites Allocations Development Plan Document – Consultation Draft; draft Sustainability Appraisal; and draft Habitats Regulations Assessment, and is inviting the submission of alternative sites that could be considered for allocation as permanent Gypsy and Traveller accommodation. Consultation starts 8th August 2014 for six weeks and will close 19th September 2014.Details

Win a ride in a Ferrari Dino (Posted 14/07/2014)

   Come along and support us , , at the Felbridge Country show on Saturday 19th July 2014. First prize in our raffle .. a ride in Iconic Ferrari Dino UPDATE 19/07/2014....many thanks to all who supported our raffle at the Country Show . We sold  a massive amount of tickets and made a whopping £100 for the website ! Many congratulations to Marie Bryce - Smith who won the ride in the Ferrari.

Felbridge Skittles and Country Show (Posted 14/07/2014)

  Felbridge Village Hall. Saturday 19th July 2014 10am - 4pm Lots of fun for everyone with stalls, competitions and demonstrations Click here for full details Come along and support your local community!

Felbridge Bowling Club (Posted 14/07/2014)

Open Day on Saturday, July 19 at 2pm. This is an opportunity to have a taster session of bowling at no cost with a qualified coach and with all equipment provided. Make it part of your visit to the village Country Fair across the road.

Local Councillor and car dealer come up trumps !(Posted 07/07/2014)

Local councillor Ken Harwood was so impressed by the care shown to a Felbridge couple in their last months at Orchard Court Care Home Lingfield that he took it upon himself to help staff and residents with their fund raising efforts to provide the residents with a new mini bus . Local car dealer John Elwood   was able to source the ideal van and on the 21st June 2014 the van was officially unveiled by Tandridge District  Council Chairman Liz Parker .Click here  for some great pictures of the event

St Catherine's Hospice Big Road Ride (Posted 01/07//2014)

Don't forget !! 13th July 2014.The Big Road Ride gives enthusiastic cyclists new and exciting routes to test out their stamina. Join in with friends, family and colleagues, or sign up individually for some great camaraderie. More

Animal problems (Posted 01/07/2014)

Problems with cat fights or wondering who to call in case of injured wild life? Click here  for recent  appeal/advice from Ken Harwood

NHS Consultations (Posted 24/09/2014)

Because we live in the Tandridge District area, our NHS requirements are managed by the Surrey CCG.However,because many, if not all of us use the surgery facilities in and around East Grinstead and Crawley Down, we are always going to be affected by what the Horsham and Mid Sussex CCG do in their planning for the future. Full details


Dementia Friendly Surrey (Posted 24/09/2014)

This month the Dementia Society is promoting Dementia friendly Surrey . For more information and on  how toget involved Click here

Local Buses Improvements from Southdown Buses. (Posted 17/08/2014)

Click here  for the timetable for Southdown's new  485 bus service .A free text messaging service is also available. Once registered passengers will be instantly informed of any unexpected service alterations. Click here for details . Southdown's low floor buses provide easy access for wheelchair users, passengers with baby buggies or shopping trolleys and the less mobile. Like all Southdown services the buses used will be clean and tidy and driven by smart, helpful drivers. For further information from Southdown click here

Successful Village Country Show opened by Lord Kitchener !(Posted 19/07/2014)

.More details to follow!

Ken Harwood new role! (Posted 18/06/2014)

 Many congratulations to our local councillor Ken Harwood who has been elected Vice Chairman of the Police and Crime Commissioners Panel. The panel is made up of a representatives from each of the twelve Boroughs and Districts that make up Surrey plus two Independent members .The role of the Panel is to provide governance as to how the Commissioner and his team perform in their roles.

New bereavement group Crawley Down (Posted 18/06/2014)

A new, non-religious group providing support for local people coming to terms with the loss of a loved one has launched in Crawley Down. Details

Helpers desperately needed ..Use it or lose it! (Posted 18/06/2014)

1st Felbridge ( St John's) Rainbows and Guides are getting desperate for adults helpers and girls  for all 3 units .If they don’t get more help and /or members   then they may have to close the units which would be a great shame. Click here for  details or visit their webpage

Popular Garden Waste Service extended (Posted 12/06/2014)

Biffa has taken over the running of TDC's Garden Waste collection. Biffa’s Green Waste Club will provide members with an efficient and cost effective collection service that removes unnecessary trips to the community recycling centre .Click here for more details and on how to register for the scheme

Concerns over Village Hall parking (Posted 03/06/2014)

At a recent meeting of the Felbridge Parish Council, concern was expressed about parking in Crawley Down Road at the entrance into the Village Hall....more

Surrey Spring Show 2014(Posted 03/06/2014)

DON'T FORGET : Surrey Spring show  8th June 2014. Click here for more details

St Catherine's Hospice Midnight Walk, Horsham Park (Posted 03/06/2014)

Ladies ! Come along and join in the seventh annual St Catherine's Hospice Midnight Walk, Horsham Park on Saturday 28 June 2014 . Choose from 7 or 13 miles .Finish off on the red carpet with a medal and breakfast !  Full details

Art Workshops from Tandridge Trust (Posted 20/05/2014)

Exciting new week end workshops throughout the summer . Click here and here or .email for more details

Gatwick second runway NB.. objection deadline 10th May  ! (Posted 07/05/2014)

A propose second runway could have a serious impact on Felbridge in terms of increased flight level and noise . If you are concerned then it is vital you make your concerns known . Forms need to be completed and submitted before the 10th May 2014 .Click here for more information .

Bowls Club Open Day (Posted 07/05/2014)

Crawley Down Road , Thursday 15th May 2014 at 2pm .Click here for more details

Felbridge Recreation & Sports Assoc Open Day (Posted 30/04/2014)

Oak Farm Pavilion, Crawley Down Road, Sunday 18th May10am to 1pm. Click here for details

Many apologies from Web Team (posted 24/04/2014)

Many apologies from us at the lack of recent activity on the website . This has been due to the usual trio of problems -- illness, holiday and computer woes . However we are now back up and running and full service is now resumed .. watch this space !

Felbridge Luncheon Club (Posted 24/04/2014)

The Luncheon club was recently successfully  re-launched at Felbridge Village Hall with  some 20 residents attending.  Full report

Charles Samuel Craven Update  (Posted 24/04/2104)

Felbridge churchyard commemoration Friday 21st March .Click here for background story. Update

Cine mystery (Posted 10/02/2014)

Around Christmastime a local resident of Warren Close ,Felbridge had a Cine Film entitled “Australian Visit 1962 – Part II” and 3 CDs with the same title, left on her doorstep. She cannot understand why she was the recipient and has asked us to help to try and find the owner of these films. If you can shed any light on the mystery please email us and we will pass the information onto her. Update 25/02/2014 The owner of the films has been found!

Woodcock Hill Resurfacing Works (Posted 18/02/2014)

Surrey County Council will be carrying out essential carriageway reconstruction and resurfacing works on the A22 Eastbourne Road / Woodcock Hill, between New Chapel Road and Copthorne Road . The resurfacing works will involve Night time road closures and diversion, between the hours of 20:00 – 06:30 commencing on the 20th February 2014. Full details

St Catherine's Hospice Bunny Run (Posted 18/02/2014)

The Bunny Run, sponsored by Tuplin, will take place at Victoria Park in Haywards Heath on Sunday 13th April. It’s the ideal feel-good family fun day out, with Easter themed activities and a guest appearance from Bertie the Bunny. Details

Luncheon Club (Posted 14/02/2014)

A group of volunteers are considering forming a new luncheon club for retired residents at Felbridge Village Hall on the 3rd Thursday of each month (possible start date 17th April). The cost for a two-course freshly cooked lunch will be £5.If you would be interested in coming along, please click here for contact details

EGBKA Beginners course (Posted 10/02/2014)

The course will consist of two theory sessions on the evenings of 28th April, 12th May and a practical session on 17th May. The cost is £70, but course attendees will get £10 discount on full membership if they join EGBKA. Sarah Paton

Sainsbury’s Active kids vouchers (Posted 10/02/2014)

1st Felbridge (St John’s) Rainbows, Brownies and Guides are collecting the Sainsbury’s Active kids vouchers which start on 29th January and runs till 20th May 2014 Details

Felbridge Fusion night is back! Sat 8th Feb 2014  (Posted 03/02/2014)

A fun evening of dance, music and food at the Felbridge Village Hall . Organised once again by Chetan Patel and the Felbridge Country Show Group in aid of local causes. Tickets are still available . Click here for details

Felbridge Country Show Group (Posted 03/02/2014)

The Felbridge Country Show Website has been updated with the details of upcoming events for 2014. For more details and dates click here

A22 Night time restrictions (Posted15/01/2014)

Surrey County Council is carrying out resurfacing work on the A22  until 24 January. Click here for more details

Mormon Temple Presentation (Posted 13/01/2014)

Councillor Ken Harwood and his wife Joan are pictured presenting  Don and Pat Carpenter with a book on Felbridge life. Don is the outgoing president of the Mormon Temple and he and his wife Pat are returning to their home in Utah after being in Felbridge for 2 years. Click here for more details on the wonderful book Ken has compiled on Felbridge life.

M25 Night Closures (Posted 13/01/2014)

As part of the road works being carried out by the Highways Agency on the M25, between junction 5 and 7, a number of nighttimes closures will take place in January starting on the 13th .Click here for details

Gatcom meeting 8th Jan 2014 (Posted 11/01/2014)

A discussion document relating to the way in which aircraft fly in and around the Gatwick area has been published .Councillor Ken Harwood arranged a public meeting in Felbridge with a senior member of Gatwick Airport attending to provide an explanation of what is entailed. Meeting summary

London Airspace Consultation Reminder - closing date is Jan 21st 2014 (Posted 30/12/2013)

Do you have any comments or objections to make regarding "NATS airspace changes" that might affect Felbridge? If so then here is the (link) to the website where you can leave your comments.

