Birches Wood Felbridge   Nov 2015



Birches Wood is a Jewel in the crown of Felbridge Village covering 60 acres of beautiful Sussex woodland and full of history. 


The woodland has been in decline for many years and is currently an overgrown wilderness. It is however teaming with wildlife, rhododendrons, carpeted with bluebells and borders well managed farmland belonging to Imberhorne Farm.


Birches Wood was acquired in October 2015 by a private Pension Fund called Bluebell Properties Pension Fund (BPPF) administered by Hazell Carr of Scotland. BPPF’s multi million pound fund invests in land and property in the UK securing investments for rent and restoration. Founded in 1998 BPPF has established itself as a responsible and experienced property land and wood management owner.

BPPF is now making a substantial investment to restore the woodland under a ten year restoration programme, in partnership with the Forestry Commission and in support of East Grinstead’s local Neighbourhood Plan.

The Forestry Commission have been commissioned to prepare a ten year restoration plan designed to be in the best interests of the ancient woodland, local people, wildlife, woodland species, Birches Industrial Estate and local farmers. One of the first projects will be to build a number of bridges to allow access for workers who over the years will be responsible for logging and clearing in order to allow some established tree varieties to flourish and an opportunity for to replanting new species.

BPPF apologises in advance if they cause any inconvenience to local people whilst felling, clearing and burning is in progress with access via Crawley Down Road.

During the future years of restoration work BPPF ask that the lands privacy is respected, which means there is strictly no access to the public. Therefore, with immediate effect, for your own safety and that of the local wildlife and species, please refrain from walking or letting animals into Birches Wood as BPPF cannot be responsible for any death or injury caused by trespassing.

BPPF would like to thank everyone in advance for their support and hope they may be allowed uninterrupted over the years to restore Birches Wood to its natural beauty and importantly help maintain this area so close to the Village as a restricted development zone.

If you have any questions, BPPF’s appointed local Woodland Manager can be contacted visiting their web site at



On Behalf of Bluebell Properties Pension Fund (BPPF)