18 December 2015 (GV.0912)                                                                                                       (1/1)





Tandridge District Council has now received details of grant funding it will receive from the government for the next two years.


The reduction in funding is greater than the government had indicated, with a 61% cut and no grant at all after 2017, despite the announcement in the autumn statement indicating it would be 2020 before the grant is removed altogether.


This means over the next two years the Council will have to find around £1m more than expected. The Council has used its resources prudently and had allowed for significant reductions in its budget planning, but these cuts are deeper and significantly quicker than anticipated.


Councillor Gordon Keymer CBE, Leader of the Council, said: “Although we have been planning and preparing for an eventual loss of government grant by looking at new and innovative ways of generating an income to ensure we maintain our services, this reduction in grant will present new challenges.”


“Over the next few weeks we will be finding ways to address this shortfall with our priority continuing to be the maintenance of the quality of services we provide to our residents. We will also be making representations to government, along with the other councils in Surrey which are facing similar cuts in their funding.”




For more information contact Giuseppina Valenza, Head of Communications, on 01883 732704.


Party spokesmen: Councillor Gordon Keymer CBE (Con) 01883 717363 and Councillor Jeremy Pursehouse (Lib Dem) 01883 623025.