Gatcom Meeting Felbridge  : Follow up from Ken Harwood


Over 60 residents from around Felbridge turned up. Tom Denton from Gatwick Airport gave a very thorough presentation to the audience about the consultation document titled London Airspace. There were many questions from the floor.


A similar public meeting will be held in Dormansland on 15th January.


At the Felbridge meeting, some residents were extremely critical about the lack of engagement between Sussex /East Grinstead Councils and the residents. Got quite heated!


From my own perspective,” I represent the people of Tandridge on Gatcom, the Gatwick Consultative Group. I believe it is my duty and responsibility to ensure that as many people as possible should be made aware of this, what undoubtedly will be a piece of ground breaking work. The future of where and how aircraft fly over this area is up for grabs. We must seize the opportunity to be a part of the decision making process. My thanks to Tom Denton and his colleague for coming out to meet our residents. It is greatly appreciated. My thanks also to everyone who attended this evening”.