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Tandridge NHW Bulletin 23
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Tandridge Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter

                   Bulletin 23    October 26th – November 8th   

Dear Neighbourhood Watch Members

It appears there has been a spate of crimes just into Sussex with numerous sheds and outbuildings targeted.


Details emerging but appears quite well organised, and we need to be alert and work together to ensure that this trend doesn’t occur over here.


Thus far; we have seen a good result recently in the low rate of house burglaries across Tandridge.


However; at this time of year traditionally we have seen an increase of home break-ins. With six weeks to run until Christmas Day we would like to support you in a crime free festive period.


Please heed the crime prevention advice that we send you and keep a look out for your neighbours as well.


If you see an individual confidentially walking up to a property which you know is empty. They may start to look through windows or disappear around the back and your sixth sense says that it simply doesn’t fit; then, that is grounds to give us a call. 


Burglars are rarely ‘cloak and dagger’. Their whole approach is to appear as legitimate.


But together, we all will be one step ahead of them.

Kind Regards

pp Dan Gutierrez

Tandridge Safer Neighbourhood Inspector

 If your area is not referred to below it is because we have not been informed of the crime or it has not been affected by reported crime in the categories above. Feedback from you will help to achieve the most appropriate circulation of information.



                                    October 26th – November 8th

Lingfield, Dormansland, Marsh Green,Blindley Heath, Newchapel and Felbridge 

Burglary Residential including sheds and garages

The Platt, Dormansland. Between 08.30 and 19.00 October 31st the side bedroom window of a house was smashed in order to gain entry but after an untidy search the suspect left via the front door having stolen nothing. An unsuccessful attempt was then made to enter an adjoining house (ref 45170120857).

Crawley Down Road, Felbridge. Between 15.00 and 22.00 November 3rd the door to a garden shed was broken and a jerry can filled with petrol was stolen (ref 45170122519).

Burglary Business and Community

East Grinstead Road, Lingfield. Between 17.0 October 28th and 07.00 October 29th two garages were broken into and a quantity of Coca Cola was stolen from one garage (ref 45170119793).

Beech Close, Blindley Heath. Between 22.00 October 30th and 07.00 November 1st a red Takeuchi TB106 digger was stolen (ref 45170121449).

Moor Lane, Marsh Green. Between October 24th and October 31st a red Speedrite 3000 electric fencing unit was stolen from farmland (ref 45170122537).

 Vehicle Crime

Lingfield Common Road, Lingfield - Criminal Damage. A ball bearing was fired at a car driving down the road at 15.15 October 26th causing a dent in the roof (ref 45170118792).

Bakers Lane, Lingfield – Theft. Between 20.00 October 28th and 15.30 October 29th a blue badge, holder and phone charger were stolen from an unlocked parked car (ref 45170119910). At around the same time a vehicle in Church Road was broken into, wiring under the steering wheel pulled out, the glove box emptied but not removed and the windscreen wipers snapped off (ref 45170120210).

Saxbys Lane, Lingfield – Theft. A small blue suitcase was stolen from an unlocked car between 20.30 October 31st and 08.30 November 1st (ref 45170120903).

Racecourse Road, Lingfield – Theft. Between 15.00 and 16.45 the front and rear passenger side windows of a parked car were smashed and a handbag and clothes were stolen (ref 45170122183).

West Park Road, Newchapel - Theft. The front and rear number plates were stolen from a car between 09.00 October 26th and 09.30 October 29th (ref 45170119867).

The Glebe, Felbridge – Theft. Between 18.30 and 21.00 October 29th a motorcycle was stolen from a driveway and later found in a bush close by with wires cut and damage to the ignition barrel (ref 45170120089).


South Godstone, Bletchingley, South Nutfield, Nutfield and Smallfield


Criminal Damage


Redehall Road, Smallfield .Between 23.57 October 27th and 01.02 October 28th two people ripped up a post from a bridleway and used it to smash the floodlight, house sign and lantern that were hanging on the victim’s oak tree at the front of the property (ref 45170119435).


 Vehicle Crime

Kings Cross Lane, South Nutfield – Theft. Between 00.05 and 09.15 October 28th tools were stolen from a parked van (ref 45170119419).

