Kenís Village Round UpAugust 2011



Senseless act


One of our residents happened to be out and about a week ago last Thursday at about 7.30pm down at Hedgecourt Lake. He found three female ducks floating at the edge of the lake, dead.


They had all been shot in the head and from their condition it is thought the killing occurred within the previous hour.


If anyone should be down at the lake and see anyone with a gun (believed to have been an air weapon) please contact me (01342 300958) immediately. It would be helpful to note down index number of cars if it is believed that the occupants are engaged in this sort of disgusting behaviour (without putting yourself at risk).


I will do the rest.


Village Hall


After a lengthy involvement with Tandridge district council over the terms of the lease for the village hall, the matter has been satisfactorily resolved.


The village hall is held in trust and is situated on land, which is also held in Trust.


The village hall committee has been paying an annual land rent since the hall was built way back in 1956.


When the current lease was up for renewal, the village hall committee were faced with a massive increase in their land rent. An investigation into the origins of the hall was carried out (by me) which culminated in a report totalling in excess of three hundred pages, setting out the complete history of the village hall was   handed to Tandridge. As part of that investigation written statements were taken from the two remaining members of the original group of forward thinking people who brought about the building of the hall. Makes fascinating reading!


This led to the proposed land rent being drastically reduced, as a result of which the future of the hall is secure for the use of the village for the next 25 years.


It is intended to have the report made into a proper printed book so that it can be referred too in the future, should there be a need to clarify any of the historical details of the hall.


Social housing


Interest has been shown in a parcel of land in Mill Lane, Felbridge which is situated within the green belt. The fact that is lies within the Green Belt would normally preclude any development on it. However there is a set of circumstances involving social housing, which can over ride Green Belt conditions (its happened in Lingfield despite there being a public petition with some 400 signatures voicing opposition).


There has been some suggestion that a survey should be carried out to ascertain whether we need more social housing within the village. If such a survey is carried out please ensure you respond either for or against. Apathy could produce results, which may not reflect the views of the silent majority.




Ken Harwood