Statement from SCC July 2012


A site meeting was undertaken by Surrey S/W Officer to discuss the traffic management - working hours. The work is from the junction of A264 Copthorne Road north to o/s Felbridge Copse a distance of 520 meters of 8'' gas main to be installed all open excavation. The work is programmed to start on 23/07/12 for 15 weeks. Southern Gas will be starting at the southern end of the work at Copthorne Road during the school holidays in order that the work will be away from these main signals by 05/09/12 (start of school term). The work at this junction will require the nearside lane to be closed on the southbound A22 but will not require the main traffic signals being turned off. Delays will occur to motorists on the A22 southbound carriageway travelling towards East Grinstead. The company has been instructed to work 12 hours per day (7am to 7pm) Monday to Saturday with Sunday work for reinstating the excavations. Temp traffic signals will be in operation once the work finishes within the 3 lane section of the A22 & the work progresses onto the 2 lane section. These temp signals will be manually operated during the 12 hour period of the working day with the out of hours operating on vehicle actuated timing's