Out and about Felbridge




We have just had another incident in the village where a house was broken in to whilst the owners were away on holiday. Car keys were taken together with cars in the driveway.


As we fast approach the summer period, houses will be left unoccupied. There is a need for everyone to rethink the security features of their homes.


When you go away, do you let neighbours know? Have you thought of an alarm? They are simple to fit and relatively inexpensive. Have you a safe in the house? They can be bought at almost all D.I.Y stores and again, are relatively inexpensive. You can keep all your valuables in it (including keys)


When in the back garden, make sure the front door is locked and windows are not left open at the front of the house.


All simple actions to take which could prevent you from becoming a victim.




They never go away!


As you may have seen, the potholes on the A.264 have come back (Yes, I know, some didnít even go away!), but there are signs that after much lobbying bymyself and the Parish Council, S.C.C will eventually do what they should have done in the first place. Repair them all.


If you are having trouble getting claims settled against S.C.C for broken wheels and tyres caused by the potholes, let me know. Whilst I canít promise to wave the magic wand, I can direct you where to go, hopefully to get a solution.




As you walk around the village, you may have noticed a magnificent display of daffodils on the grass verges off Rowplatt Lane and Crawley Down Road. All planted by members of the Parish Council. Itís hoped that next year there will be even more flowers to brighten up the village.




Many people are complaining about car parking in Crawley Down Road, particularly near the village hall. It is becoming a danger to both road users and pedestrians. If you need to park in that area, please remember others who have to walk or have to drive in and out of the village hall. A bit of forethought could prevent an accident.


You might like to admire the new entrance gates that have been erected to make the car park more accessible.