I am on the road to recovery and had to return to hospital this week to be given the once over by the doctor who managed my time in hospital. The outcome was okay and I am progressing well.


What was a shock to me was the how ill I was when I first arrived at hospital! I am only now hearing from the family and medical staff that it could all have gone horribly wrong for me! It changes your mindset as to  the value of life, that's for sure.It turns out I was the lucky one being in a coma. I didn't have all the stress and worry that everyone else endured.


I have started too immerse myself in Council business and have already attended several meetings, albeit monitored very closely by my wife!


As time passes I am confident that I will be, once again up to speed to deal with the countless problems that arrive on my doorstep.


Through your medium, I would like to thank the countless number of villagers, friends and family for the huge support given to my wife Joan and offers of help whilst I was in intensive care. I know my family drew comfort from that support.


As for what's going on around the village.




For those who visit Hedgecourt Lake, it will be known that we now have some twelve swans as residents. The old Cob tries his best to  marshal them about but I think he has realised he is out numbered. We have two sets of young , one at each end of the lake, and all seem to be doing well. Thankfully there has been no sight of the mink so far this year. Lets hope it remains so.


I would ask that if anyone sees mink at the lake to let me know immediately. I am also a little concerned about the impact of dogs off leads whilst on the waters edge. Can visitors please keep an eye open for any signs of  dog owners  urging their dogs to go after the swans and ducks, and let me know immediately.


Green Belt Settlement


Tandridge Council are currently engaged in putting together a very complex set of papers in

preparation for  making a decision as to which villages/towns within Tandridge  will be considered Green Belt Settlements. That decision will have an impact on future development.


Both I as District Councillor and your Parish Council are involved in the process and will keep everyone in the loop as the procedure unfolds. It is not something that will happen overnight, but I think itís important that people are made aware of what is happening. The village web site is a good place to visit to get the latest information.


Community Infa-structure Levy (C.I.L) is another project that is being managed by Tandridge. Once in place it will mean that the Council can ask Developers to contribute funds towards the inf- structure, which covers a wide range of facilities. Consultation is currently underway, and only this week I asked that our doctorsí surgeries at East Grinstead and Crawley Down be included in that exercise.