Help shape the future of Tandridge   Dec 2015

If you have views about the future improvement, development and local protection of our area and the Green Belt we want to hear them.

As part of our Local Plan consultation Tandridge District Council is asking anyone with an interest in the area to give their views on various approaches to how our area is improved, developed and protected.

 Visit our website to register and have your say before 26 February 2016. The final, agreed Local Plan will set out the vision for the district for the next 20 years so it’s important that you give your views.

This is a chance for local people to have their say on setting local priorities and planning policies, giving local control over how we provide for both people and place in the future.

Without a Local Plan any future development would be decided solely in line with the National Planning Policy Framework, with little reference to local needs or views.

For this first round of consultation we are interested in what you think about:

 §  A range of possible approaches to meeting the area’s needs over the next 20 years

§  Whether we can meet all our development needs within Tandridge

§  Affordable local housing

§  Our local environment, its greenness and openness

§  The amount of schools, doctors and transport we will need in future

§  A range of other challenges facing our area.


§  Will not change current planning rules

§  Will not change the boundaries of our towns and villages

§  Will not change the protection of the Green Belt or put the Green Belt at additional risk

§  Will not set where new building will take place not how much there will be

So register today on have your say.