Worth Way Cycle Ride in aid of Cystic Fibrosis  May 19th 2013


" Harry, my 5 year old son was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis ( CF ) at just 2 weeks old. This disease mainly affects the lung and pancreas but there are a lot of other complications that are also connected to this life threatening disease.
More than two million people in the UK carry the faulty gene- around 1 in 25 of the population. There is currently no cure for CF but there are many treatments available to help manage it, including physiotherapy, exercise, medication, and nutrition.

Each week 5 babies are born with CF, and 2 people will die. More than half of the CF population will live past the age of 41, and improved care and treatment will mean that a baby born today is expected to live longer.

To see a CF sufferer, you would never know that they have such a life threatening disease, and what is involved in their everyday life to help keep them well.

My husband and myself, along with Rags Hair Studio's help, have organised a bike ride, that is held in May time each year, to help raise money for CF. Each year it gets bigger, with more and more people signing up. It's a lovely day for the family and friends to enjoy a bike ride along the worth way, starting from the Frog Hole pub in Maidenbower to East Grinstead train station and back (12miles) or to Eridge train station and back (40miles).

Thank you for your support"

Zoe Robson (Hair Stylist @ Rags Hair Studio)