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NHW Newsletter No 9

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Tandridge Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter

Bulletin 9        April 13th- April 26th

Dear Neighbourhood Watch Members

I wish to raise awareness with you all, of a significant trend of catapult attacks on vehicles and houses in the South Nutfield and Lingfield areas. The former location is also experiencing incidents of scratches to cars.
We have greatly increased patrols and are working with partner agencies to combat this.
Meanwhile, if you see anything suspicious including the actions of any individuals and / or their vehicles, please report it to us as soon as possible.
Nothing is too petty to report to us, and the more help we have with residents proactively uniting together with us over this issue, the better the outcome.  

Kind Regards
pp Dan Gutierrez
Tandridge Safer Neighbourhood Inspector


Burglary Residential including sheds and garages, Burglary Business and Community  and Vehicle Crimes
April 13th Ė April 26th
This and future bulletins now include the new National classification headings of crimes .If your area is not referred to below it is because we have not been informed of the crime or it has not been affected by reported crime in the categories above. Feedback from you will help to achieve the most appropriate circulation of information.
It is also worthwhile pointing out that any recipient of InTheKnow is free to copy our Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter to any other interested party who can also register to receive the bulletin at
Some Committee Members of Tandridge Neighbourhood Watch have created a well-produced new web site at  which is worth taking a look at. If you wish you can also sign up to their Twitter Link, which is shown on the web site, in order to receive information that they will be circulating. There is a page containing the Tandridge Neighbourhood Watch Bulletins that we circulate in case you have missed any and require further bedtime reading!

Lingfield, Felbridge, Edenbridge, Outwood and Smallfield

Burglary Residential
Three boys were seen hanging around on bicycles close to where a house was broken into in Racecourse Road, Lingfield at 18.55 April 20th. A rear door had been smashed and jewellery, a Nikon camera, a Rose Gold Michael Kors watch and a silver chain necklace were amongst the items stolen (ref 45170040625).
Between 22.00 April 13th and 13.30 April 21st the lock of a garage door in Redehall Road, Smallfield was completely removed but after an untidy search nothing was stolen (ref 45170041083).
Between 12.00 April 21st and 20.00 April 25th a bronze gorilla was stolen from the front garden of a property in Troy Lane, Edenbridge
(ref 45170042836).

Burglary Business and Community
Between 09.40 April 11th and 08.00 April 13th a padlock and chain were removed from a gate in Hathersham Lane, Smallfield. The locks of the cabinets on three mobile phone masts were ground down and batteries removed (ref 45170037875).
A battery was stolen from a container and two further batteries stolen from two scrapped vehicles at Lingfield Fire Station in Saxbyís Lane around 14.35 April 12th. A Toyota Corolla with the registration number LN02 UHU was at the scene at the time and the occupants are believed to have been involved (ref 45170039279).
 A site office in Copthorne Road, Felbridge was broken into between 16.30 April 21st and 09.30 April 22nd after a fence panel was removed. A cutter was stolen after an untidy search (ref 45170041234).
Criminal Damage
A catapult was used to fire ball bearings at a window of a property in Chapel Road, Smallfield between 12.00 and 19.00 April 25th causing two holes to the glass (ref 45170042262).

Vehicle Crime  
After a failed attempt to hotwire a minibus parked in Racecourse Road, Lingfield the two rear wheels were removed and stolen. The offence occurred between 16.00 April 13th and 18.00 April 14th
(ref 45170039199).
Around 19.30 April 22nd a car was stolen from Church Lane, Lingfield
(ref 45170041643).
Two cars driving along Millers Lane, Outwood at 16.25 April 20th were hit and damaged by several ball bearings fired from a catapult
(ref 45170040989/41045).
Between 21.30 April 25th and 09.30 April 26th a van was broken into in London Road, Felbridge and tools were stolen (ref 45170042791).

Bletchingley, Nutfield and South Nutfield

Burglary Residential
Between 21.00 April 12th and 08.00 April 13th the padlock on a gate was cut in Godstone Road, Bletchingley and a shed was broken into. A sit on mower was then stolen (ref 45170037897).

Burglary Business and Community
A building site in Outwood Lane, Bletchingley was entered between 21.00 April 20th and 01.00 April 21st. Two new drills valued at £300, a skill saw valued at £200 and a nail gun valued at £1,000 was stolen
(ref 45170040833).

