Development along Crawley Down Road (March 22nd 2017):-

You may not be aware of the fact that our neighbours, Mid Sussex have been allowing development at the back of houses in Crawley Down Road.That has led to these potential developments having to seek permission from Tandridge to allow vehicular access onto Crawley Down Road.

One such development has involved 11A Crawley Down Road(almost opposite the village school), whereby the house was to be demolished and a road brought through onto Crawley Down Road. The Planning Committee refused permission for that entrance, however a Planning Inspector overturned that decision.
Because the original consent for the Development had expired (work had not commenced within three years from original consent), the developers went through the process of resubmitting their application.In the intervening period, the East Grinstead Town Plan had been passed into law which effectively shut down development in that area.

Over the last few days, the developers have informed Sussex that they no longer wish to pursue the matter...... We wait to see what happens next.

Ken Harwood