NB! Revised festive recycling and waste collections (Posted 28/12/2013)

Please be aware that the schedule for recycling over the festive period has had to be revised by TDC due to the flooding in the area. Details

Thameslink Rail Disruption (Posted 20/12/2013)

Not strictly Felbridge news but may be of interest to train users over the festive season !More

Beware Shed Thieves in Area ! (Posted 04/12/2013)

Two sheds were broken into over last Saturday night (30/11/2013) in Mill Lane. For more information click here

Hotel Scam (Posted 04/12/2013)

This warning comes from a reputable source . Please click here for full details


Evelyn Chestnut Trees (Posted 12/08/2014)

Come along and help celebrate the tri-centenary of the planting of the famous Evelyn Chestnut Trees along Crawley Down Road on Sunday, September 14.....for more information click here

St Catherine's Hospice Balcombe walk (Posted 12/08/2014)

<Their Balcombe Walk this year is on Sunday 14 September at Victory Hall, Stockcroft Road, Balcombe, Haywards Heath, RH17 6HP.New this year ....a  Nature Trail on the first 4 miles of the route... For more information Click here


Charles Samuel Craven update (Posted 17/03/2104)

Felbridge churchyard commemoration Friday 21st March , 1.30pm All welcome !Charles Craven was the founder and first secretary of the Northern Football League and as part of their 125th anniversary a short service of rededication and a wreath laying will be held at Craven’s graveside. It will be led by the Rev Leo Osborn, league chaplain and chair of the Newcastle upon Tyne Methodist district, and attended among others from the North-East by former World Cup referee George Courtney, now the Northern League’s president and two of Craven's grandchildren Click here for full story

Tandridge Buses4U (Posted 04/12/2013)

Tandridge have recently updated their publicity for the Tandridge District Buses 4U Demand Responsive Service . Click here and here for more information

Recycling Tour (Posted 02/12/2013)

TDC are offering 30 residents the chance to go on a tour of the MRF (material recovery facility) in North London where all mixed recycling collected in your blue lidded wheeled bins is sorted. Details

Concerned our local infrastructure is overstretched? (Posted 02/10/2013)

East Grinstead Infrastructure First are a group of East Grinstead Residents who believe the foundation for the future of East Grinstead and its surrounds (that's us!) lays with less traffic congestion, available school places and better health facilities. PEOPLE POWER is needed to help change East Grinstead Council's out of touch infrastructure policy and ensure a commitment to infrastructure comes BEFORE granting permission for more new homes. If you agree and want your voice to be heard in support ACT NOW For more information and to sign the online petition click here

Overnight closures on M25 (Posted 19/09/2013)

The M25 anti-clockwise carriageway will be closed overnight on selected dates between Junctions 6 and 5 to allow the lifting into place of new superspan gantries and MS3’s:Click here for full details

Do you remember Charles Samuel Craven (Posted 08/09/2013)

  Charles Craven died in 1940 and is buried in St John's churchyard, Felbridge. He was the founder and first secretary of the Northern League and may shortly be honoured by the National Football Museum. The current chairman of the Northern League, Mike Amos, is looking for any information, however small ,about Craven . For further details Click here .......New update via John Sisley Click here

Slow news week (Posted 29/08/2013)

Not much appears to be happening in Felbridge .... It will be all go next week when schools go back and traffic ramps up again but in the meanwhile if you have any news/events/comments for us please email!

Felbridge Parish Council (Posted 22/08/2013)

Not sure who your Parish Councillors are ? Click here  for photos and details

Upcoming events for St Catherine's Hospice (Posted 08/08/2013)

A walk, a bark in the park and a masquerade ball are all some of the events coming up in aid of St Catherine's' Hospice . Want to know more ?....Click here

Level 3 ‘Heatwave’ alert issued for South East (Posted 18/13/2013)

Click here for advice on how to deal with the high temperatures

APH Airport Transport Offer (Posted 18/07/2013)

In response to suggestions made in the recent Felbridge Community Consultation Survey APH have started a bus service for local residents to Gatwick Airport from Crawley Down Garage. Details

Damaged Bus Shelter (Posted 18/07/2013)

Felbridge Parish Council have the details of the vehicle that caused extensive damage to the bus shelter on the London Road near the The Star Inn and their insurance company are pursuing the matter. In the meanwhile the shelter will be removed on Friday 19th July 2013

Bus Detour Farce! (Posted 17/07/2013)

From Monday 15th July, for approximately 5 days, Turners Hill Road, will be closed northbound only from the junction with Sandy Lane, Crawley Down to the Dukes Head roundabout for works to repair a water leak. In order to continue to provide a bus service to the Felbridge and Crawley Down areas, it was proposed by Metrobus that the buses towards Crawley would be diverted via Rowplatt Lane ... As anyone who knows how difficult it is to negotiate around the parked cars in Rowplatt Lane this did not seem a sensible  solution !Councillor Ken Harwood questioned the decision and a compromise has now been reached !Click here

Gatwick Vision Statement ( Posted 17/07/2013)

Gatwick Airport Limited has published its vision document" A better Solution for London and the UK – connectivity, competition and certainty” : for details Click here

Is there something that needs attention in Felbridge? (Posted 18/05/ 2012)

If you wish to report any problems in Felbridge from litter, dumped vehicles to graffiti did you know you can go online direct to Tandridge? Click


Do you remember Charles Samuel Craven (Posted 08/09/2013)

  Charles Craven died in 1940 and is buried in St John's churchyard, Felbridge. He was the founder and first secretary of the Northern League and may shortly be honoured by the National Football Museum. The current chairman of the Northern League, Mike Amos, is looking for any information, however small ,about Craven . For further details Click here .......New update via John Sisley Click here

Slow news week (Posted 29/08/2013)

Not much appears to be happening in Felbridge .... It will be all go next week when schools go back and traffic ramps up again but in the meanwhile if you have any news/events/comments for us please email!


Felbridge Country Show (Posted 25/06/2013)

Felbridge Country Show which took place on 22nd June was a great success. Local Groups and Charities took in excess of £2,000 on the day. For full report and pictures click here

Scam Alerts (Posted 25/06/2013)

Please be aware of a number of scams that have been occurring in the area : Click here for attempted scam in Mill Lane and here for report from Tandridge Police

Concerned about increase aircraft noise over Felbridge ? (Posted 25/06/2013)

Following the recent Felbridge Village review, a small number of residents raised questions as to the increase in noise levels and apparent change of routing whilst aircraft over fly Felbridge. Ken Harwood immediately contacted Gatwick and held a meeting with Tom Denton a senior executive at the airport. Report to follow

Felbridge Skittles Day (Posted 20/06/2013)

Saturday 13th July 12 noon in the village hall grounds. Click here  for details

Treasurer wanted! (Posted 13/06/2013)

1st Hedgecourt Scout Group desperately needs a new Treasurer. If you think you can help please click here for further information and contact details

Felbridge Parish Council : Vacancy for new member (Posted 05/06/2013)

Details to follow , but if you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor please email Ros White for further information

Community Consultation Survey: Public Meeting (Posted 05/06/2013)

 Reminder!! Felbridge Parish Council would like to share the results of this survey with all residents and are holding public meetings on Friday, 7th June between 6.30pm and 8.30pm and Saturday, 8th June between 10am and 12 noon, in the Committee Room at Felbridge Village Hall. If you would like to discuss the findings of this survey with your Parish Councillors, please pop into the village hall during the above hours.

Surrey Spring Show (Posted 05/06/2013)

This week end!! Sunday 9th June 2013 at the Felbridge Show Grounds. The inaugural show in 2011 raised a staggering £16,000.00 for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity and St Catherine’s Hospice in Crawley and the organizers promise a wonderful day out for all the family .Click here for more information and contact details. Latest: Paramount Pictures have kindly donated 2 red carpet tickets to a London Premier with an overnight stay in a central London 5* hotel for the raffle.

Dogs and Swans don't mix : be responsible (Posted 30/05.2013)

Dog owners are being asked to  responsible and be  aware of defensive behaviour by the  resident swans on Hedgecourt Lake... they are just protecting their new brood of cygnets . Report from Ken Harwood. 

Dog Theft (Posted 17/05/2013)

We have had a report from Kent  Police that a Border Collie mother has been stolen along with her seven puppies who are only 3 days old. They were stolen from TN12 Horsemonden Nr Tonbridge, Kent.Details

Burglary Alert (Posted 10/05/2013)

A burglary took place in Copthorne Road near Mill Lane yesterday 9th May 2013. The robbers were disturbed due to the actions of quick witted neighbours .But although the alarm did go off , some items were stolen. Please be extra vigilant Click here for full details and if you think you may have witnessed the event or have any concerns please contact Ken Harwood

Worth Way Cycle Ride in aid of Cystic Fibrosis (Posted 10/03/2013)

Sunday 19th May 2013. Fun family day in aid of a good cause! Choose a 40 mile or 12 mile route ... details.... background story

M25 Night Closures (Posted 09/05/2013)

As part of the roadworks being carried out by the Highways Agency on the M25, between junction 5 and 7, a number of nighttime closures will take place. Click here for details

Felbridge Recreation and Sports Association Open Day (Posted 01/05/13)

Oak Farm Pavilion, Crawley Down Road, Sunday 19th May 2013, 10am -1pm More

Sussex Weald Bike Ride (Posted 01/05/13)

Support St Catherine's Hospice . Take on 10 miles, 20 miles, 40 miles or 60 miles. 19th May . Full details . Poster

St Catherine's Hospice Race day (Posted 01/05/13)

St Catherine’s Hospice invites you to be part of its 30th anniversary celebrations at a special Raceday event on Friday 7th June at Lingfield Park Racecourse. Gates open at 12.20pm with the first race at 2.20pm.More

Walking around Felbridge (Posted 16/04/13)

There are a number of pleasant and interesting footpaths in Felbridge and a footpath map has been published to guide those interested in seeing the area at close quarters. The map can be purchased from the Parish Council and is displayed outside the Village Hall. Click here for 2 local routes

Felbridge Fusion Evening - a great success (Posted 21/02/13)

The recent evening held in Felbridge Village Hall was a roaring success . Over 90 local residents enjoyed a fun packed evening of dance display. wonderful food and disco. Well done to Chetan Patel and the Felbridge Country Show Group for organising the event . More to follow .

Midnight Walk- Sat 13th July 2013 (Posted 21/02/13

Join women of all ages and fitness levels for an 80s night to remember and celebrate 30 years of St Catherine's Hospice . For more information and to register click here

Superfast Surrey Broadband roll-out plan (Posted 14/02/2013)

Surrey County Council and BT will be publishing the timetable for bringing superfast broadband infrastructure to Surrey communities not included in the commercial roll-out. Since the County Council and BT signed the groundbreaking contract, engineers have been carrying out detailed survey work to finalise the deployment schedule over the next two years. The new Superfast Surrey website will be publicly released on the 21st Feb 2013 and will give residents and businesses the opportunity to find out how and when they can get access to fibre broadband...... Invitation to meeting.

