Scam : Mill Lane 24/06/2013


A resident received a telephone call from a company purporting to be engaged in drainage works.


They told the house holder (who they called by his first name) that they had received reports of a major sewage problem in the drains of one of the houses in the lane.They named the house where the problem was occurring and made it sound that the sewers at that address were becoming inundated.


The caller then went on to tell the householder, that because his property was positioned higher up on the sewage system than the one affected, the company would have to attend that property and carry out works to prevent any “blowback” caused when work was started on the problem sewers further down the road.


So far, it all sounded pretty plausible.


The caller then rang off saying they were getting a  working group together to start the works and would ring back when they were ready.


Then the householder received another call from the same person.


This time the caller stated that the job appeared to have  grown and there was a need to bring in some “ heavy gear” to work on the sewers.It was then stated that as the  “heavy gear” would need to be inserted down the sewers at this address, the householder would have to pay a deposit for the “heavy gear”.


A figure of £1,500 was mentioned which rose to £3,000.


The caller said the householder would need to transfer the money electronically before work could start, promising to ring back when everything was ready to go and the money had been deposited.


The householder contacted me and I directed the householder to contacting police.A 1471 call revealed that the caller’s number was barred.


Police did attend and gave advice that if anyone turned up at their property, to take photos from upstairs and contact police immediately.


As of this moment in time, nobody has called at the house.


Enquiries were made at the named house at which it had been said there was a sewage problem.


All was in order.


Thankfully our resident did the right thing and nothing has been lost.


Have you had any similar calls?


If so, contact police and Ken Harwood