"Many residents think that Tandridge are responsible for clearing the snow and ice from roads and pavements. That is not the case.


It is the responsibility of SCC who receives funding for this operation. Tandridge receive no funding for such work.


In the current adverse financial climate, Tandridge simply do not have any surplus funds to pay for such work as a way of assisting SCC. However Tandridge does what it can to help SCC by deploying its street cleaners, but this help is of necessity, relatively modest.  


The leader of the Council, Gordon Keymer has been in constant touch with Stephen Weigel the CEO for Tandridge over this last weekend concerning the problem and they propose to seek a review with SCC as to how and when snow and ice clearing is carried out. In the short term Gordon Keymer is pressing for the urgent refilling of grit boxes where they are in position, before the next snow hits us.


The problems faced by SCC are replicated elsewhere in the South East, however within Tandridge I believe we should try and get the best service for our residents, hence the actions being taken by Gordon Keymer the CEO, especially in trying to avoid personal injury to our residents".


Ken Harwood