Gatcom key messages from the meeting (Posted 10/02/2013)

Linked for your use are the key messages and outcomes from the meeting of GATCOM held on 31 January 2013. The minutes of the meeting will be circulated in the near future Key messages and Sir David Rowland's Letter.
Also, you may have seen in the press GAL's recent announcement that Sir David Rowlands, Chairman of GAL, will be standing down at the end of his three year term on the 31st March

Countdown to the BlueBell Railway in East Grinstead (Posted 09/02/2013)

The Bluebell Railway are delighted to announce the opening of the extension to East Grinstead on the 23rd March. To mark this special occasion they are holding a two week opening festival with many different special events taking place from Saturday 23 March until Sunday 7th April. For more details Countdown-east-grinstead

Felbridge Rainbow, Brownie Guides need your help (Posted 02/02/2013)

Felbridge has a very active Rainbow, Brownie and Guide units which are based at St John's Church Hall.They are looking for women aged 18-65 who want to have fun. Being a helper can be a rewarding experience all round, every woman brings different invaluable skills to being a helper, and that is what makes Guiding Great!!
Want to find out just how resourceful you are? Please contact Ann and Louise Tucker on 01342 317283 or by email The group are also collecting the Sainsbury's Active kids vouchers In the past they have brought things such as a 4 man tent, vouchers to buy food for cooking with the girls, hula hoops,parachute, and much more.Please send any vouchers you may have to to Girl Guiding ,1st Felbridge ( St John's) c/o St John's Church, The Glebe, Felbridge, RH19 2QT or put them in the envelope on our notice board in the church hall. Thanks!

Felbridge Residents offered Bus transfer Service to and From Gatwick (Posted 31/01/2013)

Following a suggestion by local residents, Felbridge Parish Council have been in discussion with APH, an airport parking company based in Snowhill, Copthorne, who are willing to offer a bus transfer service to and from Gatwick Airport to local residents. The cost would be £3 one way, or £5 return, to be booked 24 hours in advance. In order to determine the level of interest in using this service, FPC and APH would like feedback from local residents, by completing (by end February 2013) the survey set up by APH

Day Lewis Pharmacy (Posted 24/01/13)


Felbridge Pharmacy is now under the umbrella of the Day Lewis Organization .... the  largest ,independent pharmacy chain in the UK and Europe with over 186 pharmacies , predominantly in the South East.  The  shop is independently  run and managed by  Pharmacist Cala Smithers. The aim is to run a professional yet friendly pharmacy for local residents If you are registered at Moatfield , Judges Close or Ship Street surgeries in East Grinstead you can  collect your repeat prescriptions at the  Pharmacy. Drop into the pharmacy or contact Cala on  01342 313840 . Day Lewis  Pharmacy will also provide a free delivery service to any patients that are housebound or infirm , offer Flu Jabs and health advice and are very well stocked for general needs!

DfT consultation - night flying restrictions at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted. (Posted 23/01/13)

The DfT has published Stage 1 of the night flights consultation ...more

"Hammer" Ponds of Sussex (Posted 21/01/13)

‘Hammer’ ponds are not natural lakes but dammed streams and rivers, crucial to the Tudor and Stuart iron industry...intrigued?. Click here for more

Come and meet (or grill !) your new Police Commissioner (Posted 09/01/13 )

Kevin Hurley, the recently elected Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey, is to hold a public meeting on Tuesday 5th February at the Barn Theatre, Oxted between 7pm-9pm more

East Grinstead Beekeepers ( Posted 09/01/13)

East Grinstead Beekeepers are once again holding a beginners course starting 16th Jan. There will be two theory and one practical session at a cost of £65 to include suit hire. If people are interested could they please contact

Starlings at Hedgecourt Lake ( Posted 13/12/12)


These two stunning photographs have been sent to us by Ken Harwood .The time to get to the lake is about 3.30pm. Then at 3.40pm(….. as if they run on a timetable) swarms of starlings start to appear over the lake. They all join up and make an enormous gathering up in the sky. They then spend the next 15 minutes or so swooping and diving about above the lake.Well worth the walk down to the lake particularly with children to see it.

Preparing for bad weather (Posted 13/12/12)

Over the last year Tandridge District Council has been working to minimise the impact of bad weather on services and improve residents’ access to information. Click here for full details

Humpty Dumpty Playgroup Website request (Posted 04/12/12)

Is anyone in the community who could possibly spare a few hours of their time to show the playgroup how to set up a website. Their old website is only allowing them to change certain bits, so now have a new website but cannot understand how to build it up. Unfortunately because they are a charity run Pre-school they do not have the funds to pay someone to help them . If you can help please contact Nikki here

Surrey County Council On line Budget Consultation (Posted 15/11/12)

The Leader of the Council, David Hodge, is keen to get as many residents as possible to participate in the survey. For more information click here

Felbridge Country Show Group (Posted 15/11/12)

Update:  Report on the recent  Arts, Crafts and Food Market  held in the the Village Hall. click here for a pictorial summary of the day

Presentation on the future impact of Gatwick on Felbridge (Posted 18/10/2012)

A presentation is to be given by a senior member of Gatwick Airport on various issues, which could have an impact on residents within the village in the future. Councillor Ken Harwood will also be in attendance as Tandridge representative on GatCom, which is the Gatwick Consultative Committee .Wed 31st Oct 2012 More

Village Shop now has Recycle Bins (Posted 10/10/2012)

The Felbridge Village Store will have two recycle bins placed outside the premises, one for old shoes and one for old clothes. As you know we do not currently have any provisions for the residents of Felbridge to be able to donate their old shoes and clothes to charities in terms of a collection point. The Village Shop therefore asked The United Shoe Recycling Company to place two of their bins outside our store for the resident of Felbridge. These items will be sent by them to developing countries to help people less fortunate than us to get on their feet. We think its a great idea and were hoping that residents will make full use of these facilities

Speak out about Domestic Abuse (Posted 03/10/2012)

Local people are being asked to speak out against domestic abuse during Surrey Domestic Abuse Awareness Week, which commences on Monday 15 October .More

New recycling and waste service update (Posted 16/08/2012)

August 13 – Sept 14 sees the start of the recycling and food waste bin deliveries. More

Surrey Trading Standards Alert (Posted 16/08/2012)


Olympic torch in Felbridge (Posted  17/07/ 2012)

Well done to Felbridge residents who turned out in their droves to welcome the Olympic Torch as it was carried by Chris Denman  and Malcolm Styles through  Felbridge . The atmosphere was great and even the sun came out to welcome the torch to Felbridge! Well done too to FPC who arranged for the grass verges to be patched and neatened --  All in all Felbridge rose to the occasion! If you have any photos to share please do email us .More pictures... Jul 28 Many thanks to Pat Slatter who has emailed 4 pictures of the torch handover at Mill Lane

Bluebell Railway Sponsored Walk Sun Sept 30th (Posted 12/07/12)

The Bluebell Railway are organising a sponsored walk on September 30th. £550,000 is still needed to link the line between Kingscote and East Grinstead: (link)

Photos from the Felbridge Diamond Jubilee Country Show (Posted 20/06/ 2012)

The weather held fine and the crowds turned out for a memorable Diamond Jubilee event....(Photos) and (Organisers comments)

The Felbridge Diamond Jubilee Country Show Sat June 16th. (Posted  10/06/ 2012)

The Felbridge Diamond Jubilee Country Show is on Saturday, June 16 from 11am to 4.30pm. Attractions include a Craft Tent, Food Hall, Horticulture Tent, Birds of Prey, Fun Dog Show, Miniature Train Rides, Vintage Vehicles, Stalls, Sideshows, Competitions, a Licensed Bar, BBQ and Refreshments. Children can enter a Royal Fancy Dress competition which is being organised by Humpty Dumpty Pre-school and there will be a prize for the best dressed Royal Teddy.....(more).

Felbridge Sports Association open day on Saturday 16 June (Posted 10/06/2012)

As part of our community sports association status and also for the Football Foundation, we are holding an open day on Sunday 16 June at 11am. Details are as follows: link)

Felbridge Residents Celebrate the Queen's Jubilee (Posted 10/06/ 2012)

The residents of McIver and Evelyn Close held a joint street party on June 3rd to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Approx. 40 people attended the event for which Gazebos and wind proofs were essential de rigueur. Music was provided by a very kind friend of one of the residents. The event started at approximately 3pm and at about 4pm glasses were raised to toast the Queen which signalled the start of the organised events. First up was a golf pitching contest which everyone entered and this year it was won by Keith Law. This was soon followed by carpet bowls, hula-hoop, table tennis events and a special Latin American dance lesson given by local resident Danielle. The event finally finished at about 11pm and a great day was had by all with a chance for neighbours to reacquaint with each other.

Caremark : Professional Home Care in West Sussex (Posted 24/09/2013)

We are very please to welcome on board our latest business supporter. Caremark provide fully trained, carefully vetted and thoroughly assessed staff for your safety and security. In whichever way they support you, you can be sure that they will respect your dignity and privacy at all times. Tell them how you want to be supported and they will do the rest. For those looking for employment they also offer full or part time employment, For further information visit their website


Annual Parish Meeting (Posted 04/04/2013)

All residents are cordially invited to attend the Annual Parish meeting on 4th April 2013  at 7pm in the Village Hall.  Click here for full details Agenda

Bunny Run Sunday 24th March 2013 (Posted 21/03/2013)

Borde Hill Garden, Haywards Heath, RH16 1XP. The Bunny Run is all about fun and raising much needed funds for St Catherine’s Hospice . The course is approximately 3k in distance and you can complete it at any speed you choose. Hop, skip, run, jog or walk – it’s up to you. At the end of the run you’ll be rewarded with some Easter treats. The Bunny Run is sponsored by Yorkshire Building Society. To register visit or call 01293 447364.Click here for fun poster!


Snow update from TDC: Latest (Posted 25/01/13)

Click here for latest information from Tandridge Council . Please also continue to look out for the elderly, vulnerable and those living alone. 

