Report 25th March 2001


I had a fairly large delivery of turf delivered to an address in Mill Lane on the 24th March. 

I came back at about 4.30-pm and started moving the turfs into the back garden. As I was loading some into a barrow a silver Mercedes saloon car , I believe an 03 vintage ,drove past slowly having come from the A.264. It stopped two doors down, turned around and pulled up by me. There were two occupants. A male aged about 26, probably 6'2" well built, and a girl aged about 20, long dark hair, slim build


The man asked me if the turf was for sale and I said no, they were being used at the house. With that the man drove off up Mill Lane and turned right on the A.264.

We are extremely concerned. Mill Lane is not somewhere you just drive along and it seems strange that he obviously came straight down to where the turf was.  Having told him to sling his hook so to speak, he just drove off from whence he came.

 I have told the company that supplies the turf in case their lorries are being followed.

 I have a feeling that had I not got all the turf off the grass verge that  evening, it would have walked during the night.


Ken Harwood