Copthorne Road/Crawley Down Road and Rowplatt Lane. 24/04/2015


We have had several thefts occur in the past few days.


 Over the weekend of 20th April thieves visited the resident at 89 Copthorne Road during the night and a huge amount of metal was stolen. A blue estate car had been sighted earlier in the week in the driveway and subsequently temporarily parked in Hedgecourt Place. It is thought this was the team sizing up the area.


The thieves drove down the driveway of the house adjoining 89, cut a huge hole through the hedge between the properties and gained access to where the metal was being stored at 89.A largish lorry must have been used because the amount stolen was somewhere in the region of 2 tonnes.


On Friday 24th April at 3.40pm the resident at 90 Copthorne Road was confronted by three men who had obviously come into the property from the wooded area which lies between Copthorne Road and Crawley Down Road. The occupant was on her own at the time.


The thieves then stole several items of garden machinery such as leaf blowers, hedge cutters, chainsaws etc.


They made their escape via the wooded area and used the footpath that runs down alongside the public allotments at the back of Rowplatt Lane and came out into Crawley Down Road. One of the thieves is described as “fat” wearing an orange hoody.


Several questions.


Were you in the area of Crawley Down Road, in or near the allotments on Friday 24th at 3.40 pm? Did you see these three thieves? Did you see any vehicles parked near that location?


Any information can be passed to me and I will ensure it gets passed onto police.


There have been other thefts along Copthorne Road involving plant (machinery) and a motorbike. No further details known on those as yet.


The reason for circulating this information throughout the village is to remind everyone that there are thieves about who are looking for garden equipment. Sheds which are unlocked are a prime target.


Make sure all sheds are secure and  any valuable  pieces of equipment are kept out of sight .Better still, mark your equipment with permanent marks so that if something gets stolen and a thief is caught in possession, you can identify it.


As they say on the T.V. I await your call!



Ken Harwood