Vehicle Crime 
There were a series of incidents in Mid Street, South Nutfield in the afternoon/early evening on April 13th. A pebble was thrown at a window of a house causing the outer pane of a double glazed window to be smashed. The windows of three cars were smashed by projectiles fired from a catapult. The door panels of two cars were scratched by a sharp implement. Two white males in a blue Transit van were seen at the time of some of the offences
(ref 45170037986/38161/39039/39264/39278/39339)
Between 13.00 and 17.00 April 23rd two further cars were keyed in Mid Street (ref 45170041649/41693).
Between 16.00 April 17th and 05.40 April 19th a front windscreen of a car parked in Clay Lane, South Nutfield was damaged by a projectile believed to have been fired from a catapult (ref 45170039880).
There were further 7 incidents of cars being scratched and damaged in Mid Street on April 23rd and 26th.
Between 17.00 April 14th and 11.00 April 15th the passenger side window of a car parked in Hextalls Lane, Bletchingley was smashed and pair of reading glasses were stolen (ref 45170039929).
Between 13.15 and 14.30 April 24th the window of a van parked in Coopers Hill Road, Nutfield was smashed and an Ipad and wallet were stolen but found by a member of the public in Copthorne
(ref 45170042118).

Oxted, Hurst Green, Crowhurst, South Godstone and Godstone 
Burglary Residential 
Between midnight April 12th and 12.25 April 14th a jemmy was used to try and obtain entry to a house in Ivy Mill Lane, Godstone via a rear conservatory door, and there was also a failed attempt to enter the shed of an adjoining property (ref 45170038296/38298).
Five car wheels, a pair of jeans and a pouch of tobacco were stolen from a rear garden in Rockfield Road, Oxted between 18.00 April 18th and 09.00 April 19th (ref 45170040104).
A yellow Nukeproof Mega TR 2014 model bicycle with Rockshox suspension was stolen from a property in Coltsfoot Lane, Hurst Green between 18.00 April 14th and 09.00 April 15th (ref 45170040286).
Between 22.00 April 19th and 10.00 April 20th a magnolia tree was ripped out of the ground and stolen from the garden of a house in The Greenway, Hurst Green (ref 45170040447).
Between 08.00 April 14th and 17.13 April 21st an attempt was made to gain entry to a house in Hurst Green Road, Hurst Green. The door handle of the lounge door at the rear of the property had been broken off (ref 45170041070). This incident may be linked to two incidents in the same road between 15.40 and 18.20 April 21st. A hammer is believed to have been used to cause damage to both back windows of the houses but no entry was gained. A suspect has been described as a white male, approximately 6 foot 3 inches tall, athletic build, aged early 20ís. He was wearing a white hoody with stripes over the body, tracksuit bottoms and green socks (ref 45170041070/41132).
Between 17.30 April 21st and 11.30 April 22nd entry was made via an unsecured rear window to a house under renovation in Mill Lane, Hurst Green. An attempt was made to rip a boiler off the wall and then a Dyson hand held hoover was stolen (ref 45170041371).
Between 10.. April 24th and 14.00 April 25th a lawn mower was stolen from a summerhouse in the garden of a house in Orchard Way, Hurst Green (ref 45170042716).
Between 05.45 and 19.50 April 20th a three foot metal crowbar, which was later found at the scene, was used to enter a house in Crowhurst Lane, Crowhurst. After an untidy search an Omega watch and a quantity of cash were stolen (ref 45170040709).
At around 09.45 April 24th  three males got out of a silver coloured Peugeot Estate and went to the rear of a property in Rockfield Road , Oxted. They prised open a window with a tool but after an untidy search left empty handed. A neighbour described ones a being a white male aged 26/27, six foot tall, medium build, clean shaven, short dark wavy hair and wearing a blue tracksuit. CCTV images show a male wearing  a tracksuit top with a white band across the shoulder (ref 45170041985).

Burglary Business and Community
Between midnight April 22nd and 16.30 April 24th six mobile phone cabins were broken into in Tandridge Hill Lane, Godstone and 4 locks were damaged but nothing was stolen (ref 45170042128).
Between 20.00 and 22.00 April 24th a PR sensor was stolen from the entrance to the caves in Quarry Road, Godstone. Three or four males are believed to be responsible from images recorded on CCTV (ref 45170042281).
Between 17.00 April 24th and 08.00 April 25th at Paddock Way, Hurst Green a building site was broken into  by breaking off the lock on a key box. A house was entered and a Dewalt First Fix Nail gun, a power drill box with a power drill inside and a hammer drill were stolen (ref 45170042278).
Criminal Damage
A CCTV camera was moved and damage was cause to a shed in Lagham Road, South Godstone at around 01.45 April 22nd (ref 45170043009).

