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Tandridge Country Watch Newsletter


Bulletin No:  09
18th May 2017
Dear Country Watch Members,
There have been several reports of power tools etc. being stolen in neighbouring areas and there has also been numerous reports of medium sized vans entering premises offering such items for sale.  Please be aware that such items are often stolen goods.
Do not forget if you see something out of character, out of place and suspicious please call police on the non-emergency number 101. If you suspect that a crime is taking place then please call through on the 999 number. 

Please also be aware of the continuing issue with loose animals reported on the highways. 
We are aware that Sheep keepers/owners often rent odd parcels of grazing land at this time of year and you do not wish to spend a fortune on other people’s fences.  Legally you are responsible for any damage caused by loose sheep on the highway to third parties, so the best solution is to erect an electric fence with three strands on it.  That way you not only protect your sheep, it also helps in keeping stray dogs away from your livestock. Please check your roadside hedges, fences and gates daily.
pp Inspector Dan Gutierrez
Tandridge Safer Neighbourhood Inspector

Crime Prevention

Re- dogs chasing sheep

Country Watch have been informed that there is a recommend "sheep-proof your dog" training session run on the Ashdown Forest every few months.  The farmer can train any dog to be wary of sheep - it's painless for the dog and very effective.

Contact via the Ashdown Forest Centre-

Incidents of note in Tandridge

Please note that due to this newsletter covering a 4 week period which will appear to report a greater number of crimes
We have not seen an increase of rural crime overall which will be a great relief to you
Reported rural crimes across Tandridge
Park Lane, Bletchingley – In the early hours of 17/05/17 three male offenders have gained entry to  a property and stolen a large amount of lead from a roof (Ref: 45170051279)
Godstone Road, Lingfield – Overnight between 16/05 & 17/05/17 offenders have made their way to a new build site and gained access via surrounding fields.  Once on site have stolen a quantity of scaffolding poles (Ref: 45170051180)
Harts Lane, South Godstone – In the early hours of 16/05/17 offenders have gained entry to a business premises and have stolen £30K worth of tree surgery equipment and have then caused £60K worth of damage by arson (Ref: 45170050538)
Tandridge Lane, Crowhurst – Sometime between 06/05 and 13/05/17 offenders have attempted to gain entry into a barn.  They have pulled off part of a fabric sheet at the rear and broken a cement sheet (Ref: 45170049459)
Rag Hill Road, Tatsfield – Sometime between 2:00am & 6:00am on 12/05/17 offenders have forced entry to stables located next to a residential property, fortunately nothing was stolen (Ref: 45170049015)
High Street, Nutfield – In the early hours of 11/05/17 offenders have attempted to break into a garden shed (Ref: 45170048502)
Red Lane, Staffhurst Wood – Sometime between 30/04 and 06/05/17 offender have once again smashed a wooden gate on this occasion a box that appears to have previously contained fireworks has been found by the gate and loud explosions have heard in the vicinity (Ref: 45170048143) 
Byers Lane, Horne – Overnight between 08/05 & 09/05/17 offenders have forced entry to stables and a CCTV unit had been destroyed (Ref: 45170048118)
Icehouse Wood, Hurst Green – Sometime between 7:30am & 7:45pm on 09/05/17 offender have entered through unlocked back door, made an untidy search of the upstairs, jewellery and a computer have been stolen. (Ref: 45170048124) 
Brickhouse Lane, South Godstone – Overnight between 08/05 and 09/05/17 offenders have broken into Puppy kennel, 11 puppies and an amount of dog food has been stolen (Ref: 45170047664) 
Byers Lane, Horne – Overnight between 08/05 & 09/05/17 offenders have entered a site and forced entry to 4 sheds where garden machinery has been stolen (Ref: 45170047698) 
Felcourt Road, Felcourt – Sometime between 11:30am and 2:00pm on 08/05/17 offenders have forced entry to victim's home and have stolen jewellery (Ref: 45170047607)
Short Lane, Limpsfield – Sometime between 05/05 & 06/05/17 offenders have stolen wooden gate posts (Ref: 45170047368)
Long Hill, Woldingham – Sometime between 06/05 & 08/05/17 offenders have gained entry to a construction site broken into and power tools stolen from a big steel container (Ref: 45170047299)
