During times of inclement weather, I receive notification from Tandridge District Council concerning changes to refuse collection days and other information that could/might have an impact on the village/a specific street /area


At the moment, I pass that information out by email to the website and other residents around the village whose email addresses I have   They in turn contact neighbours by their email address system. If we were to have a disaster/problem affecting Felbridge where circulation of information is needed, this form of instant communication could be vital.


I already have a number of email addresses of residents living in the village who receive information in this way and I am looking to add to this list so that each street/close etc will have a designated contact who will then pass on the information to others in their street etc .


If you would like to join the list, just send an email to me with your name and email address. I will then add you to the  address list and whenever any information comes out that needs to be circulated, you will receive it. My email address is: -



Ken Harwood

District Councillor

Cotehele Cottage,

Mill Lane.