Road works in Felbridge - get involved! (Posted 28/07/12)

Click here for an official statement from SCC regarding the current road works in Felbridge. If you feel these works are not being carried out in accordance with these guidelines please do email us and we will pass your emails onto FPC


London2Brighton Challenge passes through Felbridge. (Posted 20/05 2012)

Local residents woke on Sat May 12th to find a constant stream of weary looking walkers trekking their way from Mill lane, along the A264 to the local school and then heading West on Crawley Down road. The competitors were heading for a large feed and rest station that had been temporarily erected in the sports field car park. The event had Started in Richmond, on the banks of the Thames, between 0700hrs and 1200hrs on Saturday 12 May 2012, 1362 competitors set out to walk,run or jog the 100k route to Brighton along footpaths, bridle ways, and national trails traversing the North and South Downs through the night before arriving in Brighton. The winner Abigail Cowan completed the course in 11 hours, 26 minutes. Photos) ...more


East Grinstead in Blooms  2013 Calendar (Posted 04/12/12)

Click here  for details

Surrey Spring Show Sat Jul 21st: Cancelled (Posted Jul 17th 2012)

Due to the weather making the ground conditions unsafe ,the Surrey Spring Show has had to be cancelled .The organizers would like to thank everyone who had entered, planned to come along, their sponsors, volunteers and supporters. link)


Volunteers needed for Blind Veterans' Walk (Posted 17/05/ 2012)

Help is needed in Felbridge at this fund raising event, Walk 100 London to Brighton 2012. The event commences in Richmond, London on the morning of Saturday 9 June 2012 and ends in Brighton on Sunday 10 June 2012. Almost 300 individuals are participating and they will be raising much needed funds to support valuable work. They will be walking 100K through the day and night endeavouring to complete the course in 24 hours! more details

Exotic beetle which attacks trees found in Kent (Posted 08/05/12)

An outbreak of the Asian longhorn beetle (ALB), an exotic beetle pest which could have severe consequences for British trees, has been found in Kent. More


St Catherine's Tree of light Service (Posted 04/12/12)

On Sunday 9th December at 6pm, St John's Church in Felbridge will be holding another special Tree of Light service in support of St Catherine's Hospice. More


Grass cutting arrangements for Felbridge. 25/04/12

Click here for full details on the new arrangements

Felbridge Jubilee Country Show 20/04/12

 Felbridge Jubilee Country Show is an event for the whole community on 16th June 2012. It's not to late to get involved!  Visit the website for all the latest information. The website will be up dated regularly and also contains all the application forms for the competitions and booking forms for the disco and pitches. Competition entry forms are also available at the Village Shop and completed forms can be returned to the village shop if needed.

St Catherine's Sussex Weald Bike Ride 20/04/12

St Catherine's Hospice will be holding the 9th annual Sussex Weald Bike Ride on Sunday 20th May 2012. Routes range from a fun 10 mile circuit that all the family can enjoy, through to a hilly 44 mile challenge for the more experienced cyclist. All routes are on-road and fully marshaled with clear, frequent route signs. For more details and how to enter Click here

Drought Alert 02/04/12

On Monday 20 February, the Environment Secretary announced that the South East of England has officially moved into drought status. For more information on how this will affect you click here

St Catherine's Hospice Dragon Boat Festival 26/03/12

Sunday 2 September! Watch as many as 30 teams race traditional Chinese boats on the lake at Tilgate Park. This annual fundraising event is free to attend and has plenty of entertainment for everyone. Click here for more info

St Catherine's Hospice Midnight Walk 03/12

The Midnight Walk is a half marathon walk through Horsham. This event  which will take place on Sat 14th July 2012 is the biggest fundraiser at the Hospice and last year saw over 1,000 ladies of all ages and fitness levels taking part who have gone onto raise an incredible £145,000.For more details and how to enter Click here

27 new homes in Felbridge? 08/03/12

Countryside Properties have announced plans for 27 new homes in Felbridge in a new development in Copthorne Road opposite the Mulberry Gate Development .If you are concerned /interested  or for more information ph 01293 272819 or email

Lunch Club for the retired 27/02/12

The Lunch Club meets the 3rd Thurs of every month in the village hall between 12-1.30pm.The 2 course meal costs £3.00 and changes every month. All retirees welcome. For more information please contact Mary Taplin on 01342 325548

Imberhorne Refuse Tip 27/02/12

The newly built refuse tip at Imberhorne Lane re-opened Monday 27th February. The tip will be fully open for use by the public every weekday from 8.0am to 5.0pm .At weekends the tip will be open from 9.0am until 5.0pm Changes include - no more climbing steps balancing rubbish, before tipping it into a skip. The procedure is now totally simplified and is a replica of the refuse tip at Crawley. You simply drive in, park the car and tip the rubbish over a ledge into the appropriate opening.

Burglary Alert 25/02/12

A burglary occurred in the Domewood area last week. The car involved is a silver coloured Audi A3 model. The driver was female, white, aged in her early 20's with brown hair scraped back tightly into a ponytail/bun. The male was white aged about 25.There is a possibility that these two have been 'busy' elsewhere in the area, so they could still be about so please be very vigilant and pass on the warning to neighbours . For full details click here

Citizen of the Year Award 14/02/12

Chairman of Tandridge District Council, Councillor Brian Perkins and Vice-Chairman, Councillor Sakina Bradbury have released details of the nominees for the Citizen of the Year Awards. The three winners will be announced at the Civic Reception being held on Thursday 23 February 2012 at Surrey National Golf Club, Chaldon. The awards will be presented by the Chairman and MP Sam Gyimah. We are very pleased to see our Ken Harwood as one of the nominees! Click here for full list Update 25/02/12 The three winners were Gwen Hoare Catherham, Martin Vaux Catherham and Maureen Young Dormansland

Bluebell Appeal 23rd March to 30th March 26/03/12

For full details Click here

East Grinstead Beekeepers Association - Beginners Course 06/02/12

Text Alerts introduced by Local Bus Service 06/12/11

Southdown PSV have introduced a new text alert service whereby passengers can be alerted by text regarding any delays caused by accidents, road closures, diversions, bad weather etc. For more information and how to register for the service click here

The EG Beekeepers Association is a non-profit making body affiliated to the British Beekeeping Association and represent Beekeepers throughout East Grinstead and the surrounding areas, including Felbridge. Part of their responsibility is to provide education for new and aspiring Beekeepers and to this end, they are offering a beginners course at St John's Church Hall in 2012. For more information and contact details Click here

Do you have any information on Harold E Palmer ? Update  28/11/11

Further to a request from a reader in Russia looking for any information on Harold E Palmer the distinguished linguist, we have had a response from a Dr B Collins in the Netherlands who is currently  working on a book to include Harold Palmer and she confirms he lived  in Felbridge until his death in 1949 Great use of the website!

Proposed Felbridge Country Show to celebrate Queen's Diamond Jubilee 16th June 2012 28/11/11

Click here for more details .

Interested in growing your own fruit and veg? 15/11/11

A new Allotment Site  for Felbridge Village is being developed . If you are interested in learning more please click here



Any enquiries about gritting and snow clearance should be made to Surrey County Council on 0300 200 1003, or e-mail You can get details of the salting routes in Tandridge on Surrey's website

Councils' extreme weather preparation 08/11/11

Tandridge District Council and Surrey County Council have been working together to see how they can improve communications and services during extreme weather. For full details click here

St Catherine's Tree of light Service 06/12/11

St Catherine’s Hospice Tree of Light is a sensitive and meaningful way for friends and family to gather together and celebrate the life of a loved one. Many people find that sponsoring a light in memory of a loved one is a positive way to remember them and all names sponsored will be entered into the Book of Remembrance. Your local service will take place at St John’s Church, Felbridge on Sunday 11th December at 6pm. For more information or to sponsor a light visit

MARSHALL TREE CARE joins our recommended business page 22/11/2012

Marshall's Tree Care are a locally based company with many years experience in offering a high standard in all aspects of tree work including, felling of trees, dismantling and rigging of tree that are close to buildings or targets that cannot be damaged. Pruning, thinning and crown reductions all done in line with BS3998. They are also able to advise residents with planning application required for trees with preservation orders. Fully insured with a NPTC certification registered with the environment agency too. For contact details please go to www.marshallstreecare.

Ken's Monthly Village Round Up 24/10/11

For information on the future of Gatwick amongst other topics click here

Explosion and fire at the Hobbs Barracks Industrial Estate 04/10/11

       8 people were injured when a Computer Recycling Unit exploded before lunch time on Mon 03/10/11. Emergency services from 3 counties attended the scene and at least 2 of the injured suffered major burns. An investigation is underway as to the cause of the fire. Pictures courtesy of Ken Harwood


Free Will writing service 24/10/11

A free Will-writing service is being provided by local solicitors for Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance during the week beginning November 14 th. Some of the towns may be some distance from where you live. However, if you can’t travel to the offices in most cases it can be done over the phone or be email but to qualify for the free service it has to be during this week For full details Click here

St Catherine’s Hospice Santa Run 31//10/11

The Hospice is holding a Santa run on Sunday 20th November 2011 at Chartham Park Golf and Country Club. This is a great event to get you in the mood for the Christmas season and to help raise funds for the hospice. Everyone who takes part gets their very own Santa outfit (under 6s will receive a Santa hat) Click here and follow the link to events

Resident Emergency email list 12/10/11

Our District Councillor Ken Harwood  has set up a number of communication hubs through which information can  very quickly be passed around the village . There are currently hubs in Wiremill, Wembley Park, Crawley Down Road and Mill Lane . Ken is still looking for help in Warren Close McIver Close and Wheelers Way in particular.  For more information and to contact Ken Click here

Wiremill Lake polluted after Hobbs Barracks Fire 06/10/11

The run off from the Hobbs Barracks fire has contaminated Wiremill Lake . The Environment Agency is working on this . Warning signs have been placed around the lake and walkers and dog walkers are being advised to avoid any contact with the lake water but the footpaths are open as usual

Superfast Broadband Event 30th September 21/09/11

All residents are invited to a Superfast Broadband Event on 30th September in Haslemere. This is a joint event with the Government and Surrey County Council and a great opportunity to find out more about plans for Superfast Broadband in our area. Please RSVP with your full name to More info...For a summary of the Broadband Survey report Click here For full response from the 73 parishes surveyed click here

Ken's Village Round Up 17/08/11

Senseless Act -- three female ducks have been found dead floating at the edge of Hedgecourt Lake .They had all been shot in the head .If anyone knows or hears any thing please contact Ken on 01342 300958 immediately. For more click here


Felbridge Sports and Recreational Association Open Day 26/09/11

This event will be hosted by Felbridge Tennis Club at the Old Oak Farm Pavilion, Crawley Down Road on Saturday 1st October between 9 and 11 am for non members in the community. No cost. Racquets and balls provided. Come along and see if tennis is for you. The courts are open all year to members for a low annual fee and to non-members for £2 per person per session. Contact Steve Muggridge - tel 01342 321381

World's Biggest Coffee Morning Fri 30th September 26/09/11

Would you be able to help Macmillan Cancer Support the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning event in your area? This is their flagship event, which they rely on to help support as many people affected by cancer as possible. For more information and registration forms Click here




Dragon Boat Race Festival 23/08/11

Go along to Knepp Castle Estate, West Grinstead on Sun 4th Sept 10am - 4pm for a fun day out and help raise vital funds for St Catherine's Hospice. More...

