Burglary alert August 2014



Attacks have been made on sheds and summerhouses in Domewood and various items have been stolen. In one case, a lawnmower had been removed from the shed and was found in the driveway. The owner is still trying to work out how the thieves would have got it past the electric gates!


Please make sure your sheds are as secure as possible and the same goes for summerhouses. Donít leave expensive equipment unprotected in them. Property mark equipment or paint them with a colour which would make it easier to identify if found in possession of thieves (even a photo of the item suitably coloured would help).


If you hear house alarms sounding, please donít ignore them. Have a look (if possible without placing yourself at risk) as the owners of the property may not be home.


As its the holiday season, its not a bad idea to let neighbours know youíre away, providing your contact details.


If in doubt with what you hear or see, if it looks suspicious call 999 .