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Subject:                                         Press release: Government consults on the way housing need is calculated


Government consults on the way housing need is calculated


A government consultation has just started which sets out how local councils, such as Tandridge, should plan to develop the right number of homes in the right places. The proposal outlines a simpler and clearer system so local communities can more easily understand the scale of the housing challenge in their area. 


The government believes proposals to standardise the way housing need is calculated will reduce delays in the creation of local plans and improve certainty about the future development of areas. It says it should also put a stop to disputes between planners, developers, local groups and residents, about the number of houses that need to be built in an area.


Introducing a standard way to determine how much housing is needed in an area, should also reduce the time and money spent by councils on complex and expensive parts of the local plan process. 


The consultation sets out how the need for housing in the Tandridge district should be calculated and makes affordability a key component. It sets an expectation that the new methodology will be used, with very limited grounds for adopting a different method if that leads to a lower number of houses being required than the government’s proposed approach.


The District Council will respond to the consultation, which closes on 9 November. Even if the outcome of the consultation is an increased housing need requirement, the Council considers there is nothing in the consultation that demonstrates the existing Local Plan strategy needs to be revised.


The government consultation documents can be found at


Leader of the Council, Councillor Martin Fisher, said: “This announcement and consultation does not come as a surprise. In all the meetings we have had with ministers it has been very clear the main causes for concern are the lack of housing and the growing affordability gap. In addition, they clearly view the ongoing debate in local areas over the objectively assessed need figures as a distraction from resolving these critical issues. In this area house prices are 14 times the average earnings, one of the highest in the country. As a council we have made it clear we are facing a housing crisis and we have to do something about it now, to ensure we can provide homes, jobs and local amenities for existing and future residents. This consultation reassures me the approach we have agreed in developing a garden village strategy is the right one for this area. It will give us control over where homes are built and bring the infrastructure we need.”




For more information contact Giuseppina Valenza or Charlotte Bradshaw on or 01883 732704/2742.


Party spokesmen: Councillor Martin Fisher (Con) 01883 712263, Councillor Chris Botten (Lib Dem) 07917 862130, Councillor Martin Allen (Ind) 01959 577201.




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