Vehicle Crime
Around 08.00 April 13th damage was caused to both the doors and wing mirrors of a car parked in Church Lane, Oxted (ref 45170038853).
All the windows of an excavator in Chalkpit Lane, Oxted were smashed on April 16th around 17.15. A witness described the two white male offenders as being approximately 15 years of age .The first was short, had fair hair and was wearing dark trousers. The second had dark short hair and was wearing a light blue puffy jacket (ref 45170039469).
A car parked in a private car park in Station Road East, Oxted was keyed around 17.00 April 26th (ref 45170042964).
Yet another car was targeted in Staffhurst Wood Road, Hurst Green at 13.00 April 13th when the victim left the car for a short period of time with the rear window open. An offender nevertheless found time to open the car door and remove a handbag and IPhone (ref 45170037999).
The front passenger window of a vehicle parked in Mill Lane, Hurst Green was smashed and a satnav stolen from the glove box between 19.00 April 16th and 12.00 April 17th (ref 45170039195).
The front passenger window of a car was also smashed in Greenwood Gardens, Hurst Green at 05.40 April 22nd (ref 45170041223). In Warren Lane a passenger window as also smashed and after an untidy search nothing was stolen (ref 45170041248).
Finally in Pollards Oak Road the side window to a vehicle was smashed
Between 19.30 April 25th and 00.01 April 26th both tyres on the driverís side of a car parked in Coldshott, Hurst Green were slashed
(ref 45170042717).

Caterham, Caterham on the Hill and Whyteleafe
Burglary Residential 
The door was smashed to a military style bunker in Tupwood Lane, Caterham between 17.20 April 7th and 17.22 April 14th and DJ equipment was stolen (ref 45170038376).
The ground floor bedroom window of a property in Godstone Road, Caterham was forced open between 12.30 and 20.15 April 14th and cash and jewellery was stolen (ref 45170038577).
Following a break in to a house at Tupwood Lane, Caterham on Tuesday 18th April at 11.00 all three males involved were located, arrested, charged,  stolen property recovered and offenders remanded in custody in connection with this offence and one in Tunbridge Wells!! This involved quite a few local officers at the scene as well as the NPAS Redhill helicopter, and a police dog unit.
But not least, the neighbours who sat on one of them until we arrived, the delivery driver who alerted officers to 2 males running, the postman who alerted officers to the suspicious actions of 2 males following the burglary, the local tradesman who spotted one of the males reappearing from a park having changed his clothes and the driver who spotted the third male walking along the Caterham By Pass!! (ref 45170039597).
Between 02.00 and 06.00 April 19th suspects entered a house via the front door in Campbell Road, Caterham on the Hill. After an untidy search of the living room a handbag was stolen. Neighbours have reported seeing two people with hoodies getting into a blue BMW and driving off with a light coloured motorhome following them (ref 45170039922).
Between 09.00 April 20th and 18.00 April 22nd the living room window of a house in Everard Lane, Caterham was smashed but although entry was made nothing was stolen (ref 45170041400).

Criminal Damage
The front window of a shop in Coulsdon Road, Caterham on the Hill was smashed between 22.00 April 16th and 10.30 April 18th (ref 45170039485).
Vehicle Crime 
Between 22.30 April 14th and 08.00 April 15th a Ford Transit courier van was stolen from Chatfield Court, Caterham on the Hill
(ref 45170038558).
A moped was stolen from Guards Avenue, Caterham on the Hill at around 03.00 April 17th and a woman was seen putting a moped in the back of a car , the make and registration number are unknown
(ref 45170039296).
A parked car was keyed in Milton Road, Caterham on the Hill between 11.00 and 20.00 April 23rd (ref 45170041837).
Around 17.00 April 17th the driverís door window of a car parked in Stanstead Road, Caterham was smashed with a stick (ref 45170039282).

Warlingham, Tatsfield and Woldingham
Burglary Residential 
Between 08.00 and 18.30 April 19th a house in Park View Road, Woldingham was broken into. A glass ornament on a garden table was used to smash a glazed garden patio door but after an untidy search of the house nothing was stolen (ref 45170040362).
Then between 12.00 and 12.30 on the same day in what is believed to be a linked crime a silver coloured BMW was seen close to a house in Station Road that was also broken into. The bottom panel of a stable style side door was broken off its hinges in order to gain access and after an untidy search jewellery was stolen (ref 45170040430).
Criminal Damage
An air rifle was fired at a greenhouse in Lusted Hall Lane, Tatsfield between 12.00 and 14.00 April 24th causing damage to the window
(ref 45170042514).

Vehicle Crime
Around 13.50 April 14th three masked men got out of a silver Vauxhall Astra van in Leas Road, Warlingham and set fire to a car on the driveway of a house. The Astra van was found burnt out and abandoned in the Croydon area. Two suspects have been arrested and released pending further investigations. Appeals for further information have been circulated in the press and social media but if you have any information that could assist Police enquiries please contact us (ref 45170038363).
Vehicle crime in Church Road, Woldingham continues. Between 14.00 April 14th and 08.00 April 15th all four windows of a car parked in the road were smashed but after an untidy search nothing was stolen
(ref 45170038579).

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