NHS Consultations Oct 2014



Because we live in the Tandridge District area, our NHS requirements are managed by the Surrey CCG.


However, because many, if not all of us use the surgery facilities in and around East Grinstead and Crawley Down, we are always going to be affected by what the  Horsham and Mid Sussex CCG do in their planning for the future.


This Group are currently consulting with all residents within the five areas that make up the Horsham and Mid Sussex Group.Those areas are Horsham, East Grinstead,Crawley, Burges Hill and Haywards Heath. A massive area covering a huge range of different needs and obligations.


The Group are holding a series of open evenings to which members of the public are welcomed to attend and listen and engage in the proposals being worked up by the Group as to how the health provisions for the area should be managed and provided for the future.


It is vital that as many people as possible within the catchment area get involved with this consultation.


Whereas you may think we in Felbridge have no part to play because of our involvement with Surrey. In reality, we do have an important part to play in deciding what we need as a community for the future in terms of medical provisions.


Councillor Ken Harwood and his wife Joan  recently attended one such consultation meeting in East Grinstead. It was extremely well attended but they did notice the demographic balance of those in the hall were pretty much of a similar age group to them !It is vital that people of all age groups become involved because what the Group are trying to  establish, is what medical services will be needed right across the  age bands for the future.


Therefore they would urge you to do just that. Get involved.


To do that is quite simple. There is a web site, which gives all the relevant information you need to understand what is happening and how to get involved. The website address is as follows:-

www.5communitieswestsussex.nhs.uk There is a telephone number that can be used to contact the team. That is 01293 600300 ext 3562.