Good morning,


You may have been caught out by the refuse team calling earlier than their usual times this week. That is because they have adjusted their start/route because of the  traffic mayhem on the A264 caused by West Park Road being totally closed to traffic during the building of the new roundabout at Judges Corner(near Haskins Garden Centre). This project is likely to be ongoing for many months.


Whilst we do have a back door collection available(one of the few left in the County) many residents choose to bring their refuse to the front of the house. This obviously helps the refuse teams with a speedy collection. What happened this week is that the team started earlier than normal (to avoid the traffic on the A264), which meant that by the time householders had brought their refuse to the front(at what has been a normal time for ages) the refuse collection had been and gone. 


For the future, it either means getting refuse out that much earlier or putting it out the night before(I appreciate that foxes and other creatures have a liking to sifting thro' refuse bags!) making sure it is secure. If you chose to leave refuse at the backdoor, the refuse team must have access(many residents lock their side gates for security). If access cannot be gained, that is  recorded as a 'lockout' and therefore the refuse team have complied with their contract, and it would then be the householders responsibility to  dispose of their refuse.


I have emailed this message to everyone on my address book. I would ask that everyone in receipt of this message passes it on to other residents around them. Meanwhile, I am seeking assistance from Tandridge to get a wider source of publicity.


Thanks for your patience and assistance with this problem.


Ken Harwood