Balcombe Walk 23/08/11

Join walkers of all ages and fitness levels in this beautiful walk in the Sussex countryside on Sunday 11th September 2011 in aid of St Catherine's Hospice. More...

History of Wards Farm wanted !17/08/11

Can you help Elaine who is trying to trace her family connections to Ward s Farm in Felbridge ? Please do email us if you can help her with any information no matter how small. Click here for more details from Elaine

East Surrey Community Mediation 1/7/2011

ESCM assist neighbours who are having difficulties and are in dispute.  They accept referrals directly from residents as well as Tandridge DC Housing and Community Safety or the Police. To contact them tel:01737 248 559 or email or visit their website


Message from the Ambulance Service
In Case of Emergency we all carry our mobile phones with names/numbers stored in its memory. If we were to be involved in an accident or were taken ill, the people attending us would have our mobile phone, but wouldn't know who to call. Yes, there are hundreds of numbers stored, but which one is the contact person in case of an emergency? (more)

Ken's Village Round up 14/06/11

Click here

New Swan Families on Hedgecourt Lake 07/06/11

There are quite a number of new swan groups on Hedgecourt Lake this year. It appears the old cob has given up fighting all new comers who arrive on the lake. He does periodically get them all wedged up down by the car park, but there are probably just too many for him to make an impact. The swan with five young did originally have seven at the end of May. (Whether its nature or the mink is not known.) There are young up the other end of the lake as well, so hopefully this year will be a better one for cygnets and their survival.

Hold a Blooming Great Tea Party ! 07/06/11

Marie Curie Cancer Care is asking people of Surrey to hold a Blooming Great Tea Party this summer. The official tea party season is from June 12 to July 12.Money raised from Blooming Great Tea Parties will help Marie Curie Nurses to provide more free care to people with terminal cancer and other terminal illnesses in their own homes. For full details Click here

Felbridge Village Hall Committee needs you! 31/05/11

Felbridge Village Hall Committee are looking for new blood!. The committee meets about 6 times per year at the Village Hall plus there is usually a yearly work party. So not exactly arduous! If you are interested please call either Linda Hainge 0n 01342 323304 or Val Wikendon on 01342 327660 or go along to their AGM on Thurs Jul 4th 7.30pm at the Village Hall . All welcome to attend the meeting .

Furnistore Appeal 31/05/11

Furnistore, a registered charity , is East Surrey's local furniture re-use organization. It's main aim is to provide people on' low income' with good usable furniture. In doing so they also help environmentally  by preventing unwanted furniture from going to landfill sites. For more information please visit their website

Inaugural Surrey Spring Horse Show a Great Success 23/05/11


With over 370 entries the show was a huge success and very well supported by the local equestrian community although a number of entries came from Berkshire, Hampshire and Kent. So far a staggering £14,545.94 has been raised for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity and St Catherine’s Hospice. Well done to all involved ! For full report and a link to their website click here .

Local Elections 06/05/11

We can confirm that Ken Harwood has been re-elected as District Councillor on behalf of the Conservative Party . For full results visit and follow the links

The wedding of the year in Felbridge 02/05/11


We have evidence that at least 3 parties took place on Friday! Two closes combined to have a royal “knees up”  street party to celebrate Will and Kate’s wedding. Over 60 people joined in games and a disco. A small group of residents celebrated with a low key BBQ and Champagne and the 3rd with a proper sit down lunch in a marquee. What did you do ? Please do email us your photos and we will add them to the page!

Horse Injured in crossbow attack Felbridge 16/04/11

Surrey Police said that the 18-year-old mare had suffered two wounds and significant distress in the incident in a field in Felbridge . A15-inch crossbow bolt with a metal tip was later found in the field, officers said. Police have only just released details of the attack which happened last Tuesday morning. Police have urged horse owners and the rural community to be extra vigilant. Police :Pc Paul Clifton said: "This was a deliberate and shocking act of animal cruelty and one which has caused great distress to both the horse and the owner." He said there were a number of regulations in force over the ownership and possession of a crossbow particularly for people under 18. He added: "Do you know someone who may have been in the area at the time who owns a crossbow or has use of one? "Perhaps someone has bragged to you about targeting horses in such a way?" Details of the incident have been circulated via the rural anti-crime initiatives Countrywatch and Horse Watch.

Beware of Back door development in Felbridge 06/04/11

Be aware that, in common with a number of locations across the SE Districts, landowners are canvassing their property with various Housing Associations to get Rural Exception housing sites next to villages. SCC has a Core Strategy Policy, which seeks to enable such small-scale schemes on suitable sites and Felbridge is no exception.! Click here for full report .If you are concerned then please lobby both TDC and SCC

East Grinstead Amenity site closed for redevelopment 30/03/11

The site at East Grinstead is now closed for redevelopment until Autumn 2011.A weekend household waste ONLY service will be available on Saturday and Sunday between 10am and 3pm. This service will not accept materials for recycling. Alternative sites that offer a full recycling service are Crawley and Burgess Hill. For full details see WSCC leaflet (pdf 387kb) Update from Ken Harwood :Click here

Street Lighting Improvements Update 30/03/11

Some local residents may have received a leaflet from Surrey County Council informing them of forthcoming street lighting improvements in the area. If you are pleased -- or like a majority of residents worried about light pollution --- then do voice your opinion and email SSC or visit SCC website for more information. Click here for summary of works

Potential thieves on the prowl? 26/03/11

Be aware if you are having items such as turf, bricks, cement etc delivered onto your grass verges get it moved to a place of safety as soon as possible (certainly before dark) otherwise it may walk Click here for full report from Ken Harwood

Ken's monthly Village Round Up 16/03/11

From stolen milk to street lighting Click here for all the news

The Big Society at work in Felbridge 07/03/11

For countless months FPC have been asking S.C.C to repair the fence alongside the spillway at Hedgcourt Lake where Mill Lane goes over the bridge near the spillway. SCC sent an officer to look at it, but it was decided that it wasn't that dangerous and didn't meet the criteria to spend money repairing it. So Local Councillor Ken Harwood put David Cameron's 'Big Society' to the test and repaired the fence himself. Full report Click here!

Need that Special Photograph taken ? Look no further!30/01/11

We are pleased to welcome local photographer Claire Hutchinson to our list of businesses. Claire is a successful and well established photographer who is passionate about her profession. She covers all events from weddings, births, family portraits through to business and commercial undertakings. For more information and to see her current special offer please click on the flyers above or go direct to her website here

Wickes Store 14/12/10

Revised planning to the above proposed Bridge Park development at Imberhorne Lane have been submitted to Mid Sussex District Council . The changes include the addition of Pets at Home store in part of the ground floor unit. For more information or to voice concerns please contact Harry Hudson at Green Green Issues Communications.

Humpty Dumpty Pre School are award Winners 05/12/10

Our Preschool Humpty Dumpty Club St John's Church Felbridge recently have been awarded a national award for Best Committee Led Preschool and they have vacancies! Well Done! More information to follow

Tandridge preparing for Winter 03/12/10

Where possible, Tandridge District Council's street cleaning crews will help grit pavements in the larger towns. Clearing snow and ice Residents and businesses are legally entitled to clear ice and snow from outside their home or shop. As long as snow is cleared responsibly and without causing further risk to passers-by, there is no reason why they should be liable to anyone who may slip on the surface they have cleared. More information about clearing paths safely can be found on the website


Resident Emergency email list 25/01/11

Local District Councillor Ken Harwood is looking to compile a residents  e-mail contact list  so that in times of need/emergency etc information can be passed through the village as quickly as possible. For more information and to contact Ken Click here

News and Events wanted! (14/01/11)

Please do contact us if you have any news/events you wish added to the website. Remember - this is a community website for Felbridge residents so please do help us keep it active , informative ,interesting and fun!

Felbridge Pharmacy 08/12/10

Don't forget if you are registered at Moatfield , Judges Close or Ship Street surgeries in East Grinstead you can now collect your repeat prescriptions at Felbridge Pharmacy.Call into the Pharmacy or contact John Bell on 01342 313840 . Felbridge Pharmacy will also provide a free delivery service to any patients that are housebound or infirm

Recycling & refuse Collections Tandridge (14/01/11)

All recycling and refuse collections are now back to normal ---unless we have the wrong kind of rain ....?! For up to date details go to Refuse and recycling services update

Wickes Store (14/12/10)

Revised planning to the above proposed Bridge Park development at Imberhorne Lane have been submitted to Mid Sussex District Council . The changes include the addition of Pets at Home store in part of the ground floor unit. For more information or to voice concerns please contact Harry Hudson at Green Green Issues Communications.

Remember the Village shop is not just for snowy times! 6/12/10

As residents we were all very grateful to have had our village shop during the recent bad weather but please remember that Chetan needs your support all year round !

Humpty Dumpty Pre School are award Winners 5/12/10

Our Preschool Humpty Dumpty Club St John's Church Felbridge recently have been awarded a national award for Best Committee Led Preschool and they have vacancies! Well Done! More information to follow

Online calculator launched to give residents a budget say

Local taxpayers are being given the opportunity to make multi-million pound decisions on how Surrey County Council spends its money – in the form of an online budget calculator. The council has launched the YouChoose online programme to allow residents to have their say on the future shape of the services it provides and offer suggestions about where savings can be made. It allows users to adjust the council’s £1.6 billion gross expenditure and shows the impact their spending decisions could have on local services, From road maintenance to looking after the vulnerable.  read more: click here

Tandridge preparing for Winter

Where possible, Tandridge District Council's street cleaning crews will help grit pavements in the larger towns. Clearing snow and ice Residents and businesses are legally entitled to clear ice and snow from outside their home or shop. As long as snow is cleared responsibly and without causing further risk to passers-by, there is no reason why they should be liable to anyone who may slip on the surface they have cleared. More information about clearing paths safely can be found on the website

Free Mulch Bags 08/Nov/2010

Leaf mulch is a dark brown, pleasant smelling, crumbly material that makes an excellent soil improver, lawn conditioner and mulch. It can also be used in seed and potting mixes. Making leaf mulch is easy and to help make it even easier Surrey CC  have a limited supply of free leaf mulch bags to give away on a first come first served basis. Surrey County Council and Surrey Waste Management are offering residents up to 2 free leaf mulch bags per household. You can collect these at the Council Offices in Oxted. The bags are approximately 60cm length x 60cm height x 60cm width email :  or visit . tel 01306 748300

Ken's Village Round up 27/0ct/2010

For news on gritting to Japanese Knot weed Click here for the latest from Ken Harwood.

