Infrastructure First Team March 2015



You may have heard the EXCELLENT news earlier this week that we were 100% successful in winning all four hearings from our appeal/court battle last November.


This is a huge result for the residents of Felbridge and East Grinstead.


Success was aided by generous donations, Felbridge Parish support and many local residents time, expertise and energy as we funded our own Queens Counsel at last Novembers hearing. That hearing saw us battle Mid Sussex District Councils lawyer as well as Queens Counsel and lawyers representing three other aggressive developers.


This rewarding decision now sets an important precedent for any future development in our Village, albeit until the upcoming East Grinstead Neighbourhood Plan (EGNP) is in place (expected 2015/16), each application will still have to be fought on its own merits, possible through appeals.


We cannot therefore underestimate the tenacity of developers to continue to pursue what they consider as a loophole in Government policy as their window of opportunity is rapidly closing.


So the challenges continue with our efforts now very much in focus as participants in the EGNP as well as involvement to steer Local Habitats Policy and back the recent privately funded JUBB Traffic Report. This excellent and accurate report demonstrates extremely serious shortcomings on our local road Infrastructure in and around East Grinstead.


We trust you agree that our efforts over the past year have delivered an excellent return on those that made generous donations.

However, we now need more help as we work to secure protection for Felbridge Village in the upcoming EGNP.




By having your friends and neighbours send their support via email to with quite simply, their name and post code.

And/or by offering a donation of 50 upwards

And/or by offering to become a Member of East Grinstead War Memorial Trust. The latter requiring no more than support in attendance or by proxy to annual meetings.


If anyone requires a more detailed technical brief, please make a request.


In the meantime we hope we can rely on you to help us keep this positive momentum going to protect our precious Village.


Warm Regards

Infrastructure First Team

On Behalf Of Felbridge Village Residents