Thank you for your e-mail. Our Buses 4U services operate on a demand–responsive basis (similar to a dial-a-ride), so we have no fixed timetables. Our Tandridge area service exists to fill gaps in the normal public transport services within the District area, either where no public transport exists or where people cannot access it because of age or disability. You can download a leaflet giving full details of the Tandridge service from our Buses 4u website by following the “Areas of Service” link.


We can serve East Grinstead from the Tandridge District, but as Metrobus provides regular links (including between the Dukes Head and Felbridge - albeit via the more circuitous Crawley Down route) we would not seek to duplicate their services. The East Grinstead Dial-a-Ride (EGDAR) service provides a similar service to our own in East Grinstead and the surrounding villages. They do not appear to have a website, but this link gives further information on them: http://www.egnet.co.uk/community/cgroupegvolantrycomm.php The phone number shown is actually the local CVS (of which they are part) but the direct number is 01342 305275.


I hope this helps, but please do come back to me if you have any further queries.




Peter Kefford

Rural Transport Information and Training Officer


Tandridge District Council

Tel: 01883 732760

E-mail: pkefford@tandridge.gov.uk