Felbridge in Autumn 14/0ct/2010

Please send us your photographs of Felbridge in Autumn we need to update the photos that flicker on the right!

Neighbourhood Watch Panel Meetings14/0ct/2010

These meetings offer you opportunities to help set local policing priorities. The next meeting is at the Village Hall Crawley Down Road 16th November starts at 7.00pm

Developers target homeowners in Felbridge01/0ct/2010

Several residents have been approached by developers lately and are a rather anxious & worried. Please note that planning permission can be sought ( and in fact granted) IRRESPECTIVE of whether the applicant owns the property.  The problems come of course, when the successful applicant comes to implement the consent. They (the developers) would need the consent of the landowner to progress things. Please contact us if your being harassed in any way

Tandridge Police on line survey goes live Oct 16th21/9/2010

As part of a drive to make savings and re-invest in up to 200 additional front-line officers, Surrey Police is conducting a review of all of its current buildings and looking to move teams out of certain expensive and largely under-used police stations. In Tandridge District we are looking for your ideas about where you prefer to see, meet, and speak to your local officers and where they might work from in Oxted, Lingfield and Caterham. Rest assured your local team will continue to patrol your community and no stations will close until a suitable alternative has been found. Any changes will also not affect emergency response times or custody provision. Consultation about the proposed changes in Tandridge runs until November 16. visit for more information, to see a full list of consultation events, or to fill in a survey online


New Swan Family on Hedgecourt Lake 04/06/10

There is a brood of five young cygnets on the lake today. They're at the sailing club end and mum & dad are VERY protective which is good news.

Annual Parish Meeting 3rd June 2010 03/06/10

You are cordially invited to attend the Annual Parish Meeting which will be held in Felbridge Village Hall commencing at 7.00pm Click here for more details

Does your dog need training? 18/05/10

We are pleased to announce that Clever Paws Dog Training has joined our list of advertisers. They hold regular Wednesday night courses and train pet dogs of all ages (including puppies) Kennel club Good Citizens Tests are available. Next Course date starts 23rd June, 2010 so book early as spaces are limited. Just email or go to for more information.

Village news round up from Ken Harwood 13/05/10

Swans, speed limits and footpath news ---  more

 NB : Bonfire Advice 13/05/10

Bonfires within gardens are permitted. However --- more

Felbridge Bowls Club Quiz Night 05/05/10

Come along to the Felbridge Village Hall , 7.30pm Sat 29th May 2010 and get those little grey cells working! Click here for details

Man pleads guilty to Felbridge Robberies of Nov 2009 (25/03/2010)

A 29-year-old Maidstone man pleaded guilty to a string of cross-border crimes when he appeared at Guildford Crown Court on Friday (19 March)... more . Ken Harwood has commented:" It is comforting to know that there is close co-operation between neighbouring police forces. This case reflects what can be achieved when adjoining forces come together. It is hoped that the victims in all these cases have not been permanently damaged . An excellent result. "

New Team Member (22/03/2010)

We are pleased to announce that Angie Willis has been mad enough to volunteer to come on board the felweb team. More details to follow!

Safety issues the A22,Woodcock Hill ,Felbridge

There have been increasing concerns over the safety of this section of the A22 as a result of the recent spate of accidents and resulting road closure . Many residents feel that these safety issues have been ignored by SCC for a number of years. For more information and updates on the situation please visit


Lowest district council tax increase for 10 years

At the Council meeting on the 18th Feb 2010 it was agreed the district’s council tax increase would be just £4.69 for the whole year, for a Band D property. This is an increase of around 9 pence a week and gives a Band D Council Tax level of £193.62. Click here for more



Man pleads guilty to Felbridge Robberies of Nov 2009 (25/03/2010)

A 29-year-old Maidstone man pleaded guilty to a string of cross-border crimes when he appeared at Guildford Crown Court on Friday (19 March)... more . Ken Harwood has commented:" It is comforting to know that there is close co-operation between neighbouring police forces. This case reflects what can be achieved when adjoining forces come together. It is hoped that the victims in all these cases have not been permanently damaged . An excellent result. "

New Team Member (22/03/2010)

We are pleased to announce that Angie Willis has been mad enough to volunteer to come on board the felweb team. More details to follow!

Safety issues the A22,Woodcock Hill ,Felbridge

There have been increasing concerns over the safety of this section of the A22 as a result of the recent spate of accidents and resulting road closure . Many residents feel that these safety issues have been ignored by SCC for a number of years. For more information and updates on the situation please visit


Lowest district council tax increase for 10 years

At the Council meeting on the 18th Feb 2010 it was agreed the district’s council tax increase would be just £4.69 for the whole year, for a Band D property. This is an increase of around 9 pence a week and gives a Band D Council Tax level of £193.62. Click here for more





Felbridge Recreation & Sports Association OPEN DAY 10/05/2010.

  You are invited to get fit and make friends on Sunday 23rd May at 10 am- Oak Farm Pavilion, Crawley Down Road. There will be football- hosted by Felbridge FC for juniors of all ages, boys & girls. Or why not try your hand with Tennis- hosted by Felbridge Tennis Club- juniors & adults. Racquets and balls available for use. Free of Charge to residents.- contact Football Chris Voller on 07801 079727 and for Tennis Darren Brown 01342 314911


Village news round up from Ken Harwood(14/04/10)

We have just had another incident in the village where a house was broken in to whilst the owners were away on holiday. Car keys were taken together with cars in the driveway----  more

Swans on Hedgecourt lake- Report from Ken Harwood

The beautiful Hedgecourt Lake in Mill Lane is one of Felbridge's  hidden treasures. The diversity of wild life that can be seen there never ceases to amaze the watchers. The lake is used by a myriad of birds as a staging post on their migratory journeys. One pair of swans has been the sole residents of the lake for at least 17 years. Over those years they have raised countless broods of young, and have spent their lives preparing their young for the time when they are literally kicked off the lake by the adults to make their own way in life. Following the untimely death of the female swan last year when she was callously run down by a car driver on the side of the lake, it was of concern as to what would happen this year with the old Cob. Because occupation of the lake is very much a territorial thing for the swans, it was feared that there would be ‘trouble at mill’ this year as other swans tried to take up ‘occupation rights’ on the lake. There was a lot of posturing early on with the old man chasing everything white off the lake. He seems to have resigned himself to the fact that his time at top swan is over. He can be seen swimming about in one of the lower lakes whilst up to ten young swans can be seen strutting their stuff on the lake itself. It will be interesting to see what happens this year as to whether one pair become the dominant team or the lake becomes a home for more than just one pair. Ken Will keep us updated as the drama unfolds

Peter Ainsworth's successor

Sam Gyimah, 33,has been named as Peter Ainsworth's successor. Mr Gyimah was chosen from a field of six hopefuls to replace Peter Ainsworth, who is standing down after 18 years as the Conservative candidate for East Surrey. Born in Buckinghamshire, Mr Gyimah was educated at a state school and Oxford University where he was President of the Union .Mr Gyimah has confirmed that he will soon be moving closer to Oxted.


Felbridge Talent on show again

December June of Felbridge will be showing their jewellery again at a Ladies Indulgence Evening at the Red Barn , Blindley Heath on 21st April., 6.30pm Click here for more details


Village news round up from Ken Harwood

Click here


Are your DIY skills limited?

If you need professional help with your painting and decorating , general property maintenance or just want to get your patio ready for the long awaited Spring (!) ,then Mark Longhurst is your man you need for all your Domestic and Commercial Renovations. For more details and contact information visit Mark's website

Thai Food Trailer

Fancy some warming food on these dark and gloomy days? Contact Roger & Chalisa for some wonderful Thai Food . (You may have already tasted their delicious food at past Village Fetes!) They also have a Thai food trailer which operates in Crawley Down Village on Friday and Saturday  evenings. For more information Please contact them on or 07786971233


The pothole saga on the A264 is not over yet!

We have all been left rather puzzled as to why, after extensive overnight repairs last week , workmen have left some holes unrepaired which are in amongst those repaired (they are the same depth as those repaired). Cars are still weaving in and out to avoid the potholes that have been left! It does tax the brain cells as to why. So please do continue to email SCC at quoting ref. no. 83062912 and voice your concerns.


Concerns about pedestrian safety during the the road works on the A264!

The local Parish Council have received a number of complaints from people using (or trying to use) the pavement on the south side of the road especially whilst walking children to school. It's patently obvious that nobody has done a health and safety exercise . People are having to walk into the road, and there is no protection. One local resident has spoken to SCC who promised they would get someone out the next day to look at the situation. That did not occur. He rang again and was told that it would be the next day and someone would ring him back . That didn't happen. And so we go on. There seems to be confusion as to who is responsible for health and safety at the site. .Southern Gas, SCC, TDC or the contactors, Morrisions. We will keep you updated but if you have any concerns then please contact any or all of the parties involved.


Proposed Imberhorne Development - have your say

If you are concerned about more development that might impact on Felbridge and the surrounding area then  attend an exhibition of a proposal to develop land to the west of Imberhorne Lane that will be on display at Imberhorne School, Imberhorne Lane on 25th Feb, 5-9pm.


Register for Tandridge News Direct This is a free email information service which keeps you up to date with the latest news, consultations and events or for a map you can go to and find any location by address or postcode with links to information about council services, community links and planning information and many other details.

Tandridge Befriending Scheme

This scheme does a valuable job matching befriending volunteers to lonely or isolated members of the community. They are always short of volunteers to visit their vulnerable clients. Please click here for more information and contact details.

