Burglary- Copthorne Road  - Wed 11th November 10pm


On Wed 11th Nov 10.0pm the occupier was downstairs watching the television. Her 2 year old was upstairs in bed. Hearing noises across the floor upstairs the lady thought her daughter had got out of bed. She checked and the baby was disturbed but obviously wasn't able to communicate what was wrong. This happened again. Sometime later as she was about to go to bed, found that entry had been gained to her upstairs bedroom and a quantity of jewellery had been stolen.


A metal ladder was found outside up against the house. The electric gates protecting the property had been forced.


You may remember we had something similar in Mill Lane about two months ago, although thankfully on that occasion the occupants disturbed whoever it was and no entry occurred.

. In the Mill Lane case the ladder had been taken from a garden of a house some way down the lane.


In this latest case it is not known where the ladder comes from. The police have attended but could find nothing on the ladder which is now in the occupier’s garage. It is an almost brand new metal ladder and is the second part of an extending ladder. It has no make or marks on it, but someone somewhere (probably nearby to where the burglary occurred is missing a part of their ladder).

If we can find out where the ladder came from it may give some indication as to where the thief came from.


In addition to finding out where the ladder came from please remember to lock up or put away such things as ladders. In addition, have you considered installing a safe? They are very cheap to buy and providing they are installed in an appropriate place can afford protection to valuables. Also remember to photograph any valuable items. It helps when police are trying to establish ownership if such stuff is found in the possession of thieves. Plus it eases the insurance claim as well. Little steps taken at the beginning but can save huge strides at the other end.