5 June 2014 (GV.0106)                                                                                                                       (1/2)





From 1 June, Biffa, acting as agent for Tandridge District Council, has taken over the running of the district’s garden waste service. It will be integrated into Biffa’s Green Waste Club, launched in 2005 and now providing a service to over 36,000 customers in five local council areas.


This is good news for residents as it means the service will be extended to more of them, including those who have been on the waiting list for a while or those where narrow access restrictions meant the large collection lorry would not be able to reach their homes.


Residents wanting to join the Green Waste Club can get all the necessary information and sign up online by visiting the Club’s website (www.greenwasteclub.co.uk) and entering their postcode. Alternatively, they can call the Club’s helpline on 0800 0858 286.


Joining Biffa’s Green Waste Club for a year costs less than £1 a week and flexible payment options include one-off or monthly direct debit payments, as well as payment by debit or credit card.


Neighbours with small gardens can also club together to share a subscription. Other benefits include special offers on a range of garden related equipment, occasional competitions and the opportunity to save money with the pure@home debit card.


Cardholders get a rebate, sometimes as high as 10%, credited back to their pure card every time they use it to make purchases at a wide range of well known retailers and supermarkets.


Club members receive a 240 litre brown wheeled bin for collecting lawn and hedge clippings, prunings, leaf fall, small branches and other garden waste. Biffa’s crews will pick up and empty the bins at the kerbside every fortnight, except for Christmas, before sending the garden waste for conversion into compost.


An annual subscription to the service is £49.95 for each bin, plus a one off £10 joining fee to cover the administration and delivery costs. The annual subscription and the joining fee were both set by the Council and came into effect on 1 April 2014.


“More follows”.



Residents currently receiving the garden waste service will notice no difference when the Green Waste Club starts. Biffa will contact customers when their subscription renewals are due and advise them about how they can renew their membership. Existing garden service subscribers and those on the waiting list will shortly receive a letter confirming the new arrangements which start on 1 June.


Recycling garden waste contributes to Tandridge District Council’s recycling performance, saves money as less waste is sent to landfill and also helps cut the production of methane gas.


Tony Elias, Chairman of the Community Service Committee at Tandridge District Council, said: “We know more residents really wanted to join the service, but we were not able to extend it ourselves. We are delighted Biffa has agreed to take over the running of the service, as this now opens the service up to more of our residents.”


Lucy Stephens, Biffa’s Green Waste Club manager, added: “We are delighted to welcome Tandridge to the Club and hope to welcome more residents to the service. The Club will provide members with an efficient and cost effective collection service that removes unnecessary trips to the community recycling centre. Club members also enjoy a number of other benefits and the satisfaction of knowing they are contributing to Tandridge’s recycling and to helping the environment.”




For more information contact Giuseppina Valenza, Head of Communications, on 01883 732704.


Party spokesmen: Councillor Gordon Keymer CBE (Con) 01883 717363 and Councillor Chris Botten (LD) 07917 862130.