South Nutfield. After the victim left a car unlocked on the driveway between 09.30 and 10.30 October 29th two dvd players attached to the back of the front seat were stolen together with a pair of trainers (ref 45170120096).

Moats Lane, South Nufield – Arson.  22 vehicles in a compound were set on fire in a deliberate manner around 20.00 November 5th. The victim has been targeted on a number of occasions (ref 45170122888).

Eastbourne Road, South Godstone – Criminal Damage. The rear window of a parked car was smashed between 21.00 October 31st and 08.00 November 1st (ref 45170121345).

Little Common Lane, Bletchingley - Criminal Damage. Between 23.20 and 23.50 October 31st the window of a car was smashed with a shovel that was left at the scene (ref 45170121363).

Rabies Heath Road, Bletchingley – Theft. A similar MO to one that has been used in the past occurred around 12.15 November 5th at a woodland car park. As the victim was placing a handbag in the boot of a car, an unshaven white male aged 40 – 50 years of age with grey hair and a beard pulled up in a car close by and briefly spoke to the victim. On returning to the car the victim discovered a side window had been smashed and the handbag stolen (ref 45170122888).


Oxted, Hurst Green, Limpsfield Chart, Tandridge, Westerham and Godstone

Criminal Damage

Oak Close, Hurst Green. Between 20.00 November 1st and 07.00 November 1st paving slabs were pulled up and thrown across the car park of a community building and garden canes snapped off (ref 45170121726).

Burglary Residential including sheds and garages

Westerham Road, Westerham. Between 19.00 and 21.00 November 2nd an offender entered a house via a window that had been left partially open and after an untidy search cash was stolen (ref 45170121870).

Detillens Lane, Oxted. Between 18.40 November 7th and 7.35 November 8th three suspects used a long pole to hook a key fob off a hall table through the letterbox, They then drove off in a grey Mercedes index GV13LOJ (ref 45170123998).

Tandridge Lane, Tandridge. Sometime overnight November 4th/5th a fountain was stolen from the middle of a garden lake (ref 45170124140).

Burglary Business and Community

High Street, Godstone. Sometime around 21.00 October 29th five windows, two door windows in the main building and three windows in an adjoining building were smashed (ref 45170120142).

Vehicle Crime

Hookwood Park, Oxted – Theft. In the early hours of October 26th offenders spotted the window was down on a parked car and opened the glove box removing money, photos and a pair of glasses (ref 45170118671).

Staffhurst Wood Road, Hurst Green – Theft.  Between 16.50 and 17.40 October 27th a victim had a holdall containing a purse and handbag stolen when the rear window of a car was smashed whilst the victim was walking in the woods. We reiterate our previous advice to be particularly careful when leaving a vehicle in the vicinity of local woods and never to leave items exposed to view inside the vehicle (ref 45170119354).

Holland Road, Hurst Green – Theft. Around 16.00 November 1st the shutter on a van was forced open and a long reach hedge cutter and a strimmer were stolen. Two white males described as average build, 5’ 7” tall, aged in their 20’s and one with brown hair ran away from the scene and drove off in a white Ford Transit van (ref 451701220740).

Gordons Way, Hurst Green – Theft. Between 19.00 November 5th and 07.45 November 6th the door of a van was forced open and a leaf blower stolen (ref 45170123109).

Kent Hatch Road, Limpsfield Chart - Theft. The rear window of a vehicle was smashed between13.45 and 14.15 October 27th and a Nikon D3200 DSLR camera that had been hidden between the rear passenger offside seat and the door was stolen together with a Tamron 28-200mm lens (ref 45170120612).

Stoneleigh Road, Limpsfield Chart – Criminal Damage. Between 20.45 and 21.30 November 5th 4 vehicles were damaged by offenders and one had all four sides scratched (ref 45170123029).

Southlands Lane, Tandridge – Criminal Damage.  Between 20.30 October 31st and 07.05 November 1st the rear window of a parked car was smashed (ref 45170121248). This may have been linked to four similar incidents that occurred in Tanhouse Road, Hurst Green the same night when windows of parked vehicles were damaged (ref 45170121288).

Court Road, Godstone – Criminal Damage. The rear window of a car was smashed around 18.45 October 28th (ref 45170120000).


