Plastics recycling campaign June 2015




There is a new Surrey wide campaign, through the Surrey Waste Partnership, on recycling plastics. This runs until 31 July 2015. 


Plastics from every room in the house can be recycled


Did you know if you recycle your plastic pots, tubs, trays and bottles, they could be turned into new items like furniture, children’s toys, a football shirt or even another bottle?


We can all recycle plastics from every room in the house. That includes yoghurt pots, margarine tubs, fruit or veg trays and every type of plastic bottle. Whether the bottle contained drinks, shampoo, bleach, cooking oil or ketchup, it can be recycled and turned into a great new product.


Only 27% of plastics are currently recycled in Surrey. The rest are thrown away, which is bad for the planet and expensive for the taxpayer. In fact, it would save taxpayers more than £200,000 a year in waste disposal charges if every adult in Surrey recycled just one extra plastic bottle a week.


You can recycle all plastic tubs, pots, trays and bottles in your blue lidded mixed recycling bin or clear recycling sacks.



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