25th Feb 2012

A burglary occurred in the Domewood area last week.


The house was unoccupied, as the residents had gone out for the morning.


Fortunately (as it turns out), as they returned home they obviously disturbed the burglar, as both he and his female accomplice made a very hasty exit from the scene in a car which had been parked outside the house.


Other residents had seen the car and a reasonable description was obtained of those involved.


In its hurry to get out of Domewood it caused another car coming into the Domewood area to swerve out of the way.


A relatively small number of items were taken from the house . This the owners feel sure, was because the burglar was disturbed by their return.


The car involved is a silver coloured Audi A3 model. The driver was female, white, aged in her early 20's with brown hair scraped back tightly into a ponytail/bun.


The male was white aged about 25.


There is a possibility that these two have been 'busy' elsewhere in the area, so they could still be about.


If you go out at any time of the day, please make sure everything is locked up. If you have a burglar alarm, please make sure itís operating.


If you happen to see an Audi A3 parked anywhere in what you would consider being an odd place to be, particularly with a female occupant on her own, please note the index number and email Ken Harwood kenneth.harwood@virgin.net