 Caterham, Caterham on the Hill and  Whyteleafe


Burglary Residential including sheds and garages

Colburn Avenue, Caterham. Around 23.17 suspects climbed over a fence, took a garden chair and after placing it under the left hand side of the living room window they punched a hole in the glass and broke the handle and lock. On entering the house they conducted an untidy search and stole cash and jewellery (ref 45170123879).


Burglary Business and Community

Church Road, Whyteleafe. Between 16.00 October 28th and 13.30 October 29th fencing and windows at stables were damaged and head collars and horse rugs stolen (ref 45170119926).

Vehicle Crime

Birch Avenue, Caterham on the Hill – Attempted Theft. About 01.27 October 26th three males were seen trying van door handles and then opened the victim’s van door. However whilst attempting to remove a ladder they were disturbed and ran off. They are described as white males all of age 20-25, slim build and heights of 5’10” to 6’0. They were wearing jeans and light coloured hoodies and one had a dark baseball hat, the other two had light coloured baseball hats (ref 45170118507).

St Lawrence Way, Caterham on the Hill. The same suspects were seen later on attempting to break into another van. They had been driving up and down the road in a white pickup truck (ref 45170118660).

Commonwealth Road, Caterham on the Hill – Criminal Damage. Around 21.55 October 31st two suspects were seen running away from a parked car which had had a window smashed (ref 45170121224).

Guards Avenue, Caterham on the Hill – Theft. An item was stolen from a van between 20.00 November 2nd and 09.45 November 3rd although there was no sign of forced entry (ref 45170122333).Between midnight and 06.00 November 3rd a crowbar or similar item was used to try and force open the door of another van in The Grove, Caterham on the Hill (ref 45170122458).

Coulsdon Road, Caterham on the Hill – Criminal Damage. Between 21.00 November 4th and 08.30 November 5th someone kicked the passenger door of a parked car, denting it and leaving a footprint (ref 45170122802).

Park Avenue, Caterham –Attempted Theft. Between 12.30 October 27th and 08.45 October 28th it is believed a possible attempt to steal another Land Rover was thwarted because although the suspect got into the vehicle it had been fitted with a ghost immobiliser (ref 45170119494).

Beechwood Road, Caterham - Theft. Following extensive publicity on social media the VW Cabriolet stolen between 15.00 November 4th and 12.00 November 5th was found abandoned having been driven around for some time by joyriders (ref 45170122841).

Stafford Road, Caterham. Between 18.30 November 6th and 06.20 November 7th the door of a van was damaged in order to gain entry and coper tubing and tools were stolen 9ref 45170123687).

Godstone Road, Whyteleafe – Theft.  A blue Triumph Spirit motorbike was stolen between 06.45 and 17.00 October 30th despite having a steering lock and an alarm fitted. The motorbike was recovered in Carshalton but had been burnt out (ref 45170120585).

Court Bushes Road, Whyteleafe – Theft. Between 17.00 October 31st and 11.00 November 1st a red Rover 218 index M749DUP was stolen (ref 45170121528).


Warlingham, Tatsfield and Woldingham


Criminal Damage


Hillbury Road, Warlingham. Between 08.50 and 17.45 October 27th a brick was thrown through the window of a property ref 45170119258).


Burglary Residential including sheds and garages 

Northdown Road, Woldingham. Between October 20th and October 28th 15 metres of chain link fencing was stolen from the grounds of a property (ref 45170119551).

Gresham Road, Warlingham. Around 03.00 November 6th the victim heard a noise at the rear of a house and in the morning found scratch marks on the rear downstairs window which indicated that an attempt to break in had been made (ref 45170123371).

Vehicle Crime

Hillbury Road, Warlingham – Criminal Damage. The victim discovered scratches to the side panels of a parked car that had occurred between 17.30 October 29th and 08.00 October 29th (ref 45170120130)

Paddock Walk, Warlingham – Criminal Damage. Between 07.20 and 23.00 November 1st acid was poured over a parked car and the driver’s and passenger’s door together with a wheel arch were damaged (ref 45170121790).

Harrow Road, Warlingham – Criminal Damage. A vehicle was scratched between 20.00 November 4th and 1.15 November 5th (ref 45170122842).

Ricketts Hill Road, Tatsfield – Attempted Theft. A suspect was disturbed by a neighbour around 18.40 November 2nd in the vicinity of a car which it is believed the person was attempting to break into (ref 45170122168).

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