Your Parish Council have taken a strong stand over the disruption caused to local residents and businesses due to the roadworks on the A22 at Imberhorne Lane.  A series of strongly worded emails were sent to our three local MPs, the leaders of Surrey and West Sussex County Council and Tandridge District Council as well as to the Highways departments of each council.  FPC stated that villagers needed to access facilities not available in the village including doctors, dentists, post offices and banks and were being prevented from doing so due to poorly organised roadworks. 


Agreement has been reached for an outer cordon of signs to be positioned on the M25/M23 and A22 advising through traffic of delays in the Felbridge area.  This should divert those who were just planning to travel through Felbridge and allow local traffic to reach the local businesses which have been so badly affected by these works. 


FPC have also asked that the temporary lights are synchronised with the permanent lights at the Star to prevent gridlock and that no other traffic controls are put in place for the duration of these works in the surrounding areas including Turners Hill, Crawley Down, Lingfield and Blindley Heath to allow through traffic to find alternative routes.


Surrey, Sussex and Highways England are now working together to manage the impact of these works and Surrey Highways have offered to meet Parish Council representatives to take advantage of our local knowledge before the next road works start.  These will run from 23rd July to 5th September and will again involve lane closures on the A22 at Imberhorne Lane.


East Grinstead MP Nicholas Soames was one of the first to respond offering his support, which goes to show that when neighbouring agencies and representatives opt to work together everyone can benefit from the results.


Felbridge Parish Council along with District Councillor Ken Harwood will continue to monitor the plans and the systems in place to ensure residents receive the promised levels of support.