The shed thieves are still active in this area.

Last week, a resident in Mill Lane heard the sound of someone interfering with the chain securing the side gate of their house. This was about 11.p.m.

The resident went to investigate and obviously disturbed whoever it was. Police (in numbers, plus a dog) attended but nobody was found. Thankfully on this occasion nothing was stolen.

Then at the end of last week two houses in Copthorne Road near to the entrance to Mill Lane were visited during the night. On this occasion a lawn mower went walkabouts.

Also during the week, a suspect was disturbed whilst trying the break into a large out building in Furness Wood. The alarm went off and the owner gave chase. Whilst the miscreant made good his escape he was picked up on the owners CCTV. He has since been arrested. He lives locally.

Whilst talking about CCTV.

I know that nobody wants to make their homes like some impenetrable fortress, but CCTV is almost becoming “a must”. These days, you can buy a four camera system with infra-red cameras(they can see in the dark) and a recorder.
It is simple to install (simply position the cameras and click in the wires). There are numerous kits on the market but for about 300 you can get a very good kit. Infra cameras glow red at night and burglars know what that means.
Whilst it may not be the complete deterrent, it is likely that the burglar will move on to a property where there are no such facilities.

Going back to the sheds thing. Please, please make sure your sheds are secured and at this time (if its possible) I would suggest that any portable equipment should be kept elsewhere. If you have to leave stuff in the shed, make sure its marked in such a way it can be identified if it is stolen.
Whoever is committing these burglaries must have a vehicle. You can hardly walk off down the road with a lawn mower in the middle of the night! If you’re out and about and you see any vans or cars parked up in isolated places, see if you can clock an index number and let me know.

Regards. Ken