Bonfires within gardens are permitted. However it is the duty of very householder to ensure that if a bonfire is had, it is constantly monitored. Due consideration should be given to neighbours and such things as prevailing winds, so that no inconvenience is caused by smoke etc. Useful information concerning bonfires can be found on the Tandridge District Council website under  'Home & Community'.


The position of any bonfire must be such that is does not cause the potential for damage to other property, this includes the floatation of hot ash across adjoining gardens where there are trees.


If there is a the slightest indication that a fire has spread, then immediate consideration should be given to calling the fire brigade. It is better for the fire brigade to attend and not be used than to have them face a full blown incident.


Householders might like to examine their house insurance cover, to confirm what cover(if any ) they have against damage caused by bonfires. It is known that some insurance companies impose specific rules of engagement  as to where bonfires can be held.


Whenever having a bonfire please think of neighbours, which involves location and the affects of that bonfire on others and always supervise it until it is out. Do not leave a bonfire unattended. That is courting disaster .