Mike Amos has put the following on his Northern League Blog:


September 3 2013.


Save for a few desultory dandelions, no flowers adorn Charles Samuel Craven’s rough-cut grave. Nothing tells his story, no one remembers him. No family can be found. Charles Craven was our founder and, several years earlier, the man who effectively kicked off Darlington FC.


 Born in 1863, he lies in St John’s churchyard in Felbridge, Surrey, the weather beaten grave stone acknowledging only his time in the Colonial Service. In the year of our 125 th anniversary I have been trying to find out more.


The Felbridge Historical Society, though anxious to help, have come up with little of substance. The village website kindly carried a plea for information and my contact details. None responded. The man who founded the world’s second oldest football league lies forgotten near the London to Eastbourne road.


 We know that he was also a goalkeeper, that in 1890 he left Darlington to become the first secretary of Leeds Football and Cricket Club, based at Headingley, that from there in 1893 he moved to Maidstone and that in 1899 he sailed for the Gold Coast, the country that now is Ghana. In Felbridge he is buried with his parents.


 The Historical Society can’t properly explain what they were doing there, either. Today I have visited Craven’s grave. Though there is no more information, it was very far from a wasted journey. It has convinced me that as the anniversary of our inauguration fast approaches – It’s on March 25 2014 – we must do something finally