Tandridge District Council and Surrey County Council have been working together to see how we can improve communications and services during extreme weather.

Tandridge District Council

We will keep residents and business informed by:

ˇ      Updating the website www.tandridge.gov.uk with the latest news about services.

ˇ      Making sure our customer service team on 01883 722000 has the latest information.

ˇ      Sending out e-mail alerts to all residents signed up to our News Direct service. You can help us by encouraging residents to join at www.tandridge.gov.uk/newsdirect

ˇ      Sending daily updates to councillors, parish councils, county councillors, the media, the MP, Surrey Police and staff. We hope those receiving this will forward it on or let residents, family, friends and neighbours know.

ˇ      Posting updates to http://twitter.com/tandridgedc.


If we experience such bad weather again this winter, we will do our best to keep services running, but if our staff can’t get to work we will need to prioritise which services we can realistically maintain. Our priority will always be to support our more vulnerable residents and to collect the rubbish first and recycling and garden waste when possible.


If it snows or is very icy, we and our contractor Biffa will make decisions about sending out the rubbish, recycling and garden waste crews each morning at around 6am, with the assessment based on the condition of roads and footpaths and the weather forecast.


Residents and businesses are legally entitled to clear ice and snow from outside their home or shop. Information about clearing snow and ice safely is on our website at www.tandridge.gov.uk/clearingsnow.


Surrey County Council

Surrey’s website will provide information and advice, including details of which services are reduced or unavailable. Find out more at www.surreycc.gov.uk/winter.

A new twitter feed has been launched, providing residents with highways updates on forthcoming roadworks, seasonal updates such as gritting and floods, road closures and traffic information to help keep Surrey moving. Follow www.twitter.com/surreytravel.

To help keep Surrey moving, Surrey County Council is asking residents to report problems in their area using the dedicated webpage, www.surreycc.gov.uk/highwaysinfo.

Please forward this information to family, friends and neighbours to ensure as many people as possible know where they can get the latest information.

There is also a lot of useful information on the Directgov website.