Ken Harwood.: The Big Society approach in action in Felbridge 01.03.11


For countless months and months Felbridge Parish Council (with me) have been asking S.C.C to repair the fence alongside the spillway at Hedgecourt Lake where Mill Lane goes over the bridge near the spillway.


It has been a cause of concern for many people, that a child or dog or anyone for that matter could accidentally fall over the steep edge there and fall into the deep and fast flowing water as it emerges from the spillway. An accident waiting to happen.


SCC sent an officer to look at it, but it was decided that it wasn't that dangerous and didn't meet the criteria to spend money repairing it.


I have received numerous complaints over the many months about this being a problem about the danger this gap in the fence could be, so have put David Cameron's 'Big Society' to the test!


I spoke to 'Ginger' Wickington the owner of Churchill Farm and he very kindly donated the timber needed to build a purpose made fence along the gap in the hedge. The wood he provided was seasoned hard wood, which had it been purchased, would have cost many pounds. I paid for the actual fence posts and metal spikes out of my own pocket, and then actually built the fence. It is now safe to walk past the spillway without the fear of someone falling into the water.


Whilst working on the project, I was frequently stopped and spoken to by countless walkers and car drivers who congratulated me for what I was doing. The Big Society approach in action in Felbridge