Scoping Report on Aviation


The Government has sent out a scoping report on the subject of aviation. All the Parish Councils within Tandridge had the opportunity to respond either through Tandridge and/or direct to the Secretary of State.


We have a particular problem within Felbridge with overflying when aircraft leave from the easterly runway. Both the Parish Council and Domewood Residents Association made written representations.


Some airlines are turning too soon at a reduced height. This means the noise levels are greater.


The response from Tandridge has now been completed and will be forwarded to the Government setting out the views of everyone who took part. 


The future of Gatwick


Gatwick Airport have launched a three month public consultation exercise on their draft master plan, which outlines their plans for the  airport up to 2020.


There will be public exhibitions/workshops, the nearest to us will be at East Grinstead on 4th/5th November at Chequer Mead theatre.


Communication hubs


The ability to communicate with people living in the village as quickly as possible is very important. Take the incident, which occurred at Hobbs Industrial Estate. Had the wind been blowing in the opposite direction we would have been enveloped in the smoke etc coming from the fire.


The ability to alert people immediately as to what to do would have been imperative.


For some time now I have been developing communication hubs around the village. It involves one resident volunteering in an area to gather up email addresses for people living in their locality. When I have some information that needs to be passed out to the village, all I have to do is pass it to the dedicated hub person who then at the click of a mouse pushes it out to their list of email addresses.


This comes into its own when there are changes to refuse collections, police alerts etc.

I am looking for volunteers in Warren Close , Mciver Close and Wheelers Way. Anyone interested in becoming involved can contact me via my email