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Godstone Village School in Ivy Mill Lane will be helping Tandridge District Council launch its expanded recycling scheme on Tuesday 11 November, at 2.40pm. The Council’s Recycling Officer, Rob Luck, will be giving a talk to the children at their afternoon assembly watched by teachers, pupils, the Chairman of the Council, Chairman of the Community Services Committee and other district councillors.


From 1 December 2014 Tandridge residents will be able to recycle an even wider range of materials from the convenience of their home, when Tandridge District Council extends the existing recycling service to include the weekly collection of:


§         Textiles

§         Shoes (paired)

§         Small waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) such as irons, hairdryers, radios, mobile phones and small electrical toys

§         Batteries


The new service will be simple to use. All residents will need to do is:


1.    Place each type of item in a separate plastic carrier bag (supermarket size, no larger than 35 x 40cm and not in black bin bags).

2.    Put batteries in a separate, sealable/tied up bag eg a freezer bag.

3.    Tie each bag.

4.     Leave the bag(s) at the front of their property boundary on their usual recycling/waste collection day by 6 am.


Residents can still take their unwanted clothes to charity shops. This service simply offers an alternative way to recycle them. Anyone who uses charity collection bags posted through their door, should make sure these are genuine collections by checking on www.tandridge.gov.uk/charity or calling 01883 722000.

“More follows”



Announcing the improved service, Councillor Tony Elias, Chairman of the Community Services Committee, said: ‘We’re keen to help our residents recycle more and keep as much rubbish as possible out of landfill. As a Council we want to increase our recycling rate to 70% by 2030 and our new improved service will help achieve this. The good news is you will be able to recycle more than ever before from your home.”


Working in partnership with Biffa, Tandridge District Council has arranged for small compartments to be added to collection vehicles to accommodate the new items, so they can be collected at the same time as other recycling and waste.




For more information contact Giuseppina Valenza, Head of Communications, on 01883 732704.


Party spokesmen: Councillor Gordon Keymer CBE (Con) 01883 717363 and Councillor Chris Botten (LD) 07917 862130.



Notes to editors:


1.  You are invited to send a photographer to the launch on Tuesday 11 November, 2.30pm for a 2.40pm start at Godstone Village Primary School, Ivy Mill Lane, Godstone, Surrey RH9 8NH.



2. In 2012 Tandridge District Council, working in partnership with its waste collection partner Biffa, introduced a new recycling service, allowing residents to recycle a wide range of materials from the convenience of their homes.


3. Full details of what can additionally be recycled by residents from home, from 1 December 2014 are:



§         Clothing

§         Bags

§         Bedding (sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers)

§         Curtains

§         Cushion covers

§         Fabric cut offs

§         Old/worn textiles

§         Throws

§         Towels and tea towels

§         Shoes and boots (paired)


“More follows”




We cannot collect:

§         Duvets and pillows

§         Balls of wool

§         Burnt or fire damaged materials

§         Wet materials

§         Carpets/rugs

§         Coat hangers

§         String

§         Single shoes

§         Safety helmets



§         Irons, kettles, toasters, other small kitchen appliances and power tools

§         Hairdryers, hair clippers, hair straighteners, smoke detectors and thermostats

§         Radios, alarms, CD/MP3 players, clocks, calculators and torches

§         Mobile phones, remote controls, cameras and chargers

§         Small electronic toys

§         Batteries – household, mobile phone and laptop batteries (in a sealable/tied up bag eg a freezer bag)


We cannot collect:


§         Computer monitors

§         Fluorescent tubes and light bulbs

§         Laminators

§         Large appliances - washing machines, dishwashers etc

§         Microwaves

§         Printers

§         TVs

§         Car batteries


To find out more about Tandridge District Council’s recycling services, visit www.tandridge.gov.uk/recycling.