Superfast Broadband Survey: Summary

In summary:

In terms of the current service:
        Some parishes have mixed access
        The majority have very slow download and upload speeds causing problems for businesses run from home.
        Slower speeds at peak times of the day, i.e. after school and in the evenings affecting school homework
        Infrastructure is old and not meeting demand in most areas,.

The benefits of faster broadband are seen as:
        Enable more efficient working at home/running small businesses.
        More online shopping
        Less carbon footprint
        Opportunity to become more computer literate
        Faster download of documents
        Video conferencing
        Cloud services

In terms of take up the results are very encouraging.  Nearly all parishes said they thought take up would be very high and most said residents and businesses might be prepared to pay more for a faster service. .

What next

You can read the latest Surrey County Council Cabinet report here.  This explains where we are in the process and the Cabinet approved the start of the formal procurement process.  You can also visit the superfast broadband webpage  which gives much more information together with answers to frequently asked questions

Surrey Superfast Broadband Project Team