Green Belt Development - Official Statement Click here

Where's Robin?

DisabledGo - Tandridge

Tandridge has launched a new unique online access guide. By logging on to , people can check whether a pub is accessible to a wheelchair user, a cinema can offer a hearing loop, a hotel offers adapted rooms and a restaurant offers menus in large print or BrailleService. Click here for more details


Pig on the run!

A local farmer bought his wife 3 pigs for Valentine's day (who says romance is dead !) Unfortunately the biggest one, a black sow has gone on walk- about. Any information/sightings please contact Churchill Farm on  07802 371978

Praise for Felbridge Village Store

We have had a number of emails from local residents praising the service at the local shop. Amongst others : Claire Boughton says" Just wanted to say how great our new village store is, and how wonderful they were to keep us stocked with essentials during the bad weather and I know the effort they put in. I hope the residents of Felbridge continue to support our local village shop and remind other residents to go and use it if they don't already. You have such a great range of produce and my sons are especially impressed that you stock Levi Roots Reggae Reggae Sauce!!! Thank you Chetan and family, keep up the good work." Maggie Dover was equally impressed at the courtesy Chetan showed helping her and others in and out of the shop during the bad weather. We are very lucky to have such a shop on our doorstep so please do continue to support Chetan and  his family.

Felbridge Bowling Club

The Bowling club are looking for new members- interested please contact John Ogden on

Girlguiding 1st Felbridge (St John's) needs your help!

1st Felbridge ( St John's) Rainbows and Guides are looking for someone to come and join the fun of the Girl guiding UK Centenary with them. If you like craft, adventure, fun, games, friendship, and being part of a team then this could be for you. Rainbows are aged 5-7 years, and Guides are 10- 14 years old. Both units are looking for Adult leaders to join them at Felbridge on Friday evenings. Without any new helpers the units may have to close! For more details please contact Mrs Ann Tucker 01342 317283 or email

We thought it was all over? - but it has been beautiful!

Many thanks to all local residents who have emailed their pictures . Please Click here for some more beautiful pictures of Felbridge in the snow - keep them coming!

Problems at new roundabout already?!

"Cllr Harwood is seeking to establish whether there have been accidents at the new roundabout at Judges Corner caused by lack of street lighting. Councillor Sydney (SCC) has been asked to establish whether SCC have arranged for lighting to be connected, and if so when and on what date it is expected to start. If not, why not"


Who is responsible for clearing the ice and snow from our roads and pavements?

Click here for official  statement from our local district councillor Ken Harwood .


Fundraising joint venture?

A local experienced Magician is interested in putting on a show in Felbridge and would be interested in some sort of joint venture with the local community/organisations. If you are interested Click here  to view his website and contact details.

Core Strategy Special Town Council Meeting

East Grinstead Town Council met to discuss the detail of its submission document to Mid Sussex District Council for them then to consider when finalising the submission Core Strategy document . The Core Strategy will determine the level and quality of development at East Grinstead up until 2026.Of particular interest will be the decision which Town Councillors choose to take over the question of strategic housing on Imberhorne/Tilkhurst or Hill Place Farms. Click here for full details .


Father Christmas caught on camera in Mill Lane!

Its been a busy time for Father Christmas. .He's been seen out and about around Felbridge Village. A visit to the primary school to visit all the classes giving out presents, then the beavers/cubs/guides Christmas party giving out presents, the School Fayre and even as far afield as Kingston visiting a large crèche for very young children. He's looking forward to Christmas Day so that he can put his feet up! Well done father Christmas!


Stop Press - Please be aware

There was a series of burglaries in the area during the night (Wed 18th Nov) .As a result there was a very high level of police activity. Two persons are currently in custody and police are continuing with their enquires. Police have asked that if anyone has any information, i.e. saw or heard anything last night or has any other information they are asked to contact the information line on on 0845 1252222.This item will be updated as information becomes available. Please be vigilant and keep an eye on vulnerable neighbours.( See also item below. )Click here  for press release issued Fri 20th Nov.

Latest update Mon 23rd Nov: A male  has been charged  charged with 10 offences - 5 burglaries in Felbridge, 1 assault on  police and 4 offences in Sussex. Official statement Click here

Imp News: Burglary Copthorne Road - Ladder used - was it yours?

Last Wed, 11th Nov , at about 10pm a thief broke into a house in Copthorne Road whilst the owner was downstairs watching TV and her 2yr old was upstairs asleep and made off with a number of valuable items. The police are trying to trace the owner of a ladder used. If you are missing a metal ladder please contact Surrey police on 0845 1252222. Click here for more details .

Felbridge already has this Gordon Brown!

Gordon Brown has stated that he intends to get police to visit every victim of crime irrespective of the severity of crime so that there is integration between public and local councils and services! Well, we here in Felbridge ,thanks to local Councillor Ken Harwood have always had this service. " I always visit victims of crime and discuss with them what has happened, offer advice as to future steps regarding security, i.e. safes, alarms, lights etc . More importantly I see the visit and in many cases it amounts to more than one visit) as a way of restoring confidence in people especially where they have had their houses entered. That experience for many is just one step too far and on occasions people initially simply feel they can't stay. My kind of visit I hope will help to alleviate that kind of feeling and reaction." Well done Ken!


Felbridge Village Store - Latest News

Felbridge Village Store is going from strength to strength and is to be featured in the next edition of the local magazine RH19! Click here for full report. For contact deta

Girlguiding 1st Felbridge (St John's) needs your help!

1st Felbridge ( St John's) Rainbows and Guides are looking for someone to come and join the fun of the Girl guiding UK Centenary with them. If you like craft, Adventure, fun, games, friendship, and being part of a team then this could be for you. Rainbows are aged 5-7 years, and Guides are 10- 14 years old. Both units are looking for Adult leaders to join them at Felbridge on Friday evenings. For more details please contact Mrs Ann Tucker 01342 317283 or email

Felbridge Sports & recreation Association (FSRA)

 The FRSA comprises the Felbridge football & tennis clubs, and runs the Sports Pavilion on Crawley Down Road. Want to know more ? or go to our Clubs page for more information. New members most welcome.

ils visit their webpage click here


FHS Last Summer Show

Felbridge Horticultural Late Summer Show certainly highlighted the huge talent along with their 'greenfingers' of the members, click here for more photos.


Trial bikes Enduro Fun Day in aid of East Kent Air Ambulance Sun 25th October 2009

Click here for more details . The site at Churchill farm is open every weekend for anyone who wants to come and ride their trials bikes


Independent Visitor Service Open Evening

Men & women are needed to volunteer to befriend children in Care, looked after by Surrey County Council. Open Evening has been arranged on Tuesday 15th September at Reigate please click here for more information


Attempted Burglary

During the very early hours (about 1.30am) of Wednesday 2nd September 2009, a person tried to gain entry to a house in Mill Lane, by placing a ladder up against the front of the house where a hopper window was open. Click here for full report from Ken Harwood. PLUS this warning from resident on Copthorne Road : Last Wednesday 26th Aug a man on a bike with a funny hat on and a woman pushing a pram, were seen to be walking down the driveway of No 31 Copthorne Road. When a neighbour popped her head out of her back door they ran off. Another resident encountered the same behaviour near 45 Copthorne Road .Latest ! District Councillor Ken Harwood has complained to Surrey Police asking why it was necessary to send a police unit from Epsom to deal with the attempted burglary in Mill Lane Felbridge and why there was no dog handler unit on duty either. Click here  for full letter. Ken is encouraging residents to keep an eye open as to what is going on in Felbridge and should they see anything suspicious to let us know.


InterLake Dating?

Some good news for the old swan whose mate was recently killed by a careless driver in Mill Lane? This young female swan has appeared at Hedgecourt Lake. There was a bit of grandstanding by the old chap at first but things seemed to have settled down and she was still there a couple of days later , edging closer and closer! Thanks to Ken Harwood for the photo and report -- he will keep us posted on the progress of the romance.


25 Felbridge Roshe Performers win places

Talent and plenty of hard work have helped 25 performers win places in the All England Dance competition last week. We hope they did well

Accident Copthorne Road

Emergency vehicles in the Copthorne Road held up traffic for several hours on Monday morning. Onlookers reported that a car overtaking a parked delivery van met another car coming around the bend in the opposite direction. This accident sadly confirms recent emails we have received from worried residents, who live on this stretch of the Copthorne Road complaining of aggressive speeding drivers flashing their headlights and tailgating them as they slow down to turn into their drives.

Free cotton nappies

Over 77,000 disposable nappies are thrown away EVERY DAY in West Sussex. So parents save yourself up to £500 a year and get free cotton nappies. call 01243 642106


Great Bumper Summer Fair

"This year’s Village Fair was a great success with a good crowd in attendance for the whole afternoon  ----"Click here for full report from Fair Organizer Lis Scott.

We would like to thank all of you who took part in our website raffle. As a result of your and our supporter's generosity we were able to raise £169.50 for the continuing running and improving of the website . Pictured is our very own webmaster Bert receiving the first prize on behalf of Gladys Flowers from MP Peter Ainsworth . Click here for the list of winners . click here for more photos of the day

More comments regarding SLOW DOWN PLEA

Residents (not only from Mill Lane) are emailing us regarding a plea to slow down, requesting that the lane should remain a relatively safe place for children to walk, ride bikes, and ponies. Unfortunately now the lane has become a race track for 4 x 4's and motorbikes. How can we stop this?

TAXPAYERS could end up paying twice for services under a new project. The Lengthsman scheme, currently being piloted in Dorking, is to be offered to parish councils in the Lingfield area. The parish councils would pool money and employ a contractor to carry out minor maintenance. Work would include verge cutting, hedge and grass cutting, maintenance of non-mains powered traffic signs and footpaths, as well as keeping drainage systems clear of leaves and other debris. The parish councils would have to decide in which order work would be carried out. Introducing the scheme at a recent Felbridge Parish Council meeting, county councillor Michael Sydney said: "An extra £10 per person in your precept will allow us to have a Lingfield area contractor doing what we want to be done.

"We are all, as residents, already paying for this work to be done by Surrey County Council." Members of the parish council felt residents should not be asked to pay twice for work to be carried out.

Jeremy Clarke said: "We had a contractor to get footpaths cut and Surrey County Council took that off us then didn't do to. "Residents already pay Surrey County Council to do this work and they haven't done it. Felbridge Parish Council chairman Ian McBryde added: "There is so much backlog of maintenance a lot of costs will have to be found to bring everything back to a semi acceptable standard."


