Burglary Alert


At 1.0pm on Thursday 9th May the residents of a house in Copthorne Road just up from Mill Lane saw a suspicious vehicle in their driveway containing several young looking men. A silver Peugeot with a loud exhaust is now being sought.


 As the wife left the house, she contacted her husband who was in the house. He went out and as he did so, heard the intruder alarm next-door sounding. He was confronted by a male who was coming from the garden next door where the alarm was sounding (occupants away at business).


The witness called police and within a short time police were in attendance in numbers.


From subsequent enquiries it was established that entry had been gained to the adjoining house and although the alarm sounded and obviously did its job of scaring the burglar off, not before a quantity of property was stolen.


The burglar was pursued down Mill Lane where he was seen to throw something away.


A subsequent search was made and a quantity of property was found.


The burglar was subsequently picked up on CCTV further down Mill Lane.


Thanks to everyone who assisted yesterday, particularly the young man who pursued the burglar with a shovel!


In addition, thanks to all those who have come back with emails giving additional information.


Felbridge is a very safe place to live in, which makes an incident like this stand out. It happens so rarely.


If you have any information you think might be relevant please contact Ken Harwood