To Whom It May Concern Dec 2105


Please see below a response prepared and endorsed by all Felbridge Parish Councillors.


Felbridge Parish Council are extremely disappointed with the conclusions arrived at in the recent Post Implementation Review (PIR), particularly in relation to Route 2.


It is evident from what has been written, that the CAA have taken no regard or notice of the issues raised by our residents in relation to increased noise and overflying caused by the introduction of PBN and "concentration" of over-flying. There is obviously a culture in existence whereby Gatwick blame the CAA for the latest impositions upon our residents and the CAA in turn, blame Government. The net losers in all of this are our residents. Let it not be forgotten that it was Gatwick who voluntarily proposed these changes.


Comment is made in the report that the CAA are obliged to work closely with "the community" when arriving at any changes to routes, by this we assume that to mean residents. There has been absolutely no evidence of that interaction having occurred. In fact, the exact opposite has happened. There is no mention in the report of the numerous formal responses from the residents that they were requested to make to assist the PIR. Please can you provide a statement as to how the public responses have been incorporated and influenced the outcome of the PIR. Page 78 of the PIR states ‘… we have concluded that the environmental impact of this concentration is not significant’. That may be the CAA view, but certainly not for those underneath the concentrated flight path.


Our residents have been continuously misled by Gatwick that should there be in increase in the inconvenience to residents as a result of PBN and concentration of flights, Gatwick would revert back to original NPR's. That has not been honoured and from the evidence within the PIR, it is blatantly obvious that it could never have happened and will not happen.


Within the body of this report (Chapter 10 para.10.3), Gatwick are obliged to reconfigure Route 2. Before any decisions are made, we demand that this Council is party to any discussions as to those likely changes and be part of the decision making process as stated in the '2014 Guidance' (Guidance  to the CAA on Environmental Objectives Relating to the Excercise of its Air Navigation Functions (PIR - Chapter 4 para 4.28).