Felbridge Horticultural Society Open Gardens

Six varied gardens were opened on Sunday. It has been reported that the day went very well indeed. The total collected in aid of St Catherine's Hospice is yet to be confirmed, as not all details of money from plant sales has been received.

Happy 1st Birthday to Rags Hair Studio

Rags Hair Studio has gone from strength to strength in their first year of trading and have now added a beautician and men's barber to the services they offer. In August the Studio is also planning to hold a 24 hr sponsored Hair Cut in aid of Cystic Fibrosis and are hoping Felbridge residents will support this worthy cause . Click here for full email from Rachel


We are pleased to add to our list of businesses and sponsors new local car hire company: RH10 Cars which has been set up by 2 long standing local area residents, Mark Osborne and Clive Chalk. They are both experienced in the car hire market and are keen to offer a good local service " --- We see it as our duty to be polite, friendly and as punctual as possible. " We wish them both very well for the future . Contact Mark or Clive on 01342 714165 Click here for Mission Statement from Mark and Clive.

Proposed Superstore Decision - Update

The plans for the proposed construction of a DIY store at the London Road and Imberhorne Lane junction (Bridge Park) have been approved by Mid Sussex District Council. Here is the link to the MSDC Planning website showing details of the application and drawings Click here. Once you are on the website, to see how the proposed building and car par layout looks in relation to the Imberhorne/London Road junction, click the link on the LH side of the section marked "Landscape proposals" under the Section heading "LATEST PLAN".


Felbridge cygnets -SLOW DOWN

Extracts and picture from an email received from Ken Harwood. 'When driving in Mill Lane by the lake will vehicles please SLOW DOWN. Please be aware that we have some new arrivals strutting there stuff on the road, and that they also like to sunbath alongside the road just before the car park area near to a blind bend. Regrettably it was reported that one poor male duck has already been killed by a 4 wheel vehicle as it came hammering up from West Park Road 2 nights ago..

Surrey County Council Elections 2009 - Results

Michael Sydney , Conservative Party , elected with a majority of 2843 votes (54%) . For more details of the results Click here

Felbridge Planning Application

Application TA/2009/497 Proposal erection 1 x 5 bed detached house, variation to plots 26 & 27 TA/2006/1611. Location Plots 26 & 27 Eden Place. Land at 46 & rear of 48 & 50 Copthorne Road. for more details:

Not too sure about contacting the Police?

Message from Crimestoppers: We rely on the police to keep us and our property safe. But in order to catch criminals, the police need our help. If you are worried about getting involved, dragged in, or named as the neighbour who went to the police don't be worried we can help. Crimestoppers have a telephone number 0800 555 111 or an online secure form where information van be left anonymously. Crimestoppers don't record, trace or take any personal details from anyone who rings or leaves information. They are not interested in who you are just what you know. The information you give is passed straight to Surrey Police foe their action.

Pavement chaos

A number of local residents who use wheelchairs and disability scooters such as that pictured above are extremely fed up at the poor state of the footpath surface in Crawley Down Road between Rowplatt Lane and the Village Hall .Part of email from one resident about his mother reads "...After nearly falling out a few weeks ago she no longer wishes to be pushed so we have to bring the car, drive her the short distance (from the village Hall to the school) then put her back in the wheelchair. This seems ridiculous!.. Another elderly resident is fearful as these undulations cause her scooter to 'ground' and this subsequently jolts the electric battery from its mounting. This in turn, makes the wheelchair immobile. Unless she has someone with her who can replace the battery, she is effectively marooned in the street. Ken Harwood has been to the site and can confirm that the path surface is extremely poor and bumpy, caused by the roots of the trees lining the pathway ( a sample of pictures attached). He had raised the issue with SCC who have responded but are in effect saying, surprise surprise they haven't got the resources to do anything.

Do you know your Twitter from Facebook, your email from Google?

If not, then you may need Angela, pictured above who has started a new Felbridge based business to teach older beginners computer skills. Click here for more details and how to contact Angela.

Refuse Collection Information

Some residents have been concerned that in spite of putting out their refuse  as normal , it has not been collected. This is because the collection start times have been changed due to the on going road works at Judges Corner. (Near Haskins Garden Centre). Please Click here for a letter of explanation from Councillor Ken Harwood. If you do have any concerns then please contact TDC at or ph 01883 722000.

Neighbourhood Panel Meetings- Use them or lose them

The aim of these meetings is for local residents and police to come together and for the police to become more aware of the issues that concern local residents. All meetings are held at Felbridge Village Hall. Last year the meetings were either poorly attended or not attended at all. A police spokesman has warned that unless this improves this year , Felbridge will lose this service and will be merged with Lingfield. For a list of 2009 dates please visit our Local Beat page.


Well done to local fund-raisers

Gordon and Brenda Wilkinson who work as volunteers for the charity Tearfund have so far raised more than £23,000 from the sale of their cookbook" Recipes for Disaster… Relief and Development". For more details and free recipes, log on to If you want to know more about the Wilkinsons and their book, click on

Neighbourhood Panel Meetings- Use them or lose them

The aim of these meetings is for local residents and police to come together and for the police to become more aware of the issues that concern local residents. All meetings are held at Felbridge Village Hall. Last year the meetings were either poorly attended or not attended at all. A police spokesman has warned that unless this improves this year , Felbridge will lose this service and will be merged with Lingfield. For a list of 2009 dates please visit our Local Beat page.


Are you ready for weekly recycling collection?

Are you ready for weekly recycling? Do you have a blue bag for your plastic drinks bottles? From 02 February 2009 residents of Felbridge will be able to recycle every week and include plastic drinks bottles in a blue recycling bag. For more information and to order your free blue bag, phone SCC on 03456 009009.

Register for Tandridge News Direct This is a free email information service which keeps you up to date with the latest news, consultations and events or for a map you can go to and find any location by address or postcode with links to information about council services, community links and planning information and many other details.


Hedgecourt Lake as you have never seen it before!

Hedgecourt Lake, Mill Lane take at sunrise on the 11th Jan 2009 by local resident Ian Johnson-- an absolutely stunning view ! Many thanks Ian.

Felbridge and District History Group

Settlements patterns in the Felbridge Area will be the topic at their next meeting on 25th January 2009. All welcome . See Clubs page for website..

Ring the Changes

From Dec 1st Surrey County Council Telephone No is changing to 03456 009009. Calls to 03 numbers cost no more than 2.5p per minute.

Register for Tandridge News Direct This is a free email information service which keeps you up to date with the latest news, consultations and events or for a map you can go to and find any location by address or postcode with links to information about council services, community links and planning information and many other details.

Weekly Recycling to be extended to Felbridge -- but is it too late?

February 2009 will see weekly recycling collections introduced across Felbridge. However reports indicate a collapse in the market for newspaper, plastic and aluminium leaving Councils with tonnes of recycled material that is impossible to sell on. Peter Ainsworth said whatever happens recycled waste should not be sent to landfill. Our comment : Perhaps we should all re-use rather than recycle? For full report Click here

Difficult to get around Felbridge?

Email from website to Buses 4U. "As we have no bus service along the A264 Copthorne Road from the Dukes Head roundabout to the junction with Crawley Down Road Felbridge, is this a service residents can call upon- i.e. to and from Felbridge to East Grinstead.We have looked at and there doesn’t appear to be a regular service listed in our area? If not, how can we get it up and running?" Response received: Thank you for your e-mail. Our Buses 4U services operate on a demand–responsive basis (similar to a dial-a-ride), so we have no fixed timetables.....Click here for full email

Felbridge Nurseries Planning Application

An application for 18 dwellings has been submitted to Mid Sussex District Council. See FPC Nov 2008 minutes.


Important Neighbourhood Alert!

We have just been informed (Thurs 13th Nov) that a suspicious looking character, male, swarthy ,about 35 years old, has been knocking on doors in Rowplatt Lane wanting to buy antiques. Please be careful, keep your eyes open and warn neighbours . The police have been alerted but if you are at all concerned please do contact them direct on 0845 125 2222

Autumn in Felbridge

Some lovely photos sent in to us of Autumn in Felbridge -- keep them coming!

Hedgecourt Lake - Outrage

We await extracts from an email from Ken Harwood on behalf of his wife Joan Harwood, FPC: "As you know the sailing club have the go ahead to build a berm. Yesterday 22nd October, Tree Surgeons turned up un-announced and promptly cordoned the road off down at the spillway with tape and their vehicle. They then proceeded to fell everything in sight. There was mayhem! Nobody could use the road, pedestrian or vehicular. Residents couldn't get out from their home and Joan and others were physically prevented from using the road. They were told by the tree people that as Crawley Mariners owned the road, they could do as they like. Joan made contact with police who attended. They told the workers they were working without permission and were told to pack their bags and go. Highways were also contacted by Joan who stated that what was happening was unlawful. The Mariners needed permission to fell the trees which they hadn't got. In addition, they needed a permit to work on the road which they didn't have. It costs £1,000 and takes six weeks to get. Highways were given the Crawley Mariner's number by Joan, who promised they would pursue the issue. As we left, the lake edge was almost denuded of all vegetation and most of the remaining trees had been felled." (Our Felweb before and after photographs show it all)

Extracts from an email to TDC from Ken Harwood 23 October "Director, Is there anything TDC can do to prevent this situation developing into a farce. Mill Lane is not as described by the Mariners," a little used country lane". It has a considerable flow of traffic in both directions throughout the day, due to Sat Navs and local traffic. For the berm to be built, the workers will need to have mechanical gear and materials on site. Where will these be put? Nobody has seen a schedule of works. Surely there must be one for work to be carried out on a highway. If the road has to be closed, isn't it incumbent upon the contractor to notify everyone in advance? Who has control of that? We can't have the road blocked as it's an access to houses and the farms. The horse riders from Churchill Stud use the lane all throughout the day to bring horses up to the main road to go over to The Gulledge for galloping".

The berm will be about 3ft - made from concrete sandbags and a bank of soil -- not very strong and not very fetching! We have emailed The Sailing Club for a response

Would you like to become a Brownie Helper?

Oct 2008. 1st Felbridge (St John's) Brownies are looking for new helpers. They are a large, busy , friendly and outgoing group of brownies aged 7 - 10 years. If you think you could help as a one off to share a new skill or to help each week, please contact Louise Tucker (Brown Owl) on 01342 317283 or