Racecourse Road, Lingfield – Overnight between 05/05 & 06/05/17 offender have forced entry to a metal container at the racecourse and have stolen a large quantity of alcohol.  They have also forced entry to and cut eight padlocks in the stable yard and rifled through the stable rooms (Ref: 45170047094)
Castle Square, Bletchingley – Sometime between 06/05 & 07/05/17 offenders have Forced entry to a secure garage and stolen two motor-cross bikes (Ref: 45170047047) 
Copthorne Road, Felbridge – Sometime between 28/04 and 02/05/17 offenders gone to a local club area and have cut padlock securing a canoe which has been stolen (Ref: 45170046586) 
Westmore Gardens, Tatsfield – During the hours of darkness on 05/05/17 offenders have gained entry via the rear door and stolen power tools (Ref: 45170046522)
Westmore Gardens, Tatsfield – During the hours of darkness on 05/05/17 offenders have smashed rear glass door of address, conducted an untidy search taking jewellery and also the victim’s car (Ref: 45170046516)
Butlers Dene Road, Woldingham – Early afternoon on 05/05/17 offenders have forced entry via a rear but on doing so have activated an alarm.  They have not been able to gain access to rest of the house (Ref: 45170046464)
Prince Of Wales Road, Outwood – Sometime between 03/05 and 05/05/17 offenders have entered informants land by driving through barbed fence.  The vehicle has been driven around the field and then totally burnt out (Ref: 45170046462)
High Street, Godstone – Overnight between 04/05 and 05/05/17 offenders have stolen an automatic mower from the back garden (Ref: 45170046179)
Newchapel Road, Newchapel – Overnight between 03/05 and 04/05/17 offenders have broken into business premises and have stolen high value items (Ref: 45170045764)
Brewer Street, Bletchingley – Between 2:00am & 2:15am on 04/05/17 offenders have used an unknown vehicle to ram shutter door open to gain entry to a storage facility.  A number tool item were stolen (Ref: 45170045760)
Plough Road, Smallfield – Sometime between 01/05 and 03/05/17 offenders have forced entry to an unoccupied dwelling which is having building works done and have stolen kitchen appliances (Ref: 45170045683)
Coopers Hill Road, South Nutfield – Between 10:20pm & 10:35pm on 30/04/17 two male offenders with metal detectors have entered a field.  They were disturbed and fled the scene but had caused damage to growing crops (Ref: 45170044728)
Leigh Place Lane, Godstone – Overnight between 26/04 and 27/04/17 offenders have gone to the location have accessed the site, damaging padlocks on the site to access areas including garages.  They have stolen a quad bike, trailer and lawn mower (Ref: 45170043285)
Monks Lane, Staffhurst Wood – Sometime between 21/04 and 25/04/17 offenders have stolen a bronze gorilla statue the front garden of this location (Ref: 45170042836)
Popes Lane, Oxted – Sometime between 24/04 and 26/04/17 offenders have caused damage to country watch scheme signs which have been forced down from their display (Ref: 45170042806)
Titsey Hill, Titsey – Overnight between 24/04 and 25/04/17 offenders have damaged the electric gates at the location (Ref: 45170042744)
Coopers Hill Road, South Nutfield – Overnight between 22/04 and 23/04/17 a group offenders with metal detectors have entered a field and dug around 50 holes in the ground causing damage to growing crops (Ref: 45170041538)
Godstone Road, Lingfield – Sometime between 10/04 and 21/04/17 offenders have gone to a farm and have broken into a toilet block and a shed (Ref: 45170040876)
Bones Lane, Newchapel – Overnight between 20/04 and 21/04/17 offenders have climbed over the gate to the property and have smashed a large glass security light to a detached residential dwelling (Ref: 45170040837)
Outwood Lane, Bletchingley – Sometime between 20/04 and 21/04/17 three male offenders have broken into construction site and stolen tools (Ref: 45170040833)
Crowhurst Lane, Crowhurst – Sometime between 5:45am & 7:50pm on the 20/04/17 offenders have carried out an untidy search.  They have stolen money, an Omega watch and cameras (Ref: 45170040709)
Roughets Lane, Caterham Valley – Sometime between 9:00am on the 11/04 and 9:00pm on the 19/04/17 offenders have gone to fields and stolen a water trough from the location (Ref: 45170040680)
If you have any information to assist with the investigation of these crimes please contact Surrey Police by telephone on 101 quoting the crime reference number
You are free to circulate this document to any of your contacts
Recent GOOD NEWS was the vigilant farmer who found a stolen tractor hidden on his land.  Happily the tractor has been re-united the with Kent farmer
The usual format will return in the next newsletter

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