Scam Report from Tandridge Police,  June 2013



Scam 1

Please be aware of a scam, which is mainly occurring in supermarket car parks where someone pretending to not speak English pointing to a £10/ £20 note on the floor approaches you. Whilst distracted they then take wallets etc from your pockets or boots of cars whilst you are loading up your shopping. Unfortunately it occurred to a man in Morrison’s, Caterham at the weekend.

Scam 2

Another scam that has been happening in Tandridge is a male approaching people generally in car parks of garden centres etc asking for small change for varying reasons including "a family member has died", "run out of petrol", "left wallet on car roof and has driven off and lost it".
We have recently arrested a male who has been charged for various offences but the scam is still ongoing.


If you are approached in this way please contact police giving as much detail as possible including a car registration if you can. Thanks