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Subject:                                Dark Red Suzuki Jeep Hd51 Ewy Acting Suspiciously 18/10/2017 15:28:42 [195246]


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Dark Red Suzuki Jeep HD51 EWY acting suspiciously

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Moira Cocks (Surrey Police, Office Manager, Tandridge)

Over the last week we have had messages regarding the above 4x4, index HD51 EWY which is snooping around rural areas of Tandridge and Sussex  into yards and driveways, giving implausible reasons for being there when questioned by residents.

The two occupants are described as white males, wearing sunglasses and hats, despite the lack of sunshine!  There is a covered spare wheel on the back which has a black cover with "Newmans" printed at the top.

The keeper details appear to be out of date as well as some of the documents on it.  We are keen to know who these men are and what they are up to.

Have you seen it in your area?  Do you know who is using it?  Please call in on 101 quoting Sussex ref 876/17/07/2017

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