Local Incident: Report from Ken Harwood  17/11/2015

I wanted to share with you an incident which occurred  on Sunday evening (15th November) at about 7.10pm.

A resident living in Copthorne Road had just returned from having been way for a couple of weeks. The door bell rang and when the resident  opened the door, found a young man standing there. He was white, slim build, fair hair, dressed in casual clothes. He spoke with an Irish accent.

He asked the resident if "Michael and Tracey were there". He went on to say that he had dropped them off the previous evening to baby sit!

The resident has no children living at home, a point made to the young man. He then asked if there was an elderly lady living next door. That question was not answered. For some unknown reason he told the resident that his wife was pregnant.

The resident ushered him off the premises and as he got to the end of the driveway, he gestured to someone or something in the main road. The resident couldn't see who or what that was because of trees along the boundary of the house. Just after that, several cars went past towards East Grinstead so there may have been a vehicle waiting in the main road. The man turned left in the main road and started walking towards East Grinstead. There are no more houses in that direction!

I reported the matter to police on behalf of the resident as it's obvious that this was a "fishing  expedition", possibly to see if anyone was at home.

Did you have a similar visit to your house on Sunday evening about that time? If so, please let me know. kenneth.harwood@talktalk.net