Regional Cybercrime Survey Launched: Nov 2015

Nowadays, barely a week goes by without news of yet another corporate data breach, a new online scam or a vulnerable child groomed online.

Locally, data from Trading Standards suggests that last year Surrey residents lost 1.9 million online, and this is likely to be just the tip of the iceberg. At the same time, work with our schools has revealed that young people are increasingly concerned about online bullying, and teachers continue to express worry about the prevalence of sexting and other risky behaviour.

For those working in law enforcement it’s likely that little of this will come as a surprise, and the Police - through local forces, ROCUs (Regional and Organised Crime Units) and the NCA (National Crime Agency) - have long been fighting cybercrime at both a local and national level.

However, what has become increasingly clear is that this isn’t a fight the Police are going to win alone, and we need our partners to play a key role in reducing risk of victimisation and helping to promote safe internet usage amongst residents and businesses.

With this in mind, about six months ago the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner sat down with key stakeholders from across the public sector, third sector and private industry, to look at how we could better support them in this aim. What we heard back was that, as a partnership, we lacked a shared understanding of what cybercrime really meant to Surrey, the risks were not well understood and advice, intelligence and resources were extremely fragmented and not always easy to find.

Based upon this feedback we worked with partners to create – an online network for our professionals and practitioners that automatically aggregates content from trusted sources, providing a one-stop-shop for the latest alerts, advice and local intelligence.

The Network has proved very popular, but the next step is to develop a local Cybercrime Profile for Surrey – a document that brings together data held by numerous different agencies into a single, sharable and easily digestible product that our partners can use as an evidence-base for their own work.

To support the development of this document, we are today launching a Cybercrime Survey right across the South East region - to help us understand how cybercrime is affecting local people on a day-to-day basis. The survey will give us a snapshot of the types of cybercrime residents are falling victim to, and help us gauge the extent to which people currently protect themselves online.

It doesn’t matter whether someone has been a victim of cybercrime or not – we want to hear from everyone. We would therefore be very grateful if you help spread the word and allow us to build a better understanding of cybercrime in Surrey.

The survey can be accessed via: and one lucky respondent will win 100 of Amazon Vouchers.

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