East Grinstead Neighbourhood Plan †††March 2016


The Council have been working on this plan for some considerable time and it has reached the stage where Mid Sussex District Council have put the document out for consultation prior to its submission to an Inspector for public examination. If it passes that rigorous test there will then be a public vote for Sussex residents.

I would urge everyone to have a read of the Plan to understand where the Town Council are coming from in terms of future development.


There are issues within it that could/will/may have a direct impact on Felbridge. Specifically to infrastructure issues (roads, doctors, schools etc).

The closing date for responses to the Consultation will be the 16th March so there is not much time left.


Tandridge District Council have responded on behalf of the District and that document will shortly be accessible on the Councilís web site.( It will be worth reading )

Some people have found the EGTC web site "very busy" when trying to gain access to the document itself.

Should you wish to view the document and respond the following steps might assist :

1.Go to Google and type in eastgrinstead.gov.uk/neighbourhood-plan/

2. Scroll down until you see "plan approved for submission to District Council".

3. Under that heading you will see "submission stage plan". If you click on that heading the plan is brought to the screen.

Engagement at this stage could influence the future for all of us.