Birches Wood

Many of you may have noticed the activity in and around Birches Wood since a Scottish Pension Trust purchased the woodland 2 years ago.
The entrance is opposite Felbridge Village Green adjacent to the school and the 60 acres of woodland wraps around the industrial estate to Imberhorne School.

The Trust signed off a 10 year plan with the Forestry Commission earlier this year, to restore the woodland and encourage more plant and wildlife. However, one of the challenges they face is building the infrastructure for future logging and logistics to take place, as much of the area has a network of streams and low lying areas subject to flooding.

Both Tandridge DC and Felbridge Parish Council are appreciative and supportive of the Trust's approach to conservation in this area which, as many of you are aware is refreshing, given the number of sites in this general locality being currently ambushed by aggressive and unwelcome Developers.

The Trust have asked for the public to be patient with the cones placed at the entrance near the school. They allow the large vehicles to negotiate the tight turn into Birches Wood. In fact, many people have commented that the cones bring a welcome gap in the congestion caused in the run down to the Copthorne Road junction. That said, some people are moving the cones and even ignoring them by parking in that coned off bay. Please support the team by parking elsewhere and where possible encouraging others from obstructing the entrance.

Regrettably, despite bringing a positive vibes to Felbridge, the Trust have suffered criminal damage to property and fencing within the site.
One of their storage buildings was vandalised and the fencing around the woodland abutting Imberhorne Farm has been deliberately damaged. If, as dog walkers you do see anyone making attempts to damage the fence or any unusual activity in or around the woodland area then please do call the police on 101 and report the incident.

With CCTV cameras deployed around the whole woodland boundary, one person has been caught causing criminal damage. The Trust were reluctant to prosecute what was effectively seen as a 'first offence'. However, damage has continued to occur and the Trust must now consider prosecution as an option.

For anyone interested in the Trust, it has a web site Birches Wood and they are always open to communication by emailing